Firmware v0.1.7 preview 4

Firmware v0.1.7 preview 4

Preview 4 of the notorious 0.1.7 firmware is available. Download here!

Changes in no particular order:

  • Prevent software from using uninitialized DMA ch.0 transfer to corrupt the stack (fixes Nightmare Busters)
  • Disable PPU region patching during the menu
  • MSU1: Stop audio playback on reset (fixes static buzzing noise in games after soft-resetting out of an MSU1 game)
  • Cx4: Add a switch for original/fast mode. “Original” mimics the Cx4 timing better (Megaman doesn’t die in MMX2 attract mode) whereas “Fast” uses a single CPU cycle for every instruction, improving frame rate when drawing polygons (rotating head in MMX2 intro).
  • Hide dot files and directories again (Regression in 0.1.7).
  • “Stealth Mode” for in-game hook memory area hides the memory region used by in-game routines from games. (Fixes Equinox, Lion King)
  • In-game hooks are a bit less intrusive in terms of CPU time, hopefully reducing glitches a bit with problematic games.
  • System Information screen shows file system usage on card.
  • Slow down DSPx a bit to better match original speed (should have no noticeable effect)
  • Font height is reduced by one pixel to increase readability (lines of text are more distinguishable). This has an effect on the font style so some might not like it…? 😉
  • Background is greyed out when a window is active in foreground
  • Menu now uses the dynamic hierarchical menu system, with automatic calculation of window dimensions, etc. Not much of it can be seen at the moment due to the lack of menu entries.
  • Experimental SRAM mapping for Cx4
  • FPGA: adjust address sampling time for “end-of-cycle” events. Should help primarily with DSP1 glitches.
  • MSU1: initial volume now adheres to the latest spec (initial volume = 0) so it must be initialized by software to the desired level. This actually breaks my own example player 😀 I will post an updated version of it shortly.
  • Text file based configuration. Allows you to change some settings while I procrastinate writing the config GUI 😛 The following options are currently implemented (taken directly from the config file, sd2snes\config.yml, as generated by sd2snes, along with their default values):
    # Allow SuperCIC Pair Mode (required for video mode setting)
    PairModeAllowed: false
    # Video mode (0 = 60Hz, 1 = 50Hz, 2 = Auto (game only))
    VideoModeMenu: 0
    VideoModeGame: 2
    # Satellaview Settings
    #  BSXUseUsertime: use user defined time instead of real time
    #  BSXTime: user defined Satellaview broadcast time (format: YYYYMMDDhhmmss)
    BSXUseUsertime: true
    BSXTime: 19970301180530
    # Enable PPU region flag patching
    R213fOverride: true
    # IRQ hook related settings
    #  EnableIRQHook: Overall enable IRQ hooks (required for in-game buttons & WRAM cheats)
    #  EnableIRQButtons: Enable in-game buttons (en/disable cheats, reset sd2snes...)
    #  EnableIRQHoldoff: Enable 10s grace period after reset before enabling in-game hooks
    EnableIRQHook: true
    EnableIRQButtons: true
    EnableIRQHoldoff: true
    # Screensaver settings
    #  EnableScreensaver: Enable screensaver
    EnableScreensaver: true
    # UI related settings
    #  SortDirectories: Sort directories (slower but files are guaranteed to be in order)
    SortDirectories: true
    # Enhancement chip settings
    #  Cx4Speed: Cx4 core speed (0: original, 1: fast, all instructions are single cycle)
    Cx4Speed: 0
  • Text file based cheat support. Cheat files are expected in YAML format with the filename “sd2snes\Cheats\<romname>.yml“. Multiple codes per cheat are supported. The expected data structure is as shown in this example:
    - Name: Invincibility
       Code: "AAAA-AAAA" # this is an example GG code
      Enabled: True
    - Name: Infinite Money
        - "7E0345AA" # this is an example PAR code
        - "809AB001" # and another one
      Enabled: False

    Cheats are applied immediately after loading a ROM (if they are enabled). 6 ROM patches and 26 RAM patches can be active simultaneously. Currently there is no sanity check so things probably won’t work correctly if you exceed these limits 😉 At the moment sd2snes will re-write the cheat file every time it is loaded so its look will change after the first run. GameHacking can now export cheats in sd2snes format. Awesome!

  • Minor cosmetic changes.
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Great, thank you so much! Gonna try it out tonight. 😀

thx ikari,testing now.
grts and keep up the good work.

😀 Yeah 😀 Extremely nice update. highly recommend

tested mega man x3 ntsc version,let the intro playing,there are hickups,saw the intro on youtube,its not having that hickups.
tested with other sdcard,same result
in config file the core speed is at 0,gona test now at 1.

with core set to 1 its still there,but not as frequent as on core 0
gona test another sdcard.

where is the usb support? :>

Thanks for all your hard work Ikari, Congrats on the 2nd child by the way.

Can you live patch a romhack of super Mario world as a cheat?

Awesome! Working great so far!

