In-game hook compatibility

In-game hook compatibility

Here is a list of games that are known to have issues with the in-game hooks (since v0.1.7). It is compiled from user contributions and my own tests. Contributions to this list are welcome. 😉

In-game hooks are used for the in-game button features (e.g. “reset to sd2snes menu”) and certain types of cheat codes. They work by “injecting” code in the running game. This leads to compatibility issues with some games where timing is critical. I am working to reduce the CPU time footprint of the in-game hooks to improve compatibility.

For reference the available in-game buttons are:

L+R+Select+StartReset game
L+R+Select+XReset to sd2snes menu
L+R+Start+BDisable cheats
L+R+Start+AEnable cheats
L+R+Start+YPermanently disable in-game hooks (in case they interfere with game operation).
L+R+Start+XTemporarily disable in-game hooks (~10 seconds - if you need to get past a glitch but don't want to lose in-game buttons)

All of the games listed below work normally when in-game hooks are turned off.
(Main Menu (X button) -> Configuration -> In-game Settings -> In-game hook)

Titlev0.1.7bv0.1.7cv0.1.7d and later
Captain CommandoSlightly cut off picture (1-2 lines at the top)Slightly cut off picture (1/2 line at the top+bottom)1/10 scanline cut off at top and bottom
Final Fantasy VI / III(US)Screen corruption in Equip menuOK (1 flicker per second in patch "Dancing Mad" only)OK
Mickey ManiaMinor graphical glitches (tower level)OKOK
Star Ocean (96Mbit)Missing or glitched music on song changesSame effect, less frequentOK
Super Punch-OutDoesn't boot (enable hold-off); Crashes on second matchOKOK
Super R-TypeCorrupted background in some placesSlightly less corruptedOK
Super Star Wars - The Empire Strikes BackUnpredictable controls (no pause, random button presses)OKOK
Taz-ManiaBlack screen1/2 scanline cut off at top and bottom1/3 scanline cut off at top and bottom
The Firemen (J, E)Stuck at HUMAN logo (enable hold-off)OKOK
Final Fantasy II (U)Fourth line of text sometimes missing in text boxesFourth line of text sometimes missing in text boxesOK
Iron CommandoStuck just before start of first stageOKOK
Super Star WarsUnpredictable controls (no pause, random button presses)OKOK
Super Star Wars - Return of the JediUnpredictable controls (no pause, random button presses)OKOK
Mortal Kombat IIBottom row of pixels flickers on button pressesOKOK
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3Garbage pixels at bottom of character select screenOKOK
Boxing Legends of the RingOccasional blocky artifacts on character graphicsOKOK
Marvel Super Heroes: War of the GemsSlow motion, entire screen flickersSlow motion, entire screen flickers1/2 scanline cut off at top
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor MoonSlow motion, entire screen flickers1/2 scanline cut off at top and bottom1/10 scanline cut off at top and bottom
Jurassic ParkScreen flickers in fps scenesScreen occasionally flickers in fps scenesOK
Rushing Beat / Rival TurfTop/bottom rows of pixels flicker, shift on button presses1/2 scanline cut off at top and bottom1/10 scanline cut off at top and bottom
Rushing Beat Ran / Brawl BrothersTop/bottom rows of pixels flicker, shift on button presses1/2 scanline cut off at top and bottom1/10 scanline cut off at top and bottom
Yuu Yuu Hakusho 2 - Kakutou no ShouHealth bar and background corruptionOKOK
Clay FighterFlickering on button presses, black screen after fights1/2 scanline cut off at bottom1/8 scanline cut off at bottom
Final Fantasy Mystic QuestCut off picture at the top (1 line); occasional screen shifting1/3 scanline cut off at top w/ colored pixels1/10 scanline cut off at top w/ colors pixels
Final Fight 2In-game buttons not workingIn-game buttons not workingIn-game buttons not working
Jurassic Park Part 2Top and bottom row of pixels corrupted in main menu1/3 scanline cut off at top w/ colored pixels in main menu1/10 scanline cut off at top w/ colored pixels in main menu
Super Double DragonLag, In-game buttons not workingOKOK
Final Fantasy VOKLikely to crash in introOK
ShadowrunCrash in Drake Tower Elevator?
Kat's Run - Zen-Nihon K-Car SenshukenBlack screen before raceBlack screen before raceBlack screen before race
Demolition ManIn-game hooks not workingIn-game hooks not workingIn-game hooks not working
Desert StrikeIn-game hooks not workingIn-game hooks not workingIn-game hooks not working
Super Earth Defense ForceIn-game hooks not workingIn-game hooks not workingIn-game hooks not working
Saturday Night Slam Masters??Glitched pixels in topmost scanline
Contra III??Crash & Black screen in 2P stage 2
Dragon View??Freezes before end credits
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I have noticed that Boxing Legends of the Ring, the CPU fighter’s gloves have a tendency to glitch into large squares etc. This stops when the setting is of course changed.

