1CHIP 50/60Hz electronic switch


For use with SuperCIC or in case you don’t want to switch quartz crystals mechanically. ;-)

Also includes PAL/NTSC switching for the video encoder.

1CHIP 50/60Hz switch (PDF)

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    This may be a stupid question but where do you connect the arrows below X1 and X2 to?


      That’s GND. :)


      I was right it was a stupid question :) , thanks for the answer though.

      I’m not even going to pretend that I understand how this circuit works but hopefully I will be able to put one together.

      I have been hoping for something like this since I first saw your SuperCIC last year but realised that I had a 1-CHIP SNES. Thanks for your great work on the SuperCIC and 1CHIP 50/60Hz electronic switch. Now I can finally install one in my 1-CHIP SNES :)


    […] has improved this mod even further and has now provided details of how to do this if you have a one chip PPU SNES (more difficult to mod for 50/60hz).  Then there’s the In Game Reset (IGR), for controlling […]


    Du bist doch auch deutscher oder?
    Es ist relativ schwierig hier an Quarze ranzukommen. Ich finde sie nur bei Mouser. Aber 20€ Versand sind schon etwas heftig.
    Wo hast du deine her?


      Ja :)
      Quarze hatte ich mir einmal bei einer größeren Digikey-Bestellung mitbestellt. Sind hier leider wirklich kaum zu bekommen. :/

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