planned for v1.10:

  • S-DD1 support my magno (ironing out some final quirks)

planned for v1.11:

  • Skin support
  • Cheat Menu
  • possibly ROM folder loading

planned for v1.x:

  • USB support (dev feature to quickly send ROMs for testing)
  • Try and implement experimental save state feature (may or may not work out)

Enhancement chips

Each supported enhancement chip can be used in conjunction with MSU1.


  • BS-X memory map / Satellaview base unit registers (clock)
  • DSP1 / 1b
  • DSP2
  • DSP3
  • DSP4
  • ST-010
  • Cx4
  • MSU1
  • S-RTC
  • OBC1
  • SuperFX
  • SA-1
  • Action Replay/Game Genie code (via per-game configuration files)


  • S-DD1 (bare core implemented by magno, integration into sd2snes FPGA configuration pending)

To Do:

  • Interactive Action Replay/Game Genie code support
  • SPC7110 – with the Far East of Eden Zero translation patch in the works it would be a shame not to support it. πŸ™‚
  • ??? (you name it)


  • ST-011
    • requires 54kB of Block RAM; the FPGA only provides 36kB of Block RAM.
  • ST-018
    • ARMv3 core with 128kB of embedded program ROM, 32kB data ROM, and 16kB RAM. Out of reach for the FPGA.


MSU1 (audio)

Sorry, my playing is really crappy, I was playing one-handed since I had to hold the camera. πŸ˜‰

MSU1 (data+audio)

Here the MSU1 data extension is used to stream uncompressed video data to VRAM+CGRAM. Simultaneously the MSU1 audio extension is used to play back the audio stream.

DSP1-4, ST-010



The Cx4 core runs at 20MHz as of v0.1.7c.

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communication port for the new bs-x soundlink support, or a possible x-band solution.
or an overclocking function for the super fx games (starfox is running quit slow) if possible
super gameboy emulation – but this is way to hard and not really interesting
sufami turbo emulation
what is with slotted bs-x cartridges – are they supported to?
and what is with the same game cartridges (sd gundam g-next)
emulation of the nintendo super system in some way

aaaaand you forgot the CIC-chip above πŸ˜‰

Would it be possible to make the clock speed of the Super FX chip software selectable? 48 MHz seems way too fast, but we all know the cart default 21.4 MHz is pretty slow.

Lets say I use the cart to force a PAL game such as Super Metroid to 60hz. Is the cart capable of somehow pretending the SNES is running at 50hz so you don’t get some the game cannot be played screen after a 50hz check?

I doubt this is possible given whats already written here, but would there be any chance you could continually change the speed of the Super FX chip in game so you have a constant 25 or so fps?

I’m pretty sure the ideal clock speed for Starfox is 42 MHz

these chips wont work ever, I think:

can you explain technically why it would never work? im highly interested πŸ˜€ (if its not to much work for you)

and sorry for over 9000 comments – but it would be quit cool if you explain why it would never work and write it down on that list above – to avoid stupid questions like mine ;D

The support of the SA-1 would be possible?

I see that the size limit is 120 Mbit. Does that mean that it can run the hacked version of star ocean?
Thank you

I’m surprised at how fast you are making progress! Again, thanks for keeping us updated on this incredible project!

Just a little word to congrats your work.
We are xwaiting for the release of this beautiful piece of work !

A snes player from France.

SuperFX is going to be supported? Will it be possible to set the clock rate of the SuperFX chip? It would be nice to have two modes: classic and enhanced. The classic mode would be for a “warts and all” reproduction of the original hardware, whereas the enhanced mode would run at the highest clock rate that gives the smoothest frame rates.

Also, is there ever going to be a commercial release? Most people won’t be able to create their own copy, but they would be willing to buy a copy of the cart.

SA-1 chip (because of “Street Fighter Alpha”) and Super-FX (“Star Fox”) would be fantastic when they work with the SD2SNES.

Some other special-chips, which are only in some rare Games that only came out in Japan, are also interesting but not so important at the moment, i think.

Would it be possible in any way, to integrate a NTSC/PAL switch in the SD2SNES, which gives the possibility to change the console between 60Hz and 50Hz before starting a game, or while a game runs? Something that makes a “Switchless Mod” redundant? Is this technically possible or not?