I’m getting reboots in Super Star Wars when pressing certain buttons (down mostly), sometimes it works but sometimes it don’t.

Un ff3/6. If i put the snes at 60hz the equipo menú is corrupted but if i put the snes at 50hZ is correct

Very useful section.. great ideas as always! Keep it up !

Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems runs really slow with the in hook activated

Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon…framerate is very very slow !!!

Jurassic Park… Dark Screen or glitches in fps scenes

Jurassic Park : Dark screen or glitches in fps scenes

The Rushing Beat series for SFC have graphical glitches (shaky screen) once you start punching/attacking. I believe this holds true for the SNES versions Rival Turf and Brawl Brothers as well.

Yu yu hakusho 2 Kakutou no Shou appears to have this issue as well.

Clay Fighter flickers during fights, and freezes when a fight is over.

Just picked up the wireless 8bitdo adapters for the SNES and the replica SNES pads. It seems like the titles that had the in game hook issues still have the same issues with the wireless controllers hooked up. As soon as you plug in the original controllers, all is normal. Does that make any sense to anyone? Thanks….

Jumped the gun a but early… Looks like all three star wars titles are on the fritz. But punch out and Tanzania work just fine.. I’ll check on the rest in a day or two. Thanks..

Looks like it was a firmware issue with the 8bitdo wireless adapter. Flashed with the beta drivers and it all works wonderfully.

Hi! I went trough all my games in my SD card and found these problems. I tested without the inhook capabilities after i got the problems to make sure that was the cause. Final Fantasy – Mystic Quest (u) v1.1 / Pixel line errors at the top, sometimes the whole picture flippes out for a sec Final Fight 2 (u) / sd2snes reset / menu command doesn’t work Jurrasic Park (u) v1.1 /When in FPS mode, added lag and picture is flickering Jurrasic Park Part 2 – The Chaos Continues (u) / When in menu there are pixel line errors… Read more »

I really like sd2snes, and I like the remote buttom reset combo built in so i can exit games quickly to play a different one on the fly. I also have the Everdrive 64 and I wish they would implement a reset option like this one. I use all wireless controllers for both the super famicom and N64, getting up constantly turn off and then back on again to switch to a different game is a pain.

I noticed some problems with Tactics Ogre translated version when playing it on a snes mini (1chip), I did not have any issues with this game on an SVHC.

The issues were random freezing, and my save file ultimately corrupting/dissapearing. Some menus also randomly locked me from getting out of them.

With the last Firmware 0.1.7c :

I noticed 2 problems : final fight 2 In-game buttons still not working , and a strange issue in fatal fury special , in-game from the second round , if you press L +R buttons repeatedly for a few seconds, the game reset by itself , then go to a black screen with music still playing ….
Off course the problem disapear when you disable in-game hook.

Super R-Type still glitches the graphics after a few minutes.

Mario Kart has screen flickering glitches but so ar still good 🙂

I’d suggest adding the actual button combinations for the in-game hook to this page (or one of the other pages on the site). It’s not so easy to find that information – I think it only exists on this page:

Drake Tower elevator in Shadowrun will freeze the game with garbage sprites if in game hooks are enabled.

