Card list (MSU1)


Generally every card should work with sd2snes.
However some cards, while sporting fast transfer rates, have long access times (jumping between two non-consecutive sectors on the card).
This can impact MSU1 performance when using the MSU1 audio and data features simultaneously only, as two files have to be streamed at the same time.

Generally peak access times (T_max in the table below) up to 1 ms are acceptable for MSU1. I’ve come across cards with maximum access times as long as 9 ms. If the peak access time is slightly above 1 ms, low average access times (T_avg in the table below) can make up for it sometimes.

Note that cards with long access times can still be suitable for low-bandwidth and smaller transfers per frame. Also, using only the data or the audio extension at a given time increases tolerance.

As a rule of thumb the acceptable peak access time is 10 ms for audio only, 2 ms for data only.

On this page cards tested with sd2snes will be listed, including their measured peak+average access time, brand, maker/product code, revision, and serial number, and if MSU1 audio+video playback at full bandwidth is possible.

BrandNameSize[GB]ProductMfd.MSU1 AV okMakerRev.s/nT_avgT_max
SanDiskExtreme Class 10 30MB/s8SD08Gno0x03 / "SD" / SanDisk8.00x2003f5850.5 ms8.8 ms
TranscendSDHC Class 1032SDrare glitches0x74 / "JE" / JiaElec?1.00x0000073e0.7 ms1.1 ms
SanDiskExtreme Class 10 30MB/s8SD08Gno0x03 / "SD" / SanDisk8.00xc042eae70.6 ms9.5 ms
PLATINUMSDXC64SMIyes (reformat w/ FAT32)0x03 / "SD" / SanDisk1.00x490109870.5 ms0.7 ms
TranscendSDHC Class 10800000some glitches0x1b / "SM" / Samsung1.00x01086ccb0.9 ms1.2 ms
SanDiskSD1SD01Gyes0x03 / "SD" / SanDisk8.00x1008940c0.4 ms0.7 ms
extrememorySD2FLASHno0x3e / "H-" / ?0.00x0090006d0.4 ms7.4 ms
SanDiskmicroSD16SU16Gyes0x03 / "SD" / SanDisk8.00x1100f68a0.6 ms1.2 ms
NoNamemicroSD200000yes0x1b / "SM" / Samsung1.00xb19d34c70.2 ms1.6 ms
NoNamemicroSD0.5N/Ayes0x00 / " " / ?1.00x1c6f3b3a0.1 ms0.2 ms
ToshibaSD2SD02Gyes0x02 / "TM" / Toshiba6.00xaab68a2d0.3 ms0.5 ms
PanasonicSD2SN02Grare glitches0x01 / "PA" / Panasonic7.40x618b75690.7 ms1.0 ms
MEDIONSD2SMI2009/12yes0x4e / "BW" / BiWin?1.00x0000082a0.2 ms0.5 ms
SanDiskminiSD1SD01G2007/10yes0x03 / "SD" / SanDisk8.00x113108d90.4 ms0.6 ms
SanDiskWii SD4SD04G2010/01yes0x03 / "SD" / SanDisk8.00x206c37af0.4 ms0.6 ms
SanDiskUltra Class 44SD04Gno0x03 / "SD" / SanDisk8.00x2185a5960.5 ms3.8 ms
SanDiskmicroSD2SU02Gyes0x03 / "SD" / SanDisk8.00x2015e4fe0.4 ms0.8 ms
NoNamemicroSD2SD02Gyes0x02 / "TM" / Toshiba3.80xa3badb4c0.4 ms0.7 ms
TranscendSDHC Class 104SDCyes0x1e / "AB" / ?1.00x00a0087a0.4 ms0.8 ms
SanDiskExtreme III SDHC4SD04Gyes0x03 / "SD" / SanDisk8.00x007085ad0.4 ms0.7 ms
PLATINUMSDHC Class 1016SMIno0x1a / "PQ" / Power Quotient?0.00x000010070.4 ms7.8 ms
SamsungMB-SS8GA SDHC Class 6800000some glitches0x1b / "SM" / Samsung1.00x05a129ff0.8 ms1.4 ms
PanasonicSDHC Class 44SP04G2009/10yes0x01 / "PA" / Panasonic7.40x24a6a00e0.4 ms0.6 ms