Is the SD2SNES available in a “Deluxe-Version” where it is integrated in a case? This would be very good, that nothing could be damaged and also would look better.

so if i have it richt the msu chip is simmilar to the powerpak except that it can replicate more chips, it supports external audio at 100% cd quality,and it has 4gb of ram for movies/animations,so there,s no need of a commplicated mapper to splite 4gb of data into sections of 4mb. it,s pretty niice that even the super fx1,2 will be replicated but i really really wish that also the st018 will be replicated becouse it,s a 21mz 32bit processor,so once replicated it will open new way’s for homebrewers to create some interresting 32bit games,like an improved version of… Read more »

I guess the DSP support is thanks to Dr Decap? Were the other chips decapped too or are they approximations?

It’d be great to see current progress on super fx too ^_^

Can’t wait for this thing!

SA-1 (for super mario rpg) and SDD-1 (Street fighter alpha and star ocean) Would be fantastic if its not hard to implement

+1 for SA-1 support, that would be marvelous!

The SPC7110 will be a must when the Far East of Eden Zero translations are done!

Hello there, I wonder if the star ocean’s hack will work on SD2snes?

Star Ocean no S-DD1/96Mbit hack

Yes, I would like to know if a compatibility list will be released after completion? Though the cart can do most of the important chips, if games such as “Kirby Super Star” and “Super Mario RPG” don’t work then I really don’t see the need to buy. If it were games I didn’t care about (Combat Basketball comes to mind) then it wouldn’t be an issue.

I was thinking. Will there be any customizing options for the menu screen like on krikzz.’s Everdrive 64 where you could change the background image and font-size?
Or is that a bit too complicated for the SNES to handle on the go?

I was wondering if you are going to be selling any more of these yourself or making more available to retailers such as Stoneagegamer? I really want to get one and tried to get in on the preorder but i was a couple minutes to late,lol.:( Sd2snes looks awesome. I hope i can get one for myself someday.

Hi! My sd2snes arrived on Monday, and it is an amazing product! Thank you so much for all the work you put into this! There is one minor issue I seem to be having. I tried a couple different ROMs of Super 3D Noah’s Ark (for the lulz) and neither of them would boot. Maybe it needs a workaround for the lockout chip, or something? Are you planning on supporting this game?

Hey there. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while, but some people are saying it’s out already? If I buy it now, will I get a discount if SA1 is added in the future? I would have bought this months ago if I knew it was out of development.

Fantastic work. As soon as SA1 gets implemented I’m buying.
Super Mario RPG!

I just got received mine from Stone Age Gamer. SD CARD IN MY SNES? You bet! πŸ˜€
It really is everything I hoped for. Thank you for your hard work, ikari!

What this tweet means? “PCB/Rev.E2: Add BOM”?
Are you going to make different PCB? If you do what differences it have to the old one? And if the new PCB supports new mappers is it possible to add mappers to the old one as well?

Do we have any update about the SuperFX/S-DD1/SPC7110? Maybe if it is easy giving the OBC1 as a “gift” it wouldn’t be so bad. Yes it is only 1 game but after all also S-DD1 is only 2 (like CX4) and SPC7110 is only 3, even the superFX is only 8, we all know the big kahuna is the SA1. Even the STC0010 is only 1 game and yet we have it working πŸ˜‰ Anyway my point was that it wouldn’t be too bad to try to have sd2snes take on as many chips as it can (dsp2/3/4 are 1… Read more »

I have a few questions.

Will “foltridges” that bsnes uses instead of plain rom files be supported in the future?

Will immediate automatic saving (no reset) be possible for MSU1 games?

Are sd2snes shells made from original game cartridges?

The main issue for me is keeping things organized without making it too hard to run the games at the same time. It’s not a big issue with normal games, but with MSU1 games you have multiple files even for the game itself and then not keeping the games in separate folders will make things a mess, and as I understand it, if you do that you have to open the folder first and then run the game. I’m not too concerned with the manifest files, although being able to avoid having two sram files in the same folder (if… Read more »

I got my SD2SNES on pre-order at dragonbox so soon I can chat more in this blog. I’m excited!

