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Latest version: 1.11.0 :: Download :: Source :: Changelog

Previous versions:

1.10.3 :: Download :: Source :: Changelog

1.10.2 :: Download :: Source :: Changelog

1.10.1 :: Download :: Source :: Changelog

1.10.0 :: Download :: Source :: Changelog

1.9.0 :: Download :: Source :: Changelog

1.8.0 :: Download :: Source :: Changelog

0.1.7e :: Download :: Source :: Changelog

0.1.7d :: Download :: Source :: Changelog

0.1.7c :: Download :: Source :: Changelog

0.1.7b :: Download :: Source :: Changelog

0.1.7a :: Download :: Source :: Changelog

0.1.7 :: Download :: Source :: Changelog

0.1.6 :: Download :: Source :: Changelog

0.1.5 :: Download :: Source :: Changelog

0.1.4a :: Download :: Source :: Changelog

0.1.4 :: Download :: Source :: Changelog

0.1.3 :: Download :: Source :: Changelog

0.1.2 :: Download :: Source :: Changelog

0.1.1a (bugfix release) :: Download :: Source :: Changelog

0.1.1 :: Download :: Source


Download the zip file and extract to your SD card. Make sure the directory structure from the zip file is preserved, so you end up with a ‘sd2snes’ directory in the root of your SD card.
Insert the card into your sd2snes and turn on the SNES. sd2snes will update its firmware from the card and boot.
After updating you may delete the ‘firmware.img’ file. You may not delete any other files from the sd2snes directory.


The ‘sd2snes’ directory is considered a system folder and ignored by the file browser. Do not put any ROMs there as they will not show up 🙂
The headerless BS-X BIOS is required for running BS games. Rename it as ‘bsxbios.bin’ and put it in the sd2snes directory.
For DSPx / ST0010 support you need the DSP ROM dumps:

  • dsp1.bin
  • dsp1b.bin
  • dsp2.bin
  • dsp3.bin
  • dsp4.bin
  • st0010.bin

They should be quite easy to find on the nets.

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[…] gibt eine neue Firmware für das SD2SNES-Modul (Download hier). Hier der Auszug aus dem […]

Dank sehr viel!

RetroUSB ( can include the FDS BIOS for download and sell “pirated” copyright Nintendo carts like Donkey Kong Proto dumped from the Wii (amoungst a TON of other copyright games), and you are afraid to simply post the BX BIOS DSP files??? I think you are being a bit paranoid as Nintendo obviously doesn’t care about these old carts anymore.

I can’t really blame him for playing it safe. Any number of great Nintendo forums can provide links these, even a zip of all the needed files.

I wish I new what these forums were, can you share that? You’re not posting direct links.

Check out Stone Age Gamer’s SD2SNES page — there is a “downloads” tab with all the files.

Problem mit der 0.1.5er Firmware! SuperCIC und IGR sind bei mir korrekt verbaut. Alles lief bis zur 0.1.4a ohne Probleme. Mit der 0.1.5er kommt ‘loading’ dann ‘sorting db’ und dann bleibt der Schirm schwarz. Gibt es da schon Infos zu? (CPU Rev 2 / PPU1 Rev 1 / PPU2 Rev 3)

I am trying to do a upgrade of my sd2snes my anything goes wrong, when i press X button on the screen of the sd2snes and after goes to system information describe that my firmware version is 0.1.4a it sounds weird for me at least i upgraded my sd card with firmware 0.1.5 from the files at i tought that the normal was show the firmware 0.1.05 not 0.1.04a anybody know if its normal show the system firmware version 0.1.4a after upgrade the sd2snes with firmware version 0.1.5:

Shouldn’t it be labeled st010.bin, not st0010.bin?


Do these files go in the sd2snes folder? And do I need “st0010.bin” now that the “st0011.bin” is available?

Where do you find these BS Files that support BS Games, and what are BS Games?

I can confirm that for me (UK Snes, playing SD2SNES from RetroTowers) I had the same problem with freezing on the menu’s etc ……. I have just downgraded to 0.1.4a and it seems to have solved the problem!

I can confirm that 0.1.4a runs quite a lot more stable then 1.5 does on my machine. Especially the menu freezes seem to have gone completly.

Final fantasy 2 freezes at the battles but audio keeps going with 1.17pre4

Final fantasy 2 freezes at the battles but audio keeps going with 1.17pre4

Hello! I’m using the 0.1.7 preview 4 version with my modded SNES and it works nicely! I found a graphic glitch though: in Super R-Type, both US and European version, if the game is played in 60Hz there’s a graphic glitch around the middle of the first stage (right after the mines going up and down): a planet in the background has a missing part and that missing part seems to be several pixels on the left from where it should be. It’s just as if the background was kind of jigsawed with the missing piece not at the right… Read more »

I just realized that it is solved if I disable hooks. Good thing! 🙂


i am not sure what i am doing wrong. Loaded several versions from 1.5 to 1.7 and than extracted it directly to a standard formatted 8 GB Transcend SD-Micro card (i use it with adapter on the SD2SNES).