PLATINUMSD4SMI2007/01yes0x6f / "" / ?1.00x4232063f0.4 ms0.9 ms
PLATINUMSDHC Class 1032NCard2011/12yes0x73 / ”BG” / Bongiovi Intl.?1.00x000002b20.2 ms0.9 ms
SanDiskSD5120.5SD5122005/12yes0x03 / "SD" / SanDisk8.00x20c463930.5 ms0.9 ms
ULTRONSecure Digital HighSpeed2SD02G2007/11yes0x02 / "TM" / Toshiba2.80xa06e4a1d0.1 ms0.2 ms
SanDiskUltra SDHC 30 MB/s Class 68SU08G2012/04yes0x03 / "SD" / SanDisk8.00x01409cf00.4 ms0.8 ms
PatriotLX Series 16 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card PSF16GSDHC10 (Black)16SD16G2012/04no0x27 / "PH" / ?3.00xb00c54bd1.8 ms3.0 ms
SanDisk32 GB Class 4 SD SDHC SDSDB-032G-B3532SD32G2012/05yes0x03 / "SD" / SanDisk8.00.8 ms1.4 ms
SamsungMB-MSAGA/EU Essential Class 6 microSDHC 16GB16000002012/01yes0x1b / "SM" / Samsung1.00x0a7a75510.7 ms1.1 ms
SamsungMicro SD 2GB MB-MS2GA/EU2000002012/09yes0x1b / "SM" / Samsung1.00x0350acea0.2 ms0.4 ms
KingMaxSDHC Class 616SD16G2012/10yes0x13 / "HG" / ?0.00x011000160.3 ms0.9 ms
SanDiskmicroSDHC Class 432SU32G2013/08yes0x03 / "SD" / SanDisk8.00x20b7c6410.6 ms1.1 ms
KingstonSDC4/8GB8SA08G2013/09rare glitches0x02 / "TM" / Toshiba1.10x1f9419230.9 ms1.4 ms
ToshibaSDHC UHS-I CARD8SE08G2014/06yes0x02 / "TM" / Toshiba2.20xc5c48a6f0.6 ms0.7 ms
TranscendTS32GSDHC10U1E32SDU1 2015/09yes0x74 / "J'" / ?2.00x4bf1245d0.4ms0.8ms
SanDiskBlue SD Memory Card32SS32G2015/12yes0x03 / "SD" / SanDisk8.00xf0351fcd0.4ms0.8ms
SanDiskUltra microSDXC UHS-I Card200SL2002016/03yes (FAT32 format using h2format.exe)0x03 / "SD" / SanDisk8.00xfb282a190.5ms0.9ms
SanDiskUltra SDHC8SL08G2015/07yes0x03 / "SD" / SanDisk8.00x35fe77aa0.2ms0.5ms
ToshibaSD-K32G32SA32G2013/11some glitches0x02 / "TM" / Toshiba1.10x433764671.4ms2.2ms
SamsungEVO SDHC Class 1032000002015/09yes0x1b / "SM" / Samsung1.00xb17704360.4ms1.0ms
MixzaTohaoll MicroSDHC UHS-I 2016 Ocean Series32000002016/12some glitches (Road Blaster)0x19 / "DY" / ?15.150x00005de20.6ms1.7ms
TranscendMicro SDHC Class 1016USD2012/08yes0x74 / "JE" / JiaElec?1.00xdf2019320.3ms0.7ms
SanDiskSDHC Class 44SU04G2012/03yes0x03 / "SD" / SanDisk8.00x2104b90b0.5ms1.2ms
SanDiskUltra microSDXC64SL64G2015/05yes0x03 / "SD" / SanDisk8.00x6abf79d90.5ms1.2-4.1ms
SanDiskExtreme PLUS SDHC UHS-I32SE32G2016/10yes0x03 / "SD" / SanDisk8.00x69ae45c70.1ms0.8ms
QUMOSDHC32ncard2011/04yes0x73 / "BG" / Bongiovi Intl.?0.00x60000a010.6ms1.2ms
KingstonMicroSDHC Class 10 UHS-I64SD64G2016/04yes0x41 / "42" / ?3.00x0026c1170.5ms0.7ms
TranscendSDHC Class 10?SDC2017/02yes0x74 / "JE" / JiaElec?2.00x4200b9d50.4ms1.0ms
KingstonSDHC Class 1032SD32G2015/01yes0x41 / "42" / ?3.00x0270066c0.8ms1.3ms
TDKSDHC Class 1032SD32G2013/02yes0x27 / "PH" / ?3.00x70c191e50.6ms0.8ms
SanDiskUltra microSDXC UHS-I128??yes???0.5ms0.5ms
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    Brand: PLATINUM
    Name: SDHC Class 10
    Size: 32GB
    Maker: 0x73/”BG”/?
    Product: “NCard”
    Rev: 1.0
    Mfd: 2011/12
    s/n: 000002b2
    T_avg: 0.243ms
    T_max: 0.885ms
    MSU1 ok: yes