A bug report for the game Kat Run by Atlus: the race never starts (black screen) if the hooks are enabled.

Hi Ikari, (thanks for your hard and amazing work, really appreciate my sd2snes!)

Using 0.1.7d, i noticed a corruption of background in Justice League Task Force , this issue always occure after a full combat, and return on player selection screen. Sometimes this affects character selection screen, sometimes it is battle background that is flickering.
After choosing character / finishing the round, everything turn back OK. This is not really a problem, the game is still very playable.


Can the button combinations be listed in the menu somehow? I got a new SD2SNES and read everything I could, trying to find out how to use the in-game hooks. I found a StoneAgeGamer manual online that didn’t mention any of them. The FAQ on this site doesn’t say. Days after I figured out reset and return-to-menu by chance + trial-and-error, I was surprised to find them listed on the “compatibility” page of this site. The only reason I ventured onto this page is because I wanted to see if Izzy’s Quest for the Olympic Rings was listed. Is there… Read more »

Toy Story, graphics start glitching out by the ‘Ego Check’ (3rd level), U-version. Game froze completely by ‘Run, Rex, Run!’ (7th level). I disabled both in-game hooks and in-game buttons in the menu so not sure which one is causing it but it worked fine after disabling them.

I view the in-game hook make a little graphical corruption un chrono trigger.

Load the Game and not touch nothing. Let the demo Mode begins. You can view the corruption where the Big frog attack under It in the floor.

O.k its me or Simply they not work in demolitión man(usa)?. I press L+R+select+x But nothing happend.

Equal in desert strike usa.

Oh these are of interest for the list as well?
Then another game for which the in-game buttons are ineffective: Super EDF by Jaleco.

Thanks ikari, i add another to the list, lemmings pal have little graphical corruption in the left part of the scren in one and two players Mode .

I have seen the same graphical corruption in my snes (1chip-01), like small colorful horizontal lines near to the sprites when the giant frog appears, is there anyway to avoid or fix this?

WeaponLord has scanlines partially cut off at the top and bottom with hooks enabled. I only played it for 5 minutes out of curiosity since I’d never heard of the game, so I have no idea if anything else is wrong. Using 0.1.7e.

How can we re-enable the hooks if we accidentally pressed L+R+Start+Y?

Can anyone see if they can get The Adventures Of Hourai High working, ive tried patching the rom myself and a prepatched one but they both crash on real Snes but work in emulation.
Ive even tried several different save points made on the pc and they all load fine on the Snes but as soon as any further loading is needed for example when you leave the room the game crashes to black screen.

Hey I know it is late, but I have this game working. It is really Interesting!!!! I can actually send you the ‘LINK’ to the working one.

Here’s 3 new button combination commands you should implement. L+R+Select+A save a “save state” file to the SD card for the current game. L+R+Select+B load a “save state” file from the SD card for the current game. L+R+Select+Y cycle through the save state slots for the current game (then do the Load button combination to load that state or the Save button combination Save to save the state to that slot. The save state file will have the file extension .#.SVS (where # is the save state number from 0 to 9, and where SVS is short for SaVe State)… Read more »

Hey guys i have a Problem with the Game „boxing legends of the ring“ after i start the first fight in my career the screen turn into black after 2 min of fighting in the first round. I hear already the sound of the game but the screen are black and the controller doesnt work also. I have the firmeware version 0.1.7e on my S2SNES and useing also a original SNES Console not modificated and the rom is a US Version of this Game. I already turned off in-game hooks cause i notice here that this could be the problem.… Read more »

Ikari.. its me Kurrono.. the one with the messup sd2snes and zeldix..but this time i need a working .xml for pilotwings.. i managed t oget it working on title screen..but when the stages starts it goes black screen…so i dunno what im doin wrong on the .xml for bsnes 0.73..can u help me? like u did with Conn with top gear 3000.

it’s for msu1 hack.. we got it done.. but im not releasing it ..until i get a .xml working

Currently there seems to be an issue with Tales of Phantasia, when trying to enter the sound menu with in-game hooks enabled, the game locks up and all functions cease. When hooks are turned all problems cease, however, and for reference I am using the DeJap v1.2 translation of the game. Hope this helps with future updates!