Was thinking, simply a gui to enable/disable would be great! I’m over the past-time of manually entering game-genie codes via d-pad! I probably wasted many hours of my child hood doing that, hahaha. Entering them in yaml and then having enable/disable via sd2snes menu would be good enough for me! Save the manual entry part for last! You won’t get any complaints for me! The enable/disable bits for the main config and the cheats is all I’d care about!


I’m very glad to see that the sd2snes is still in motion. Thanks to you Iraki, you make the world a better place.


Thanks for your hard work ikari, Congrats on your second son by the way.

hi ikari,

the sound is ok,in the beginning of the intro you see all buildings,and on top off one is a lightbundle,that bundle is stopping with movement now and then,its like microstutter on sli with nvidia graphics card.
i gona test on 0.1.6 to see if its there also,and other sdcard also.
i use snes with rgb on sony pvm 2730 qm
can you test mega man x3 intro and see if the intro have the same problem ikari?

ikari,used another sdcard and stable 0.1.6,and problem gone,think its in 0.1.7 prev4 is the problem.
i played that games more in other firmwares also,never got that problem,also with the same sdcard i normally use.
tryed rom ntsc and pal from no-intro and goodset.

Do rockman X2 & X3 pass the CX4 test on your setup?
For testing (same procedure on both X2 & X3), before launching the game in SD2SNES, plug a controller in port 2, then press A to launch the rom and then immeditaly hold B to trigger the CX4 test.
Here I do not seem to be having issues with the light on top of the building in X3, it’s moving smoothly, no hiccups or stops.

i made 2 sdcards now,1 with 0.1.6 stable and 1 with 0.1.7 prev4,both with the same rom:mega man x3 ntsc no-intro.
in 0.1.6 its working fine,in 0.1.7 prev4 its stutters.
so i think its the prev 4 thats have problem with the game.
hope thats enough info for you ikari.
maybe you can reproduce it.

A great work ikari 😉 seem to be working fine for me the 0.1.7 prewiew 4 , with my super famicom japanese with SD2SNES revison F , megaman x2 and x3 have no problem at this time , the game appear without error and intro working fine without glitch or bug , i hope the final version come soon , thank ikari

Boogerman doesn’t work! 🙁

And in game megaman x2 and x3 seem to be work fine , i have no error cx4 no problem intro game and no problem in the game

For me Boogerman seem to be working fine , the game appear no black screen , demo game work , and in game seem to be working fine no bug or freeeze or glitche or black screen , i have the “true rom set complete snes ( rom no intro no extension header , commercial rom only ) ” , don’t forget use the true rom set full snes no intro and rom header and extension .sfc , or use a snespurifi tool

i have tested many games ( rom ) today for 2 hours , and yesterday last for 12 hours test many many rom without problem with this config ” superfamicom Jap switch 50/60 htz and SD2SNES REV F , with a good sd card compatibility , with snes full rom set commecial extension .sfc , no intro , no header

Or try to use snespurify_v11b2 , for clean your romset snes

I have no tested all the snes romset but over tested 100 games (rom) without problem , and i have selected many games suspicious a bug and nothing , exept 3 rom or i have killed the in game routine for working without bug

Boogerman work !

All roms have to be in format .sfc or .smc?

I’m a little confused as to why the configuration menu now has an option for the ‘recent games played’ list, when pressing ‘START’ shows the same thing. Seems a little…pointless, I guess.

.smc work but .sfc is a true extension , use snespurify_v11b2 your rom are converted to the real extensioin .sfc and clean your rom header

.smc is a dump via a super magicom linker in 1995 , .sfc is the real name extension

Also don’t forget to use a good sd card compatibility in the list , and also a good romset clean rom snes , and good hardware SNES , not a SNES hardware failure , otherwhise for me also working fine , many games tested with no problems here

If some games have a problems such a glicth or bug , also kill the routine in the game and it work

ok,will test more.
but why that same game (mega man x3) works fine in 0.1.6 stable.
thats strange,or there is a problem with sdcard,but the same sdcard with 0.1.6 stable plays the rom fine.
gona test more and let feedback here.

i get register file error!
gona search what that means,maybe thats why its not working like it should be.

this test was with ntsc rom.
just tryed the pal rom from no-intro.
same problem,so it seems maybe my sd2snes is broken,how this happen,i dont know.
thread everything here with care.
also tested with 32gb kingston card,same problem.
opened the rom with snesrom utlity,snespurify doesnt work on stupid win10.
seems rom is without header because the option to remove is hided.

tested also on other snes,same result,so gona wait to 0.1.7 final.
play now with 0.1.6 and no hickup in intro.
or i must send my sd2snes to krikzz to check,but i think its not the sd2snes or snes.
otherwise the problem must also be on 0.1.6.
tryed also kill the in game routines,same result,so i give up for now.
tryed faster sdcard-sd formatter-other snes-other firmware-other settings,still same result.
all other roms working fine.