Can you believe I’m still waiting for my sd2snes to even ship. It would be nice if krikzz really stocked up on parts so that these waiting times could be reduced. I feel like more people would buy the board if they were in stock the moment they had the drive to buy it. Anyways, I’ll keep this forum informed.

Two more weeks later and my board still hasn’t shipped. I hope these comments help someone decide to buy a board when they become available, so you don’t end up like me, waiting for almost 45 days before that product is even shipped.

I know ikari; I spoke to Igor too. I have documented what could happen, if someone doesn’t jump at the chance to buy a board when they become available. Just to continue the discussion of my situation, I still haven’t even had my board shipped to me, and it has been 51 days.

dragonbox is not very fast with delivery. i must wait over 4 months for my delivery.
at the end of the story, i buy it from another store. and for my refund from dragonbox i must wait over 4 weeks.

I received a message today in Deutsch, letting me know my order has been shipped. It took 55 days for pre-order to even get shipped people. If you want this PCB board jump on buying it. The new batch will be up for sale in the next couple of days.

@silenc What did you order from that took 4 months? Don’t tell me the sd2snes?

i order an sd2snes and an everdrive64 both item was “in stock” when i order it. but it took 4 months. i ask more times in his board, via mail and via phone. the declare it that he is overloaded with his normal job. its an extrem example, but when he needs no customer, not my problem. on the other store, i get my sd2snes, everdrive64 and other products for my retro consoles within a few days after order it. in stock products delivered fast and out of stock products i get every week an status update email about my… Read more »


I ordered one from Dragonbox two days ago, my question to you is whether or not you ordered without a shell.
The website only had shell included so I got that one, but I’m rather impatient and don’t want to end up waiting months for just a shell to be added to the pcb.
If you did just get the the pcb then I might be inclined to just email them requesting the same.

I got just the PCB board. The package is sitting at customs since the 18th of this month. Custom’s sucks when you want something. Am I right?

Indeed, indeed. Mine shipped on Monday, hopefully it doesn’t get stuck too long.


is it possible to change the “native” region of the sd2snes?
My PAL console (with SuperCIC) seems to think that the sd2snes is a non PAL device and switches only after 9 seconds to 60 Hz…

@Trez You will get your bad you lucky S.O.B., but I have mine right now! It arrived this afternoon. 63 Days!! Ugh! @everyone The modification of a regular SNES game case was kind of a pain in the ass. I like modifying things so it wasn’t that bad, but at the end when I closed it all up, it seems quite tight. I do hope I didn’t neglect any one area and undue pressure is being added on a part. @ikari It would be nice to have a “rough” game cartridge case modification guide posted, so potential buyers aren’t scared… Read more »


I meant to type: You will get your “board” (not “bad”) fast you lucky S.O.B. =D If it’s already in the mail…you’re golden.

Hi Ikari, congrats to your gorgeous work.
I have back-ordered the deluxe edition from Stone Age Gamer. I wish the SA-1 and SuperFX works in the future. πŸ™‚


The sd2snes is awesome. It plays the mega man x2 and x3 games great. Could I ask a question, if you had to put a percentage on how close you are to completion with the SuperFX chip implementation, what would the percentage be? It would be nice to see a percentage applied to your progress =D Thanks for all that you have done thus far and continue to do. Great job…

Don’t comment ikari01, and I’ll stop posting. Sorry for wasting any of your time reading any of my comments. Good luck to you…

Just posting to request the OBC chip. If it really is easy and no trouble, please do after the SuperFX chip is done. Speaking of which, there’s a wiki guide on programming it.

I hope this helps.

List of games using SA-1 Chip : Daisenryaku Expert WWII: War in Europe Derby Jockey 2 SA1 1995 Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension Habu Meijin no Omoshiro Shōgi Itoi Shigesato no Bass Tsuri No. 1 J.League ’96 Dream Stadium Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius Jumpin’ Derby Kakinoki Shogi Kirby Super Star Kirby’s Dream Land 3 Marvelous: Mouhitotsu no Takarajima Masters New: Haruka Naru Augusta 3 PGA Tour ’96 Super Robot Taisen Gaiden: Masō Kishin – The Lord Of Elemental Mini 4WD Shining Scorpion Let’s & Go!! Pebble Beach no Hotou: New Tournament Edition PGA European Tour Power Rangers Zeo: Battle Racers SD… Read more »

Any news on SuperFX? Is there any development worth mentioning?