After that i added the bin-files for the chips (dsp1,….).

But when using this card in the SD2SNES always the message /sd2snes/menu.bin not found

Thanks in advance for your help.

There´s also a file called menu.bin in the SD2SNES folder…

Hey Max, I have the same problem here. I seem to have all the files needed but no matter what, it says “/sd2snes/menu.bin not found!”. I have a SD card 64Gb and no adapter.
Did you figure out what it was ? Thanks in adance

…figured it out, it was just the format of my SD card. The SD card just needs to be MS-DOS FAT 32 in order to work. Happy retro gaming! Cheers.

Maybe a probem with your card or the adapter you use. Try with a SD card and no adapter.

There’s a major glitch in the party menu in Final Fantasy III (VI) using 0.1.7. The screen flickers and resembles a VCR with very poor tracking. Once exiting to the world screen it returns to normal. I’ve tried different FFIII roms, completely wiping the sd card a few times and loading again, etc. etc., all with the same result.

Hi, I used to use 1.6 version and it worked like a charm with my US SNES modded with SuperCIC. But then I tried version 0.1.7 preview 4 when I want to play to Megaman X (US) (for example), I have a message that says that the game was built for an NTSC console… I don’t understand xD The game works fine untill the end of the intro stage, and then it reprints the warning message, and the game resets T_T I tried to go back to the 1.6 but now I have the same problem. Is there a solution… Read more »

Ok so I partially solved the problem. I’ve edited the config.yml file and I’ve set PairModeAllowed to true and VideoModeGame to 0 (force 60Hz). I think my games are detected as 50Hz games by the automatic mode, but I can’t figure why (besides, it worked fine before)

And you’re 100% right ! I asked my girlfriend and she indeed played with the SD2SNES on our PAL SNES yesterday. Well we don’t have an unmodified NTSC SNES, but it works fine so no problem. Thank you for your answer 😉

Hi, I tried this new update (ver 1.7a), but my Sd2snes doesn’t work. I would like that you help me, cause I don’t know what to do. Thanks

HI, I downloaded the new 0.1.7.b and my saves wont load when I start a game? am I missing something for it to read my saves?

Hi, I downloaded 0.1.7.b and my saves for my games wont load, am I missing something?

Hey, dude for the saves, yeah you are probably missing the folder. mine too was doing that, it took me a few weeks to figure out but what you need to do, is to create a new folder called “saves” inside the root folder, inside the sd2snes root folder. call it “saves”, without the quotations.

Hi ikari. I just tried using 1.7c and kept getting a blank screen. Should I do a fresh install?

I just tired 1.7c a couple of times and I kept getting a blank screen. I was scared I had done something wrong. I went and copied over everything with 1.7b and it works fine again. Any suggestions to get 1.7b working?

I’m getting the blank screen with v0.1.7d, so I will try this and let you know!

Replacing that “/SD2SNES/fpga_base.bit” file got v0.1.7d to work for me. Thanks!

1.7c its working perfectly with the last sd2nes revision hardware only in super mario kart the screen flickers a little but the new firmware its good good job ikari

with the firmware 0.1.7c i haven’t any sound with many msu video (bubblegum_crisis, akira_trailer, 8bit-water_…) and some flickering with toho-badapple(30fps4col interace).
i use the sd2snes on super facmicom.

Hi there, I’ve updated to 0.1.7d and now the audio on MSU1 games is distorted. My SD2SNES is a Revision F model. Should I modify my SD2SNES as was shown earlier this year on here to correct this? Please help!
By the way, I am loving my SD2SNES! You guys do amazing work!

I meant to modify my Revision F SD2SNES to “update” it to be like the Revision G one.

Thanks for your help!

Hi! I have an issue that just ocurred to me. I have both an original SNES and a clone system (Super Retrotrio). I got my SD2SNES about 4 days ago and it worked perfectly on both systems but suddenly stopped working on the clone. This happened me while I was triying to get the BS-X Bios to work on the clone system. I’ve deleted the bios and tried another version of firmware but I can’t get the cartridge to work on the clone again. In the original SNES it works just fine. Any sugestions on how to solve this? Thanks… Read more »

sd2snes_firmware_v0.1.7d: sometimes after doing in-game hook reset back to SD2SNES menu something has caused data on the SD Card to get corrupted, and afterwards no game will launch, after launching a game it just flashes off the main menu screen then back again and says “loading…” at bottom and just freezes there the only way then to fix it is by doing full disk checking of the SD Card in windows, and fixing all the errors.. then after that the games launch fine again my SD Card is: ADATA SDHC 8GB CLASS 4# this card I have been using fine… Read more »

[…] Downloads […]

Hello, sorry, I am not sure what’s wrong but MSU1 doesn’t produce any music. Strangely, I get the video at the beginning of Zelda, but there’s no music. It seems to work in emu bsnes, but not on my SD2SNES. Any thoughts? Mem card not good enough? (I thought maybe, but it does play the video…)

Could it just not be outputting audio for some reason? The yellow LED comes on and flashes when it would be changing music, and it stays lit up sorta dimly the whole time. I get the full motion video intro, but with no audio. Something not hooked up right on my SD2SNES physically?

