Firmware v1.8.0 released

Firmware v1.8.0 released

Firmware 1.8.0 is out. Download here!

What’s new:

  • SuperFX support by RedGuy! This is the duck’s guts. What an accomplishment. Big thanks to RedGuy!
  • EXPERIMENTAL brightness patching for S-CPUN based consoles (1CHIP/Jr). The patching is comprised of two parts:
    1. 1CHIP transient fix – tries to alleviate some graphical issues with 1CHIP consoles where it reacts unfavorably to sudden changes to the brightness register. This fixes the shadow in Air Strike Patrol, warped scanlines in Rudra’s Treasure, and faded scanlines at the top of the screen on certain Capcom games when the console is equipped with a de-ghosting fix involving the replacement of the C11 capacitor.
    2. Brightness limit – can be used to limit brightness on consoles where the stock RGB levels are too high.

    NOTE: There are known problems with games that use DMA to set the brightness register. Notably Star Fox and some MSU1 video players. You should disable it if you intend to play those. For now I’m releasing it as is because I still think it can be useful (and I’ll be gone for two weeks and didn’t want to delay this release any further :-D)

  • Added ExLoROM support (LoROM > 32Mbits)
  • The In-game hook is now disabled by default.
  • Touched up the menu a bit – dependent settings are printed in grey if the higher-level setting is disabled
  • Changed the version numbering by eliminating the eternal leading zero. The last digit can now be used for small revisions or fixes.

Some minor fixes are still outstanding which I will address in a couple of weeks after I have returned from vacation.

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Thanks! But, and SA-1? lol

It’s a work in progress, he has some of the games up and running.

SA-1 and S-DD1 now supported, but no official build released. I think only 5 games aren’t supported without some sort of hack.

Hurray for Ikari and RedGuy! You both deserve a ton of praise. Kudos and thank you! Enjoy your vacation!

Thanks Ikari.

Redguy is the hero of the first half of 2018.

Finally! Thanks redguy and Ikari!

Muito obrigado pelo suporte!

Thank you , Ikari & Redguy & Krikzz !

Thank you so very much!!

Thanks m8! πŸ™‚

Thank you!

Woot! Awesome, thank you Ikari and Redguy! Enjoy your vacation.

So this is FINISHED GSU Support? Not like half-way-sometimes-if-it-feels-like-it?

I guess there’s potential for timing accuracy tweaks, but yes, I believe it’s pretty much finished.

Finally Star Fox 2 on a real SNES. SNES Mini just lost its meaning totally! :=D

Thank you Ikari & RedGuy for this awesome firmware release and milestone in SNES flashcard history! πŸ™‚

SFX/SFX2 games are working perfect, even Star Fox 2 from SNES mini. This is IMPRESSIVE, guys!!! SD2SNES keeps becoming even more & more better! Just waiting for the imminent SA-1 compatibility… πŸ˜‰

BTW, BS-X ROM compatibility problems in some SD2SNES board version which arose with the previous firmware version are now totally fixed. Great! Hats off! πŸ˜€

Couldn’t say it better.
Excellent work !

i can play yoshy’s island now!!! thank you πŸ™‚

You need to update your status page:)

Very pleased with this! Only one chip left to emulate (I really don’t care about mahjong).

Is anyone have issue getting back to the main menu or has this feature not been implemented yet with this release? Otherwise, great work!

In-game hooks have been disabled by default in this version, you can enable them in the options. Else you can hold reset for a few seconds and the main menu will appear.

Sweet! Thank you, had no idea.

Excited to see an update! Only Mario rpg on my wishlist now, keep up the great work.

Thanks to Ikari and RedGuy for this great update!

Thanks to all involved! πŸ™‚

[…] new Firmware V1.8.0 has been released, while I wrote this article. I doesn’t support the Rev. H […]

[…] new firmware V1.8.0 has been released while I wrote this article. It doesn’t show/support the Rev. H HWID in the […]

Super Mario RPG – Legend of the Seven Stars don t work

Obviously not.
Super Mario RPG has a SA-1 Chip not a Super FX.
But maybe it will work soon πŸ™‚

Works perfectly with every Super FX (2) game i could throw at it.
Thanks a lot for the hard work you guys!!!

Awesome guys!!! FX Works flawlessly, it has a fast mode also! Can’t wait to see the SA-1 implemented. Thank you very much! Have a nice vacation!

How do you use the fast mode?

Also, props for an amazing job chaps!!!!

In the config menu you can select the speed of the emulation

Ikari, Redguy, congratulations, and thank you for all your work on this project πŸ™‚

Tried installing the new firmware, just get a black screen. Go back to 1.7e, works perfect. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

This update seems to have bricked my cart
I’ve tried reinstalling previous versions nothing works
Not looking good

well… I have a LEGIT SD2SNES which was working perfectly.
My SD2SNES used to work perfectly, with MSU 1 games.
It’ still working for normal roms, but I don’t have anymore music with MSU 1 games !
Only SFX sounds…
I’ve updated to 0.1.8, go back to 1.7e…. No music !
I’ve only changed the firmware and nothing else (same sd card…)
Contacts are clean with special electrical contacts oil.
I checked the options of sd2snes… nothing new.
I’m using a NT analogue SNES machine.
Do I need to take out my previous saves ?

