Cool stuff

  • SuperCIC – a multiregion CIC replacement for the SNES (and cartridges) with enhanced features
  • In Game Reset allows you to reset your SNES and switch 50/60Hz via a controller in port 1
  • 50/60Hz switch schematic for 1CHIP SNESes
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    So far we have the following free and completed msu-1 hacks I think:

    Zelda 3 – Conn:

    BSZelda AST – Conn:

    BSZelda 1, Map1 – Conn:

    BSZelda 1, Map2 – Conn:

    (Note, bszelda msu1 hack will resemble original 1 hour playtime each week, so each track will last 1 hour with voice acting -> these required pcm aren’t produced yet)

    Donkey Kong Country 2 – Mattrizzle:

    Chrone Trigger – DarkShock:

    MegaManX – DarkShock:

    Rock’nRollRacing – DarkShock:

    Super Mario World – Conn:

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