      Brand: SANDISK
      Name: microSDHC Class 4
      Size: 32GB
      Maker: 0x03, “SD”
      Product: “SU32G”
      Rev: 8.0
      S/n: 20b7c641
      Mfd: 2013/08
      T_avg: 0.568ms
      T_max: 1.050ms
      MSU1 ok: yes


    I’ve tested two cards yet…

    Brand: SanDisk
    Name: SD512
    Size: 512MB
    Maker: 0x03/”SD”
    Product: “SD512”
    Rev: 8.0
    Mfd: 2005/12
    s/n: 20c46393
    T_avg: 0.452ms
    T_max: 0.863ms
    MSU1 ok: yes


    Brand: ULTRON
    Name: Secure Digital HighSpeed
    Size: 2GB
    Maker: 0x02/”TM”
    Product: “SD02G”
    Rev: 2.8
    Mfd: 2007/11
    s/n: a06e4a1d
    T_avg: 0.142ms
    T_max: 0.163ms
    MSU1 ok: yes


    brand:Patriot LX
    Series 16 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card PSF16GSDHC10 (Black)
    size 16GB
    maker: 0.27/ “PH”
    product: SD16G
    rev: 3.0
    sn: b00c54bd
    mfd 2012/04
    sd acc. tome 1.771/2.996 ms avg max
    MSU1 ok: yes


    Could you tell me if Sandisk SDSDX-064G-X46 works fine with it ?


    brand: Sandisk
    name: Series 32 GB Class 4 SD SDHC Modellnumber: SDSDB-032G-B35
    size 32 GB
    maker: 0x03. -SD-
    product: -SD32G-
    rev: 8.0
    mfd 2012/05
    sd acc. tome 0.822/1.417 ms avg max


    brand: Samsung
    name: MB-MSAGA/EU Essential Class 6 microSDHC 16GB
    size: 16gb
    maker: 0x1b, “SM”
    product: “00000”, Rev. 1.0
    sd serial no.: 0a7a7551, mfd. 2012/01
    sd scc. time: 0.678 / 1.062 ms avg/max
    msu1 ok: Yes


    brand: Samsung
    name: Samsung Micro SD 2GB MB-MS2GA/EU
    size: 2 GB
    maker: 0x1b, “SM”
    product: “00000” Rev 1.0
    serial : 0350acea, mfd 2012/09
    SD acc Time 0.188 / 0.350ms avg/max
    Price : 3,5 € :)


    Brand: KingMax
    Name: SDHC Class 6
    Size: 16GB
    Maker: 0×13/”HG”/?
    Product: “SD16G”
    Rev: 0.0
    Mfd: 2012/10
    s/n: 01100016
    T_avg: 0.348ms
    T_max: 0.948ms
    MSU1 ok: yes


    A “Short” SD card adapter for use with MicroSD cards.

