Jan 152012

I guess I’m a bit behind the rumors already :)
sd2snes will be available soon from KRIKzz. The first stores to sell them are Stone Age Gamer and Retrogate.

I’m asking everyone on the 2012 pre-order list (who got a confirmation) to contact me whether you would like to stay on the list or order from one of the stores. Honestly I really encourage you to do the latter because it gives me more time for actual development. ;)

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Jan 152012

Firmware v0.1.2 is out with these changes:

  • Auto region override (eliminate “This game pak is not designed…” messages)
  • Improved mapper detection (fixes some games and many PD ROMs)
  • Improved data streaming performance (should reduce MSU1 errors with some cards)
  • A and B buttons swapped in menu to match common key mappings
  • Fix: MSU1: Stop audio playback at end of audio file

Download it here.

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