Any fix for captain command?

I’m having problems with Breath of Fire, where entering a house will cause a blank screen while the audio continues playing (firmware 0.1.7e.) It’s happened to me twice in a few hours of playing, the only way to continue is to reset (in-game hooks still respond) I suspect it’s related to the in-game hooks, so I’ve disabled them and have played a few more hours without issue. I’ll update if it happens again. I should mention that I’ve only just acquired an sd2snes and this is the first game I’m playing through on it, so possibly could be some other… Read more »

Contra III, Contra Spirits and Super Probotector: Black screen in levels 2 and 5. (With IGH)

I have the same issue, did you fixed it?

I noticed the game Front Mission randomly reboots when in-game hooks are enabled (mostly in the second mission, but sometimes in the 1st mission too). I first noticed with the French translation of the game, I thought the problem came from the translation patch so I tried the English translated rom but encountered the same problem. I finally tried the Japanese original rom and noticed it was rebooting too. The game (and the translations) seems to work fine when the in-game hooks are disabled. I’m using v0.1.7e.

Well I think they should just release a version soon. Even if it is a little buggy. It will still be 100x less buggy than the previous. Why would people complain if we got something better than the piece of poo Wii64 we have now. Sure we’d get some dicks saying “it nt workin :O” but we have that anyway.

This is so minor I almost don’t want to mention it but in 1.90 the in game hook works to reset Super Mario RPG back to the title screen, but NOT back to the SD2SNES menu. It’s not even a big deal because it’s still cool that Super Mario RPG works at ALL.

Super Mario kart wont load for me and pilotwings is buggy.

So games like Shadowrun, Demons Crest, Harvest Moon, Actraiser, Ogre Battle, Breath of Fire, Evo, Mystical Ninja, the Super Star Wars games, XMen Mutant Apocalypse, several great Disney platformers, Lost Vikings, Prince of Persia or Battletoads Battlemaniacs don’t make the list, but TWO Mortal Kombat do, despite being highly overrated gimmicky and terrible fighters and being gimped on the SNES compared to their arcade counterparts?! Also, what’s with the lack of SHMUPs?

Noticed in Dragon View when beating the game with in-game hooks on the game freezes on a black screen right before the credits. Firmware 1.10.3. Doesn’t happen with in-game hooks off.

Two different SNES systems, both checked for bad caps, none. Three different power supplies, 2 official, one after-market. Final Fantasy Mystic quest 1.0 and 1.1 don’t work. The moment you enter a name it goes to black-screen and does nothing.

The 2 player stage 2 demo on Contra III crashes and goes to black. Tested with FX Pak Pro, v. 1.10.3, In Game Hooks turned on. This doesn’t occur when in game hooks are disabled.

i played almost all of these games. except the ones with low graphic art like f-zero, mario kart, castlevania, metroid etc. contra had low graphic but very enjoyable with co-op.earthbound, ff should be top5.idk how many times i’ve replayed crono trigger and earthworm jim. others mostly 75%.

I’m searching for a super nintendo beat’em’up style game, that I never seen since my childhood.
It featured big buffed guys, and you could beat wending machines, to give you canned drink, that you could drink (seemingly the character was pressing the can against his forehead as he drank) and gain lifebar back.
Anyone remembers?

Is there an newer list of IN-GAME HOOK COMPATIBILITY?

When I try to save state in Shadowrun, I got a black screen freeze if there is 10 frames delay with the music still playing.

With zero frame delay, if I save state anywhere in the game I got back to the first screen of the game and then no more actions possible.

Fatal Fury 2 Special resets the game by itself and then freezes after playing for some minutes with in-game hooks on

Super Punch Out crashes on 1.11.0b1. First fight is fine but when fighting against Bear Hugger the moment he attacks the game glitches out and crashes. With IGH disabled I can pass the fight.

I got exact same issue

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