    This might get flagged as SPAM, but it could be useful.


    Is it possible, that a card works in ED64 but not in sd2snes?
    It’s a 64 GB ADATA SDHC Class 10 – always telling me, menu.bin was not found. But I just copied everything from the 4 GB Card I used before.


      Make sure the 64GB card is FAT32 formatted, NOT exFAT. Windows cannot do this out of the box I think, you will need a special formatting tool. If the card is already FAT32 formatted, it should work…


    So what 32GB SDHC card shall i buy, any recommendations please?

    Thanks! :)

    Best regards


    Brand: Kingston
    Name: SDC4/8GB
    Size: 8GB
    Maker: 0x02/”TM”
    Product: “SA08G”
    Rev: 1.1
    Mfd: 2013/09
    s/n: 1f941923
    T_avg: 0.892ms
    T_max: 1.363ms
    MSU1 ok: rare glitches


    Brand: TOSHIBA
    Size: 8GB
    Maker: 0x02, “TM”
    Product: “SE08G”
    Rev: 2.2
    Mfd: 2014/06
    s/n: c5c48a6f
    T_avg: 0.618 ms
    T_max: 0.740 ms
    MSU1 ok: yes

    Extra: made in Japan, sku# SD-K008GR7AR30 on box.


    Brand: Transcend
    Name: Transcend 32GB SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 Flash Memory Card Up to 90MB/s (TS32GSDHC10U1E)
    Size: 32GB
    Maker: 0x74, “J'”
    Product: “SDU1 ”
    Rev: 2.0
    Mfd: 2015/09
    s/n: 4bf1245d
    T_avg: 0.394ms
    T_max: 0.817ms
    MSU1 ok: yes


    Brand: Transcend
    Name: Transcend 32GB SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 Flash Memory Card Up to 90MB/s (TS32GSDHC10U1E)
    Size: 32GB
    Maker: 0x74, “J'”
    Product: “SDU1 ”
    Rev: 2.0
    Mfd: 2015/09
    s/n: 4bf1245d
    T_avg: 0.394ms
    T_max: 0.817ms
    MSU1 ok: yes


    Brand: Toshiba
    SD Maker/OEM: 0x02, “TM”
    SD Product Name: “SE04G”, rev 0.1
    SD Serial No. bf0ce536, mfd 2013/06
    SD acc time: 0.486/0.643 ms avg/max
    MSU1 OK: Yes


    Brand: Toshiba
    Size: 4GB
    SD Maker/OEM: 0x02, “TM”
    SD Product Name: “SE04G”, Rev 0.1
    SD Serial No.: bf0ce536, MFD. 2013/06
    SD acc. time: 0.486/0.643 ms avg/max
    MSU1 OK: yes


      Brand: SanDisk
      Size: 32GB
      SD Maker/OEM: 0x03, “SD”
      SD Product Name: “SU32G”, Rev 8.0
      SD Serial No.: 00ad27fd, Mfd. 2013/11
      SD acc. time: 0.698/1.353 ms avg/max
      MSU1 OK: yes

      Pictures of previous Toshiba card:
      Pictures of this SanDisk Card:

      oddly enough, the first time testing this one I got 0.699/3.290, but after the second test it seemed to normalize at ~1.4 ms.


