Firmware v1.10.1 released

Firmware v1.10.1 released

Firmware 1.10.1 is out. This is an important update for SD2SNES Pro users since v1.10.0 doesn’t boot on it due to a silly bug. Sorry about that!

Download here!

What’s new:

  • Actually boot on SD2SNES Pro

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The volume boost for MSU1 on older revisions doesn’t appear to work with the S-DD1 core. (Rev. E1 here)

Ikari When will we have the Save State and the Cheats Menu in the normal SD2SNES firmware? A hug

Antonioks – Official Beta Tester

Thank you very much and congratulations for such an excellent work to Ikari, magno, RedGuy & everyone involved!

However, I’ve to report that BS-X compatibility is still not working to me. Whenever I try to run a SatellaView ROM from the BS-X interface, the game won’t never load and the Error 09 pops up. πŸ™

Ikari When will we have the Save State and the Cheats Menu in the normal SD2SNES firmware? A hug

Ikari When will we have the Save State and the Cheats Menu in the normal SD2SNES firmware? A hug

What milestones will justify a firmware 2.0.0? Known issues fixed, cheat menu and save states? I figured β€œPro” support should have justified 2.0.0.

Ikari When will we have the Save State and the Cheats Menu in the normal SD2SNES firmware? A hug Β³

Thank you so much to you, Red Guy and Magno! Wow! My SD2SNES is so close to perfection now! Still lacks a few things to be really perfect (playing Far East of Eden Zero, Super Game Boy implementation, and save states) but I’m not in a hurry, and I love my SD2SNES so much already!! Again, thank you very much!

I would like to play Far East of Eden Zero, must have missed that there is already a finished translation πŸ™‚ (not by byuu though ^^)

It’s funny how people are still “complaining” and requesting new features considering what has happened in the last six or more months. I just want to say big thank you to Ikari, RedGuy, magno and everyone involved for making the best SD Cart available even more perfect.

Funny??? your SD2SNES was for free ?? I have not paid dearly for the best everdrive of snes, now if I ask something to the support post purchase is funny and comment here in the official blog and not have an answer from the creator of the same to which I am a customer, I have to laugh even, you must being that guy who buys a zero car and the same break, does not take him to the authorized assistance so as not to disturb it. kkkkkkkkkkk

Yes, funny. When I bought my SD2SNES years ago, I knew what it can do at a time. There was no guarantee of more support for special chips. All this is just a bonus.

Maybe you should learn to read the product description and not whine about new features afterwards?

What limits is the hardware and not the software, so I do not waste time reading the description of what can and can not be done by the software, when the hardware is supported, if the software does not meet all the hardware needs, it is up to the creator of the product better software. # PEACE

Sure you can hope for new features, but I don’t think the developer really has to do them, if not promised (and sometimes even not then in some projects).

Are people really nitpicking about unreasonable features? The SD2SNES is open source and quite frankly, if people want to see nonsense like savestates on a REAL system, why do they play the game to begin with, if they just cheat their way around the game? It seems like savestates is, for example, one of these desired features, among a lot of smaller things. What do people even want at this point? The SD2SNES already supports more games than the majority of people are willing to play. Not to mention ROM-Hacks and Homebrew also being a thing. I could understand people… Read more »

It was only a request comment, now I did not expect it to generate, so much stress from some, I when I buy a device I try to get the most out of it, the SD2SNES is perfect and if this my request is not answered I will not be sad, because I know which he was worth very much.

The main reason save states interest me is to practice speed running on original hardware at specific segments of the game.


You could always learn to code and contribute to the features that you would like.

My part is to be beta tester, programs do not include me.

Anyone can go and play something; that’s not a big . If you are a beta tester, you would be able to talk to the developers directly, instead of commenting here. And if you actually had a clue how hard it is to program stuff, you wouldn’t be pushing for new features here, and (yet again) talk directly to the developer. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know how you became a beta tester to begin with, if you aren’t in direct contact with the guy behind the scenes. Anyway, if you truly are a beta tester, then yes, programs DO include you… Read more »

Hi Ikari ! First of all thanks for all the work you put into this πŸ™‚ I’ve got my Mk3 (on 1.10.1) and it does not find the Super CIC in my console and tells me “Original or no CIC”. Is this a known issue ? Also when I change the parameter “Enable SuperCIC” on the MK3 or change the region (controller or RESET button), the screen starts flashing. It doesn’t stop even after a power off, I have to put the parameter back to “No” to stop the flashing. On a PAL console all the games are launched in… Read more »

I have the same on my sd2snes pro,original cic in the menu while with my sd2snes it says super cic enhanced.
Star ocean is not working-f1 roc 2 messed up,will test more later.

Hi Ikari,
thanks for the updates!
What is “SD2SNES Pro”? Does it fix some hardware bugs or is it a better version of the sd2snes?
I bought my SD2SNES directly from you at the beginning, does this version have bugs too?
Or are the bugs only in the “mass-manufactured” version of SD2SNES?

Thanks and regards

The FPGA that is used in the original SD2SNES is becoming difficult to find for purchase, probably because they’re no longer being manufactured. So, Krikzz and ikari agreed to replace that FPGA with a more powerful one and it is now being sold as the SD2SNES Pro. Because of the larger FPGA that is used in the Pro it is now theoretically possible to add features that the original SD2SNES FPGA is not capable of. For example… – Fully functioning save states – ST-011 – Super Game Boy Also, MSU1 with SA-1 works on the Pro, whereas it doesn’t on… Read more »

In a kinda strange way, this almost makes me a bit sad. I’ve been following the progress of the SD2SNES for so many years from the days of it production and eventual release through the days where all the rest of the chip support didn’t seems possible but then suddenly showed promise and now the cart is finally pretty much 100% compatible with every relevant game made for the system. Making the best SNES flash cart on the marked the definitive way to enjoy your roms on real hardware. I’ve been checking this site pretty regulary for years, always excited… Read more »

Wow ! A really big thanks to Ikari, magno, RedGuy & everyone involved!
It’s still surprising to have new game running on our lovely and old super nes.
Thank you so much !

yohooooooo. good work again ikari. long time no see πŸ™‚ hope all is good.

[…] for one of the SuperCIC chips. I’m looking forward to see if this can be resolved through a SD2SNES firmware update. Otherwise, I’ll have to desolder and flash one of the SuperCIC […]

Awesome work, I hope one of you guys fix the bug where Star Oceans won’t play on the PRO model. I find it odd that It works on the MK II.

I got The SD2SNES and SD2SNES PRO I notice that Star Ocean (translation) works on the SD2SNES but it just gives me a black screen on the SD2SNES pro

Star ocean doesnt seem to work on sd2snes pro just a black screen, but sd2snes if does

[…] for one of the SuperCIC chips. I’m looking forward to see if this can be resolved through a SD2SNES firmware update. Otherwise, I’ll have to desolder and flash one of the SuperCIC […]

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