Firmware v1.9.0 released

Firmware v1.9.0 released

Firmware 1.9.0 is out. Download here!

What’s new:

  • SA-1 support by RedGuy! Big thanks to RedGuy again 🙂 This was a really tight fit for the FPGA so there’s a little catch – MSU1 is not available for SA-1 games.
  • Also from RedGuy comes partial SRAM detection for some known games (SuperFX & SA-1). This calculates a ROM CRC and chooses to monitor only specific regions in cartridge RAM for changes. This enables automatic saving without having to resort to periodic saving, reducing wear on the SD card.
  • SNES CPU <-> PPU clock phase alignment. This is a long standing issue on a sub-CPU-cycle base inside the SNES. HDMA to certain registers can cause flickering sprite slabs to appear when CPU and PPU are out of phase after a cart-side reset (which does not reset the PPUs). This fixes the notorious flickering of characters with the giant frog attack in Chrono Trigger, sprites in Kirby Super Star, characters behind the text box in Star Ocean, and probably more. See for technical details.
  • Added an option to always go back to menu on reset, regardless of whether it’s a short or long reset.
  • LED brightness setting (16 levels)
  • Added an option to choose whether you want to start a game with or without cheats enabled (of those that are marked as enabled in the YAML file). You can enable / disable them later using the L+R+Start+A / L+R+Start+B button combinations if you have in-game buttons enabled.
  • Disable Satellaview emulation when a real Satellaview base unit is detected to avoid bus fighting and facilitate Satellaview development
  • System Information now shows the currently effective video mode (50 or 60 Hz).
  • Fixes:
    • Control signal edges are detected a bit earlier, improving stability on some consoles (Github Issues)
    • Fix timing of auto region patching. This should solve cross-issues with Super Scope games because they rely on the same register that is also used to read the console region.
    • Fix brightness patching / limiting for games that use HDMA to alter the brightness register. (e.g. Star Fox)
    • Fix an occasional imaginary access cycle carried out by the FPGA after reconfiguration. This fixes lockups when loading games with dedicated FPGA files, i.e. SuperFX, SA-1, OBC-1.
    • Fix SuperCIC pair mode entry for consoles with ≤ 3.072MHz CIC clock (notably GPM revisions). (Github Issue)
    • S-RTC register state is reset when the console is reset.

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HELL YES! Thank you guys so much!

I wish I could express my gratitude another way, but in the meantime: thanks you so very much, yet again! Your work on the sd2snes is tremendously appreciated. I hope you and your family are doing well, ikari! Huge thanks to RedGuy as well!

Just when the nay-sayers were going on about “SFX and SA-1 will never come”, here we patient people are forever grateful for all the work you and redguy, among others, have put into the SD2SNES. Thank you!

Up next, SDD1 officially supported?

I was a half-naysayer. I figured SFX would be ready when it’s ready, but I was a bit skeptical about SA-1. So more like “SFX requires a lot of work and SA-1 MAY never come”.

And it’s practically a sure thing that S-DD1 will be officially supported in the next full build. It’s already working pretty damned well in beta.

This is great! Getting very close to a feature complete device. If I may make one suggestion though. It’s not exactly a small one either since it might require an overhaul of the main GUI. I noticed there’s some conversation about getting Sufami Turbo games working (I know they technically do but hear me out for a sec) and that made me think that there’s a more functional and more accurate way to load all non-standard roms, not just Sufami Turbo. The big thing about Sufami Turbo is that you can slot two different games with the Sufami Turbo cartridge,… Read more »

thank you !

This is too awesome!

You guys have done an amazing job! Thanks so much!

Unbelievable! This is so awesome! Thanks for the amazing work and merry christmas to all of you!! 🙂

Thank you!! Does this include FURiOUS built-in (in-game) save states? Great work!

Epic!!! Game Genie interface next? ;D

Big thanks from Canada!

Thank you so much & Merry Christmas!

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ive used this for the past year, and its incredible. thanks for your continued support, looking forward for the future! <3

Wow 🙂 Thank you so much ! Merry Christmas to all of you 🙂

Am am the only one waiting for a gui for the cheats

Thx ikari and redguy for this nice update.

Such a cool christmas gift, thank you. All the best from Canada ! thank to you ikari and redguy

Really great job! Thank you for your hard work!

Hello Ikari. I have been a long time follower of the SD2SNES project and LOVE where it is today….With almost every Chip Implamented now, it’s the best SNES flash Cart…..But I am LOST on one thing, I was looking forward to the cheat menu/feature….this YML this is confusing as heck, I am not a hacker…the most I do Is Patch lol, I was looking online at ways to get these cheats to work…but no avail. PLEASE make or point me in the direction of a tutorial….PLEASE. Because i do not understand it AT ALL…I go to the website to download… Read more »

Yes it is painful… cheat menu will be great option. As I tested cheats generated form only work as GENIE codes… RAW isn’t working. But I wish if this menu work as I have on my DSTWO DS flash card… as submenu before starting games with sellectable options. It uses database file… but here will be great if it have ability to overwrite yml file with enabled/disabled options. If it is possible to have it also as in game menu will be total awesomeness on earth!

