RedGuy’s SuperFX support coming up!

RedGuy’s SuperFX support coming up!

RedGuy’s SuperFX implementation has been around for a while now as an “unofficial” build.
I merged it into the official firmware just now. Some testing has to be done and probably adjustments have to be made. Expect a release before long. ;)

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Great news! Thanks Ikari.-

I thought I would never see the day.
This is awesome news. Means that all the important chips are pretty much accounted for by now, with SA1 being the exception.

This flash carts just gets better and better

Yay! :D Thank you and RedGuy for the great and hard work, it is always much appreciated.

This will be so ace, what a wonderful milestone for the SD2SNES!


Great news. any other goodies planned for the release?

We thank you Redguy for the incredible work of Super FX
support and for the future hopefully more little wonders.

We thank you Redguy for the incredible work of Super FX support and for the future hopefully more little wonders.

Many thanks to Redguy and to you Ikari! I definitely love my SD2SNES! :-)

Will this be identical to the “v10” that RedGuy already released, or will it have additional fixes?

Will this be the same as the “V10” Redguy has already released, or will it have additional fixes?

You make my day ! :-)

The story is being made! Thank you!

sd2snes forever thanks :)

Thank you Ikari & Redguy for this chance !

Game genie interface??


Is there a way to throw some money your way and Redguy’s?

To quote a former Vice President, this is a big effin deal. :)

Good deal. I’ve been rolling with V10 for a while now, and being able to play Super FX is more than I ever expected. Well done, redguy.

I’m Brazilian and I love all of this.
Thanks Redguy, thanks Ikari, thanks Krikzz, thanks Luigi Blood, thank you all.
I love my SD2 Snes!!!
I want to speak English and do electrical engineering, hahahah…
Thank you for the hard and beautiful work !!!

cala a boca, Magda!


Thanks to both of you for this! What’s an estimated date of arrival?

Awwww yeah! :D

Can’t have an SNES experience without Star Fox!

Such big news! Thanks to all of you who have the skill and passion to work on this project!

how long before a release? its been a while…

Take your time. Will the new timing for the Cx4 timing that you discovered some time ago be implemented as well? And, since the FPGA is packed, according to what you said, what are your future plans for the SD2SNES? I remember how enthusiastic you were about further implementations to the Satellaview logic, but due to popular demand you put them down later on the to-do list. If the SD2SNES is packed at this point, does that mean that we will have to wait for a more powerful FPGA to be made before we can hope for 100% compatibility at… Read more »


SA1 appears to be almost done – Redguy is really on a role!

Redguy is badass. I’ve watched this video at last 5 times in the last 30 minutes , because I still don’t believe it! Incredible! It’s still a work in progress though

Oh my God! :-O
Is there a beta file somewhere already so I can give it a try?

I have a v1 Everdrive. Will I be able to use this super FX firmware?


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