May 062017

Firmware 0.1.7e is out. Download here! This is mainly a long overdue maintenance release.

What’s new:

  • Fixed a long standing critical DAC timing quirk causing audio distortion with MSU1 on any revision except Rev.G
  • Fixed a clock glitch on SD card access from FPGA that could lead to audio/video distortion with MSU1
  • Properly map SRAM to Banks f0-ff instead of f0-fb in Mode 20 (“LoROM”) memory map
  • Added support for headered bsxbios.bin too
  • Slight SD card read performance optimization for MSU1 (avoid unaligned reads)
  • Change initial SRAM fill value (courtesy of devinacker) – fixes Ken Griffey Jr., Ou-Chan,
    and possibly other games that don’t perform a proper SRAM content sanity check
  • Always start game on PPU2 field 0. This doesn’t fix any known issue but is put in for compatibility’s sake.
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  35 Responses to “Firmware v0.1.7e released”


    Keep up the great work Ikari and anyone else who is supporting this project. Honestly, this is amazing work.


    Thank you for this new update! Long live the SD2Snes project.


    Thank you for keeping the development fresh! I’m so happy to have an original sd2snes ;)


    Yay! Fixes!

    Game genie next? :D


    Thank you ikari_01 for your hard work. Much appreciated! :D


    Man I’ve been checking this page almost daily since October. Thanks for continuing to support the SD2SNES!


    Thank you so much for you hard work Ikari, I’m loving the sd2snes!


    Thanks. I love it


    Thank you for keeping the project alive and well :)
    Just curious, will 0.1.8 be next or are there more work to be done on 0.1.7?


      I am fed up with v0.1.7 already :D Unless some major issues start cropping up with v0.1.7e this will be it and I’ll get on with the features and v0.1.8. (or rather v1.8)


    Hi Ikari – thank you for this project.

    I’m extremely frustrated with a problem I can’t seem to fix. For whatever reason I’m losing save files. The .srm is still there but the data in the .srm is gone (including the saves). I have been extremely careful to save a file and then hold reset and turn off the system and it still seems to happen randomly. It doesn’t happen to every save file. And it seems to only happen upon actually booting the sd2snes (I have taken to removing the SD card and backing the saves on my computer). I’m guessing that something in the booting of the sd2snes is erasing my saves (it’s been quite demoralizing).

    Any advice you could provide would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


      that does indeed sound frustrating. :(
      Have you had a chance to try different SD Cards? The sd2snes is compatible with the vast majority of cards – personally only one of the 30ish cards I have for testing doesn’t always work, and that’s because it consumes too much power when switched on.
      Also, are you using the latest firmware? There have been some file system issues in the past that I fixed.
      I guess you already reformatted your card multiple times.
      Other than that you might want to give the diagnostic firmware a spin ( that might detect unreliable data transfers from/to card. If you decide to try it out, please upload the test_log.txt somewhere afterwards :)


      Hi, I think I can help you. It’s a pretty dumb thing actually but It happened to me at the beggining.

      I noticed if I don’t push the card carefully into the cartridge, the switch on the side of the card may rub against the SD card port and put the switch into lock position.

      I had this problem with several sd cards that had a loose lock switch. I just tried all of my SD cards and Micro SD adaptors until I found one that had a firm enough lock switch.

      Do this: be sure to put the switch in unlock position, put the SD in like you’d normally do and then pull it out and check if the switch is in the same position.

      Hope it helps!!


    Guys if you need the bins (dsp1,dsp1b,dsp2,dsp3,dsp4 and st0010) will be found here ->


    Ikari for president !!!


    Thank you! Props to keeping the SD2SNES project active =)


    Hi Ikari, Mario Paint doesnt load with The lates firmware. Im Trying yo use a rom that uses The patch to substitute the mouse.

    May you confirm if this is normal?


      Hi, it seems to work normally for me. I tested “Mario Paint (Joystick Hack) [a1].smc”, CRC32: AAD84250.


    Glad to see the Project is still alive :)

    Was already a little bit afraid that nothing will happen anymore since i’ve been checking the site like once a week and have seen nothing for a long time.

    Looking Forward to 0.1.8. Thanks for the continous support

    Regards and all the best to you IKARI.


    Perfect! Check in on the page once a week – so awesome to see a new update. Looking forward to cheat support, keep up the amazing work.


    Thanks for keeping this alive!!! Have you ruled out super FX – guessing if it was possible we would have seen it by now?


      The Super FX is still listed on the status page as a to-do for v2.0. So hopefully Ikari just hasn’t gotten around to it yet.


    Wowwww!! It seems this new firmware version has fixed all the issues I used to have with MSU1 games! I’m really glad of this! Thank you very much Ikari! You are the best!! :-)
    I’m already looking forward to the next firmware version for even more features and great stuff! ;-)


    Thanks for your continued work, Ikari.


    Thanks Ikari for your great job, fix audio distortion with MSU1 on Road Advanger.


    Thank you Ikari.
    Nice to see you still in the place after all this time !

    I wonder what will you do on 1.8 and more !
    Thank you !


    Hi, Ikari-san.
    I built the SD2SNES from scratch and now I just noticed that my XILINX programmer has only 10 pins :(

    Do you know if I can program it with a raspberry pi 3?

    Thank you!


    Can’t wait until SA-1 or Super FX gets implemented but this update fixed my distorted MSU-1 audio. Nice job.


    Thanks for all your hard work, Ikari! Will we get a negative MSU-1 boost option at some point by chance? I have rev. H and the MSU1 audio is too loud :(


    I’ve recently bought the SD2SNES… And i’ts awasome!!! Thank you very much for your work and hope for future improvement :)


    Muito obrigado ikari por este novo firmware, e espero que você consiga implementar o suporte ao SA-1 nos futuras FW.

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