Are you planning on supporting Starfox 2?

Thanks for your hard work, ikari! Though SuperFX will be a great addition, I’m also excited for cheat support. All in due time…

Forget about cheat support, MAX. -possible- compatibility should be HIGHEST PRIORITY, the rest is…person-related stuff.

sd2snes is so fast at loading its left me speechless, awesome flash cart, by the looks of things you are probably busy with superfx programming, quick question..would save states be a possibility in the future? i guess sd2snes is just as powerfull as the mega everdrive which handles save states, regards πŸ™‚

Anything to report? I know, you said you’ll say something when there’s something to be said but I wanted to ask anyway. Any chance you’ll try to support S-DD1 before SuperFX? I’d love to play StreetFighter II (I am not aware of a “fix” like for StarOcean that expands it). Maybe it is easier to implement, same for SPC7110. I guess I am suggesting to tackle all the “easier” one first then once only SuperFX and SA1 are left then it’s their turn. On a side note, ever thought of just make SD2SNES hosting those 2 chips (SuperFX/SA1) rather than… Read more »

Bug in list:

Start Fox
Super Mario World 2
Kirby Dreamland 3
Kirby Super Star
Super Mario RPG
Street Fighter Alpha 2

It’s been 2 months since the last update.
I guess there’s nothing major to report although I’d like to get some idea of what’s coming?
Maybe you should move the easy chips a little ahead (OBC-1, S-DD1 and SPC7110), you know just throw us a bone here πŸ˜‰

I love my sd2snes first of all, so thanks and good work. I just wanted to throw a comment up hoping you’ll consider doing the OBC-1 chip eventually. It’s a little discouraging seeing it here as “unlikely,” since if it’s possible to implement without too many headaches, I think it’s worth it. Metal Combat is a great “light gun” game (Super Scope isn’t actually a light gun, but you get my meaning). It’s only one title, and it’s a niche title because of the Super Scope requirement, but it’s a great title and it would be sad to have that… Read more »

Last update was in May, anything new to share?
Maybe an SD2SNES v2 with a more powerful FPGA?

I love my SD2SNES & can’t wait to get updates that make SuperFX and SA-1 games work properly, looking forward to play Star Fox and Super Mario RPG.

Ikari, do you have any news to share? the Git hub repository has been updated… have you made any progress? Superfx or Sa-1 progress?

I thought SuperFX support was slated for February 2013. Already November 2013 and no status updates. I hope someone didn’t lose interest altogether, this was very promising.

As much as I want chip “x” and “y” compatibility like everyone else, I think cheat codes and real time save are a more important short term priority. Any news would really be appreciated…it’s been a while since May 2013!

cheat codes and real time save would be SUPERB!!!
Please! Please! Please! πŸ™‚

I got my SD2SNES a few months back and am extremely happy with it! Looking forward to SA-1 and SuperFX! Thanks for all the hard work, I’ve recommended it to quite a few people!

Will fan games such as megaman x corrupted, megaman x eclipse, or megaman triple threat ever be playable on the sd2snes?

Happy to see a new update ! Awesome work on the OBC1 chip.

Keep it up Ikari.

[…] Flash cartridges exist for the system, allowing ROM images to be loaded. These flash cartridges also circumvent regional lockouts in most cases. SNES flash cartridges do not have 100% compatibility. Largely, this is due to custom chips that were used in certain SNES games. Many SNES game cartridges include not only ROM chips with game data but processing chips too. These chips expand on what the stock SNES hardware can do. In order to run these games on a flash cartridge, the custom chips must be either emulated or taken from a donor cartridge. Because of the large number… Read more »

Beggars can’t be choosers, but OBC-1 was implemented anyway! Great work. Can’t wait to see what future updates have in store.

Only no one here is a beggar. You paid for the device. It’s only right that it at least gets finished.

No. You paid for the device in the state it was in when you bought it, knowing full well that other features may never be added – anything else is a bonus.

Dude you missed the entire point of my comment (Why you’re even looking for an argument is beyond me). I’ll try to put it in more simple terms for you. Spending money =/= begging.

Any updates on SA-1 games working on the SD2SNES? Thanks.

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