In Game Reset


A PIC-based hardware modification for the SNES that monitors the buttons pressed on a controller and performs various actions.

NOTE: MY IGR IS DEPRECATED AND I NO LONGER RECOMMEND USING IT. It has several compatibility issues especially with respect to games that do not use Auto Joypad Read (an SNES feature).

I highly recommend using borti4938’s improved uIGR instead. It is based on my code but runs on a faster PIC, has compatibility issues resolved and a number of additional features added.

Download uIGR source, hex files, and documentation here.

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    Hi ikari_01, Is it possible to add the “In Game Reset” feature to the SD2SNES firmware?


    […] this if you have a one chip PPU SNES (more difficult to mod for 50/60hz).  Then there’s the In Game Reset (IGR), for controlling the reset button from your controller!  And you can also download the SuperCIC […]


    […] modding guru ikari_01, who gave us the amazing SuperCIC (switchless modchip) has released the IGR – In Game Reset.  Although it’s not necessary to use with the SuperCIC mod, it is a nice addition to it.  […]


    Hi Ikari
    Have been using your switchless mod for a while and decided to try the ingame reset.

    Works perfectly and with the Everdrive cart is perfect when changing roms over.

    Good work my friend.


    Hi Ikari and thank you again for this other amazing mod :D

    I still have a question, L+R+Select+ X isn’t reseting my sd2snes (another BIG thank you for this one ^^ ). It just does the same than a “normal” reset.

    Is this intended ? Like SuperCIC (if present) not used by default ?
    Also when I’m holding the original reset button in order to reset the sd2snes, my snes just continues switching SuperCIC modes. (tested on a mod-free snes, it works perfectly)

    Still it’s not disturbing normal operation, consider this post as a report not a complaint … lol I still can lift my ass from the couch xD

    Again thank you, and maybe something is wrong with my mod ^^’


    Where have you place the files?

    Thank you


      In case you are referring to using the IGR files with sd2snes somehow: They are not related.
      The IGR files (mainly the .hex file) are meant to be used on a PIC16F630 microcontroller soldered to the controller port lines inside the SNES. It’s a SNES mod independent of sd2snes.


    Good evening friends, get me one doubt. If I download these files from the link right above and put them dentra of Sd2snes folder on my sdcard. This means that I can restart my snes for control is that? Thank you. Luiz


      Correcting ……. Good evening friends, get me one doubt. If I download these files from the link above and put them into the folder on my sdcard Sd2snes. This means that I can restart my snes for control is that? Thank you. Luiz


      No, these files are meant to run on a PIC-microcontroller (PIC16F684) which has to be build into your SNES.


    Thanks for updating this page Ikari :) I really appreciate this!

    There were some issues reported to me using third party controllers. I hopefully resolved this by a quite huge update of the files. They can be grabbed from here:
    or from here:

    Best :)

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