Honestly, anything that gets added to the SD2SNES at this point is just a bonus. Personally, I find it dumb to purchase a product to play games in an authentic way on original hardware, just so that you can use cheats on them. That’s what emulators are good for. It’s just one of these things that are ”nice to have”, but there are more important things than using cheats. Game compatibility or system stability, for example. And even then, sustaining these in future updates are too just a bonus. We can be glad for whatever happens to the SD2SNES, but… Read more »

Wel….I want to play it ON my SD2SNES…you have your opinion on it that’s fine…and Original hardware is better than emulators…TO me… and i like having the ability to have all my games on ONE cart…and since i move alot in the military, it’s even better…plus to play all my imports in ENGLISH is awesome. I just don’t have the time to grind, but want to cruise through a game without being stuck forever. And because it IS stated as a feature, I want to know how to use it, so I asked for help, not for someone to tell… Read more »

You are better off helping yourself, buddy.
Try googling things, instead of expecting people to spoon-feed you.
If you don’t have the time to play games properly, play them when you can actually afford to play them, rather than rushing them.
This isn’t a support forum here.

Thank you so much, ikari, RedGuy, and all others involved, for making any SNES-fan’s wildest dreams come true. 😀 The sd2snes is truly the king of SNES flash carts. Merry Christmas to you all! 😀

Was wondering, if SA-1 support was tight would getting a better FPGA open up more room? Also I noticed on your github Rev. F was the last version made available, was curious if you had any intention of making the later Revision’s available.

Due to the Chinese clones being built using those Rev. F schematics, it’s highly doubtful that any other revisions will be made public. I hope not, anyway.

i have my Sd2snes for years,and i update firmware time by time til 1.8.0 . however ,since i updated to 1.8.0, each time it boot and saying is “checksum error (clone?)” such message. but still boot sucess and load games normal, can play fx games. I suspect my card is somehow like a clone/chinese clone. I have tried upgrade to 1.9.0, but it have no any result and still boot with same message “checksum error (clone?)” , and info show is still 1.8.0 firmware. I have another sd2snes with is able to upgrade with same sd card to 1.9.0. I… Read more »

“flash check error (clone?)” i mean

Cyrix Man

“flash check error (clone?)” i mean

This is awesome! Thank you so much ikari and redguy! Excited for the full cheat functionality and then the sd2snes will be complete! What a great update, happy new year!

Hi, thanks for the awesome update, SA1 is the reason why i bought the sd2snes from SAG. But anyone else having problems with Dragonball hyper dimension? Mine just hang during attract mode. Thanks.

No problem for me with this game!

Thanks so much you guys!
I was already becoming one of the Naysayers and then RedGuy appeared.

Thanks !

Any news on when mango’s s-dd1 implementation will be integrated into the official firmware now that it is complete?

Also, just to make you aware if you don’t know already that when using MSU1 S-DD1 games on the S-DD1 beta firmware, the volume boost for earlier board revisions wasn’t having any effect.

Amazing, a big thank you guys !
Maybe the next firmware can hold a time compressor? 24 hours a day is a little short to play all those games (this, and work, and familiy, and blablabla…)
This is in no way a request, but are saves states still a possibility? I really wish I could split my game sessions in smaller bits.

Savestates are already possible on the SD2SNES via the USB firmware release.
But I agree that having everything fine and dandy complete in an official firmware release at a point would be rad.

Are you talking about usb2snes? I admit I ony use the officiel firmware. I guess if it’s implemented on an unofficial release, then it can be on the official one?

Oh, then Crowd Control will still work in the future?
That’s cool, thanks!

Amazing work!
SD2SNES has finally reached it’s most contreversial goals!! Even if there are still some improvements here and there..

it’s good to see products that gets constant support and great community effort.

Wish you the best for 2019!

Ikari– I couldn’t believe it when I read “Added an option to always go back to menu on reset, regardless of whether it’s a short or long reset.” I don’t know if that was due to an earlier complaint I had regarding not knowing how to access the main menu without shutting off the system, but it felt like being directly listened to. Though that was a small part of this patch, it meant a lot to me. Even if it had nothing to do with my post, I appreciate that feature nonetheless. The detractors may say whatever they wish,… Read more »


Great! Thanks for the continuous hard work!

hola,gran trabajo,resulta que he actualizado a la ultima versión,pero resulta que el mario kart no me arranca,despues todos los juegos que fuy arrancando van bien,he probado varias roms del mario kart pero no me carga el juego, a que puede ser debido este problema,saludos y gracias

I got the same problem with the last firmware review 10.3 review, does anyone an idea about the problem with mario kart?

When cheats menu with option to select which cheat to enable?

When it’s ready.

This is why you don’t buy clone everdrives! Thanks and much appreciated development!

Well, screw waiting for 1.9.0 with S-DD1 support. Luckily someone already made it. gets updated way too slow.

Well, the upcoming update will also include a fix for the Satellaview, if everything goes right. Besides, updates on this page usually cover several fixes and/or additions, alongside newly implemented features like more enhancement chips etc., so I’d say it’s definitely worth the wait. The SD2SNES is already a very competent flash card, even when it’s the outdated model and not the Pro version. Beggers can’t be choosers; I feel like a lot of people still need to learn how that works. Not to be rude or anything, I’m really not trying to come off as condescending here, but I… Read more »

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