a friend to me have also the same “error registered file ” on cx4 with the rom ( euro and us ) for megaman x 2 and x 3 and no error in 0.1.6 , i think your sd2snes is a problem failure or broken , because mine is Sd2Snes REV F and no error registered file in cx4 on 0.1.7 and also no error on 0.1.6 , perfect for me on 0.1.7 and 0.1.6 , no problem for me , also i have tested today more 150 rom ( games ) on 0.1.7 preview 4 and work fine ,… Read more »

what a bummer,i used that sd2snes a few times,and its broken,i know it could happen with electronics.
but why its working without error in 0.1.6 for him,i cant get that,and in 0.1.7 he also got error.
then the most logical is the software?
ikari,can i check myself if its broken,or what part could it be?
maybe then i could desolder it and solder new on.

strange your problem ? , My SD2SNES is latest REV F and for me megaman x2 and x3 ( rom euro or us ) i have no error Cx4 “registered file ” in firmware 0.1.7 and 0.1.6 , perfect on the two firmware , all check pass on the cx4 test mode

Im also having issues with megaman x2. Im using a 1chip-01 north american snes. When I run Megaman x2 on my sd2snes rev F i get glitchy sprites as well as a glitchy title screen and the health bar as well. I also get the register file error when I load the game. On 0.1.6 i still got the error but the game played fine but on 0.1.7 preview 4 i get these glitchy graphics. I got my sd2snes from stoneagegamer almost a year ago. I opened a github issue to track it. Thanks for all your work ikari. I… Read more »

Thanks Ikari! Great update, awesome that can push out yml cheat formats. While I don’t like cheating on a game (especially first playthrough) some games I have beat multiple times I don’t mind having the ability for unlimited lives or what not.

Du bist ein Croissant

You really are a Croissant. And a legend sir.

Thank you for sd2snes and all your continued work.

ok ikari,take your time man,im using 0.1.6 for now,no problem in intro and ingame with it.
so i will keep an eye here for solution.

Thank you for all your hard work. You’re a lifesaver!! A quick note: Batman Returns lags with “Invincibility” cheat and “One Hit Kills Most Enemies” cheat. Worked on the first run, but on the second try it freezes up on level 1-1 after killing a few enemies and brings you to the first cut scene and flashes a distorted image of the Penguin (which scared the living daylights out of me lol). Is it not possible to add some sort of cheat GUI? Or is the SD2SNES at capacity? Anyway just thought I’d let you know.

hi ikari

iron commando and war of the gems dont work in Firmware v0.1.7 preview 4

Are the in-game hooks on? Try pressing L+R+Y+Start (I think that’s the right combo) or disable them in the text file configuration. The screen flashed a ton until I disabled the hooks.

On War of the Gems, that is. Didn’t try Iron Commando.

or just kill the in game routine and working

MAGO iron commando work on Firmware v0.1.7 preview 4 , just disable kill in-game hooks , and it work



this thread,downloaded 3rd file,its fpga_cx4.bit fixed mega man x3,no intro stuttering and ingame anymore,but register error still keeps the same.
my snes is cpu:rev2-ppu1:rev1-ppu2_rev3

SNES Test Cart Ver1.03 burn-in test
tryed that and everything past the tests.
so im thinking its not snes related by me,but maybe software like ikari said.
dont know if this test is a good indicator?

i have tested the know dump Euro and dump jap iron commando , and working in Firmware v0.1.7 preview 4

War of the Gems work , just kill the routine in game , i have killed the routine in game and its working i play the game

for me iron commando worked fine(ntsc) 0.1.7 prev4

Same for me fille1976 iron commando work fine on 0.1.7 preview 4

seems my problem is solved with the new fpga file i found.
tested also a few msu games,all working fine.
only problem is with cx4 games registered file error.
hope ikari can fix that with new fpga file or new update firmware.
but take your time ikari,i can play my games now,especialy msu is nice.
played secret of mana and metroid,the music is awesome.
if i find problems with games,i will report.

While the frustration arising from <YOUR FAVORITE GAME> not working properly on the latest preview firmware is totally understandable, little old me (being a frequent visitor to this site) would prefer if you guys could resort to accumulating any bugs/oddities you encounter before you decide to immediately, and redundantly, report anything and everything you observe, no matter whether it’s been mentioned before or not.

By doing this, you’d contribute to making comments so much easier to read, and maybe even worthwhile reading — which most comments submitted so far unfortunately aren’t. :-/


I agree.

I agree Ramsis.

Chaos Seed flickers and the image bugs/goes out on nearly every button press. It wasn’t a problem back in 0.16.

Hello , i have no problem with Chaos Seed , just kill in game the rootine and you have no bugs or flickers , i have killed the routine in game and working fine without problem or bug in 0.1.7 prewiev 4

i have no problem with Chaos Seed , just kill in game rootine and you have no bugs flickers , i have killed the routine in game and working fine without problem or bug in prewiew 4 , 0.1.7

thanks ikari, you are a beast

thanks,, ikari,, you are a beast,,

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