You found the solution !
thanks again !

This is not strictly related to v1.8 firmware, but appened to me with every version. In FF6 when accessing to the item/equip/spell menus the background disappers. It seems that BG2 doesn’t get enabled and I don’t know why… Hooks are disabled, revision is F. Tested on original PAL SNES and on JAP SuperFamicom, so the console is OK. Here the bug Any other with this issue???

Oh! you are right. The SFC is displaying correctly. So, is there a way to correct the glicth?

Amazing! You all deserve the highest of high-fives!! (Now hopefully SA-1 is next?)

Sometimes a Super FX game doesn’t load and i got a screen with scrambled text. I turn the SNES power off and the game plays fine. I have the same issue using 2 different consoles (PAL SNES and PAL SNES with Super Cic). Not super FX games aren’t affected by this problem. This doesn’t happen with v10 beta firmware.

Thanks for replying, I have this problem with original speed .

Mega Man X3 – Zero Project v4.0 doesn’t work. Normally I wouldn’t bring up hack incompatability but it works in Higan so it might indicate an underlying issue.

I ran into the same problem

I can’t get it to work in higan or bsnes-plus either, are there any special steps like a custom manifest?

On one of my Super Famicom with a discrete early GPM revision audio card in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s ISland game freezes at level 3-2 and subsequent levels. On the other prefix of the later revision of the RSL everything is fine, nothing hangs. I went through it 3-2, 3-3, levels. Then I restarted the save on the old console and it all just hangs. Please, please help. Can you fix it in the new firmware?

Thanks for the update, it’s awesome!

How do cheats work? Need a tutorial or link somewhere on this site. Do i need to drop a cht file somewhere? Thanks for the reply in advance!

Copy .yml to sd card:

Enable cheats:

Great work, as always, ikari! πŸ˜€

Here’s my custom menu with Fish’s logo, updated for v1.8.0:

Thanks Ramsis, love your custom menus!


I’ve only found this out yesterday and played some FX games last night. This is jaw dropping stuff Ikari and Redguy, you need to know that this is the best product for the SFC/SNES for allot of us.

Time to update the incompatibilities list. πŸ™‚

Absolutely fantastic achievement with the official Super FX implementation. Congratulations!

hip hip hooray !!!

Thanks a ton. Redguy’s work on the SuperFX is what convinced me to finally but my SD2SNES, and I’m so glad I did. Thanks for all the work that went into it!

Hi ikari

I have many video glitches on Adventures of Tintin The solar Temple and Starwing.

Starfox J and U versions launch properly but the E version won’t

I’m sure there are a lot more glitches in other Roms too.

I’m using an NTSC snes with a REV.E SD2SNES firm v1.8.0

You’re basically running PAL (50Hz) games with a NTSC console (60Hz), some games simply will glitch, which is normal. Super Mario World for example glitches as well if run at the wrong refresh rate, as will other games. Please state if you tested Tintin with a Firmware prior to 1.8.0 and if it ran without glitches. As for Starfox/Starwing: it is known to glitch when not using the correct refresh rate! This is normal!

well prior to 1.8.0 I definitely ran many games in 50hz easily with no visible glitch at all. Also this does only happen with Tintin. I tested a few other PAL roms and they run just fine.

I believe Do7 is on to something I’m also experiencing video glitches even on NTSC games 2020 Super Baseball for example at first I thought it was my Scart to Component converter purchased a different brand and I’m getting the same issue.

People in the MyLifeInGaming chat are bragging about having a RedGuy firmware with SA-1 support. When/how will this be made public?

Time does fly, doesn’t it? What took him so long?

(That was sarcasm, and a joke, just in case you didn’t notice.)

No really, these are indeed amazing times that we live in, hands down. And hats off to RedGuy(yyy). Let’s pray to the flying Spaghetti monster that after his enormous efforts in such a short amount of time, he’ll stay around long enough to fix any quirks, or explain any questions to other developers, should such things ever pop up …

Thank you Redguy, this is so great !

As this firmware been tested on the Sharp SF1, previous newer firmwares haven’t worked for me so running on firmware over 1 year old still.

ikari you’re running out of chips to emulate! Better start on the spc7110 :>

Looks like magno got the S-DD1 working on an fpga and graphics decoded for it

great product, great work, i’m playing snes since 1992 without any issues. thanks alot my friends πŸ™‚

Thanks but I am not able to get the Cheats to work I enable the in game Hook but there not working now

Thank you so much for all of your hard work!!!
I really appreciate this πŸ™‚

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