    SanDisk Blue SD Memory Card – 32GB.
    Product code:343/4848

    Brand: SanDisk
    Size: 32GB
    SD Maker/OEM: 0x03, “SD”
    SD Product Name: “SS32G”, Rev. 8.0
    SD Serial No: f0351fcd, mfd. 2015/12
    SD acc. time: 0.352 / 0.811 ms avg/max
    MSU1 OK: yes


    Brand: SanDisk Ultra SDHC
    Size: 8GB
    Class: 10
    SD Maker/OEM: 0x03, “SD”
    SD Product Name: “SL08G”, Rev. 8.0
    SD Serial No: 35fe77aa, mfd. 2015/07
    SD acc. time: 0.212 / 0.478 ms avg/max
    MSU1 OK: yes, Zelda 3 video intro and Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing sometimes looses sound when reset


    32 GB Samsung EVO SDHC Class 10

    SD Maker /OEM: 0x1b, “SM”
    SD Product Name: “00000”, Rev. 1.0
    SD Serial No.: b1770436, Mfd. 2015/09
    SD acc. time: 0.418 / 1.039 ms avg/max

    MSU1 performance is flawless



    I have Super Super Famicom console (NTSC-J region), but when I try out the SD2SNES it gave me glitches in menu

    This is my SD card see the link:【Amazon-co-jp限定】Transcend-SDXCカード-Class10-最大転送速度90MB-TS64GSDXC10U1E/dp/B00H8JHPO0/ref=sr_1_1?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1471504671&sr=1-1&keywords=sd+card+64gb


    Toshiba SD-K32G 32GB, SDHC Class 4
    SD Maker/OEM: 0x02, “TM”
    SD Product Name: “SA32G”, Rev. 1.1
    SD Serial No: 43376467, Mfd. 2013/11
    SD acc. time: 1.449 / 2.151
    MSU1 video performs so-so with some glitches, Super Road Blaster shows 0.1 sec hickups between track changes.


    SanDisk SDHC Card, Class 4
    SD Maker/OEM: 0x03, “SD”
    SD Product Name: “SU04G”, Rev. 8.0
    SD Serial No: 2104b90b, Mfd. 2012/03
    SD acc. time: 0.488 / 1.153
    MSU1 ok!

    Transcend 16GB Micro SDHC Class 10
    SD Maker/OEM: 0x74, “JE”
    SD Product Name: “USD ”, Rev. 1.0
    SD Serial No: df201932, Mfd. 2012/08
    SD acc. time: 0.330 / 0.737
    MSU1 ok!

    Tohaoll Mixza 32GB, MicroSDHC UHS-I 2016 Ocean Series
    SD Maker/OEM: 0x19, “DY”
    SD Product Name: “00000”, Rev. 15.15
    SD Serial No: 00005de2, Mfd. 2016/02
    SD acc. time: 0.560 / 1.677
    MSU1: Quite frequent blinking in Super Road Blaster, other games ok


    Hi, I have this: Lexar Scheda Professional 633x 16GB SDHC UHS-I – LSD16GCB1EU633
    But games msu1 I hear skreching sound :(


    Brand: SanDisk Ultra microSDXC
    Size: 64GB (Reformated to FAT32)
    Class: 10
    SD Maker/OEM: 0x03, “SD”
    SD Product Name: “SL64G”, Rev. 8.0
    SD Serial No: 6abf79d9, mfd. 2015/05
    SD acc. time: 0.508 / 1.240 ms avg/max (sometimes 0.512 / 4.102 ms avg/max after turning the console on)
    MSU1 OK: yes, tested with Super Road Blaster


    Sandisk Extreme 80mb/s sdxc uhs-1 class 10 64GB (Reformated to FAT32)
    MSU-1: No, skreching sound. Tested DKC2 and Super Metroid.


    Brand: SANDISK
    Name: Extreme PLUS SHDC UHS-I Card
    Size: 32GB
    Maker: 0x03, “SD”
    Product: “SE32G”
    Rev: 8.0
    S/n: 69ae45c7
    Mfd: 2016/10
    T_avg: 0.120ms
    T_max: 0.805ms


    Brand: QUMO
    Name: SDHC Secure Digital High Capacity
    Size: 32GB
    Maker: 0x73, “BG”
    Product: “ncard”
    Rev: 0.0
    S/n: 60000a01
    Mfd: 2011/04
    T_avg: 0.616
    T_max: 1.174ms

    Works perfect with sd2snes and msu-1, i buy It years ago a seller in eBay u.k. Today in Amazon appears a SD Card Brand mame called qumox. Maybe is the same company ir not the colours are equal in my QUMO card and qumox Card.