Hello, I would like to report that I noticed that the sound of the fatal game fury2, in the scenario of may, the sound seems different. When you listen.

Seiken Densetsu 3 is not working in version 0.1.7e. I could not play the game because there is freezing with black screen.

but, I could play the game well in version 0.1.7 preview 3. plaese fix bug.. in next version.

Does anyone have a good source for these files? They are no longer available on Stone Age Gamer. . .


Checkout under the snes section.

That doesn’t appear to be a valid site. I just copy/pasted it into the address bar and nothing comes up.

Apologies, it’s

Just getting a blank screen–help! 🙁 This is my diagnostic–other games work fine: ===log opened=== derp SD test… please insert card ============================= data=111133b04504 crc1 = d805a1bf crc2 = d805a1bf PASSED RTC Test ======== setting clock to 2011-01-01 00:00:00 2011-01-01 00:00:00 waiting 5 seconds new time: 2011-01-01 00:00:05 PASSED FPGA test ========= configuring fpga… fpga_pgm: 212501 bytes programmed FPGA configured basic communication test…PASSED RAM test ======== Testing RAM0 (128Mbit) – clearing RAM – writing RAM – verifying RAM -RAM0 PASSED Testing RAM1 (4Mbit) – writing RAM – verifying RAM…RAM1 PASSED SD DMA test =========== clearing RAM – loading test file –… Read more »

I’m looking for the source codes for the original ATMega644 version.
On website even the 0.1.1 version has the new ARM sources.
Thank you.

I’m looking for the source codes for the original ATMega644 version.
On website even the 0.1.1 version has the new ARM sources.
Thank you.

Oh, sorry my bad. Missed that one. Thank you.

hi guys, where can i find a complete and updated bios set for the sd2snes cart?

thank you

Ikari quando q vai sair um novo firmware para sd2snes para rodar Street fighter alpha2 e super mario world2 yoshi island seria otimo poder jogar esses dois jogos na sd2snes

Rafael o Yoshi Island 2 (chip Super FX/FX2) já está funcionando na firmware beta:

Quanto ao Street Fighter Alpha 2 (chip SDD-1), infelizmente não temos previsão para o suporte. Mas caso queira experimentar um pouco dele, existe uma rom protótipo do SFZ2 que funciona no SD2SNES, aqui tem as informações:

Clock speed on 0.1.7e is slightly slower than real-time, would like to see a patch for this in the next update.
Thank you for your dedication to this project, ikari!


[…] Downloads […]

I put the new firmware on my working SD2SNES and all I get is a jumbled screen. No idea what I could have done wrong! I loaded the previous firmware and got the same. Not sure which version was on it before to be honest but maybe I’ve just borked it. It’s an official one by Krikzz bought from games connection in the UK so can’t understand why the firmware wouldn’t work.

Any ideas anyone?

Thank you

My last message can be ignored – turns out the cartridge just wasn’t seated properly inside the SNES. All appears to be working!

Hi, srm files are not created properly since 0.1.7e so many games crash at the beginning.

Put a proper srm file (from snes9x or firmware lower than 0.1.7d soles this issue.

Supercic pair mode is semi-broken in 0.1.8 too. It worked until 0.1.7e.

Sorry for the late answer

All HiROM with Sram are affected.

Many of them can be fixed by adding a srm file fullfilled with 00.

But other games like Tales of Phantasia still freezes even with a 00 Sram.

0.1.7c is the last firmware that was working without this issue.

Ikari it is possible implement ?
(link fixed)

I have sd2snes rev.F from 2015… I have installed the new firmware, but the SuperFX games still don’t work. What should i check? i have all the files and my firmware was updated to 1.8.0

Hi, I have updated the firmware to the latest version 1.8.0 and I have problems with chrono trigger.
The game starts, but when the first dialogue appears the video is not stable and flashes with black frames.
Is there anything I can do to solve the problem?
Thank you!

Hello, thanks for the reply! I think I understand that I have a problem with sync. I use the snes connected to the framemeister (upscaler). If I set the “sync off” in the framemeiter, the game works, even when the dialogues are activated the image wobbles slightly. With the default options of the framemeister “sync auto”, the video is not stable and flashes with black frames. Tomorrow I will try to connect the snes to the framemeister with a different cable. Now I’m using a cable with an integrated sync stripper and I think it’s the cause of the problem… Read more »

Thank you very much to ikari_01, RedGuy and everyone involved in this new v1.9.0 firmware, as SA-1 compatibility is a great milestone in SD2SNES history (in the same way SFX compatibility was just several months ago). This is so impressive! 🙂

[…] for all the owners of a SD2SNES card: The team over at just released their new firmware version 1.9.0 ready for download. Highlight in this release is for sure SA-1 support again by […]

[…] Downloads […]

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