      I forget i try It with roadblaster and is a class 10 card.


        Kingston microsd 64gb class 10 uhs-1 (black made un Taiwán).

        Brand: Kingston
        Name: pakage is lost.
        Size: 64gb
        Maker: 0x41, “42”
        Product: “SD64GB”
        Rev: 3.0
        S/n: 0026c117
        Mfd: 2016/04
        T_avg: 0.453
        T_max: 0.741ms ( is more low in Exfat around 6.6).

        Compatibility with msu-1 to be determined. Is the normal microsd 64gb sell Kingston.


        Labeled sdc10g2/64gb


    Transcend 16GB SDHC Class 10

    SD Maker /OEM: 0x74, “J`”
    SD Product Name: “SDC ”
    Rev. 2.0
    SD Serial No.: 4200b9d5
    Mfd. 2017/02
    SD acc. time: 0.389/0.963 ms avg/max

    Seems to work fine with MSU-1.

    I also had a Kingston 16GB Class 10 which also worked for MSU-1 but it corrupted completely the next day already so I have no information on it and can’t honestly recommend either.


    Kignston 32GB SDHC Class10
    SD Maker 0x41, “42”
    SD Product name “SD32G” Rev 3.0
    SD Serial 0270066C MFD 2015/01
    SD acc time 0,843/1.316 ms

    TDK 32GB SDHC Class 10

    SD Maker 0x27 “PH”
    SD Product name “SD32G” Rev 3.0
    SD Serial 70c191e5 MFD 2013/02
    SD acc time 0,569/0.772 ms

    Both working


    As the MSU1 library seems to keep on growing lately, this one should be a darn good find!
    Brand: SANDISK
    Name: Ultra microSDXC UHS-1
    Size: 128GB
    T_avg: 0.45ms
    T_max: 0.51ms
    MSU1 ok: yes


    Been studying some specs lately (SD Association,

    It seems that the new label called “Application Performance Class” refers to minimum random read/write IOPS, which is exactly what we are looking for (well at least it’s a good rule of thumb).

    A1: minimum 1500 IOPS read, 500 IOPS write
    A2: minimum 4000 IOPS read, 2000 IOPS write

    The above mentioned SANDISK Ultra microSDXC UHS1 is an A1 class SD card and it looks like it passed the test. So try to look for these labels as they suggest minimum random access performance.

    And btw: Thank you very much ikari for taking the time and effort to provide us with firmware for the wonderful SD2SNES. Echt eine supertolle Sache! Ich lese mich gerade etwas in ASM-Programmierung bezüglich MSU-1 oder generell gesagt SNES ein, habe eines Tages vor einige der MSU-1 Patches für NTSC Spiele für PAL Versionen zu “porten”.


      Very insightful, thanks! Sorry I was slow to approve this comment, I’ve been down with a fever for the last days.
      Danke und viel Erfolg bei deinen Projekten! :)


    Alrighty then, i tested SANDISK Ultra microSDXC UHS1 A1 with 16, 32, 64 GB’s. Here’s a short list.
    avg. access times (ms):
    16GB -> 0.184
    32GB -> 0.192
    64GB -> 0.188
    max. access times (ms):
    16GB -> 0.734
    32GB -> 0.821
    64GB -> 0.788


      Wow this might be what we really need to look at. I’m trying to find a 128 gb or larger with A2 or A1 and UHS3, class 10 card although not sure if the UHS helps in this case. Anymore info on these findings would be very helpful.


    Thanks for the posts guys, you helped me pick out a card. How did you guys go about testing the avg. access times and max. access times? Is there a test I can load onto the SD2SNES or is it done with the SD2SNES diagnostic firmware?


    Here is a page that explains what to use to obtain benchmark information:


      Actually just go to System Information in the main menu (X button) and it will measure and display access times of the inserted card.

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