Jun 072016

I’ve started a new page to list games that have issues with the in-game hooks: In-game hook compatibility
Columns will be added to the right with upcoming firmware releases to reflect changes (hopefully improvements!) in compatibility.
So far the list is fairly short and I probably forgot to add some of them based on reports I got. Contributions are welcome. ;)

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    Star Ocean is an inherently glitchy game and I think music problems are among them. I’d try to confirm that it’s not just the game being its unfinished self before blaming the hooks.


    i just bougth one of your sd2snes here in Mexico, im testing alot of games ill let you know if somethings go on also great sd2snes awesome work and wating for the new chips and the new release :D


    Great idea, this will hopefully help with all the questions about glitches that are usually associated with in-game hooks.


    Mortal Kombat II: Bottom row of pixels flickers with each button press on character select screen and on some stages. Doesn’t affect game play.
    Super Star Wars and Super Star Wars – Return of the Jedi: Suffer from the same problems as Super Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back.
    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3: Garbage pixels at bottom of character select screen. Doesn’t affect game play.


    I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this…

    I don’t have an SD2SNES yet but am planning on ordering one very soon. There’s just one thing I would like some clarification of first.

    What benefit, if any, does enabling in-game hooks have aside from the ability to reset the machine/return to the menu without having to get up? Fair enough if that functionality is important to you but for those of us who aren’t too bothered about it will enabling in-game hooks add any other benefit or value?

    It seems the hooks cause quite a few compatibility problems so if you’re not bothered about in-game reset then permanently disabling in-game hooks should resolve the compatibility issues, right?

    Just to be clear; I’m aware of the list of games that are currently unsupported due to lack of implementation of their respective enhancement chips etc. I’m just asking above about the games which are technically already supported. Turning off in-game hooks should resolve most reported problems with those games, right?


      The hooks currently serve two purposes:
      1. In-game buttons (convenience)
      2. RAM cheats (any Action Replay codes starting with 7E or 7F)
      Without in-game hooks, RAM cheat codes are ineffective.
      A future use of in-game hooks is probably experimental loading+saving of savestates.
      Disabling in-game hooks will most likely solve all problems that have appeared since v0.1.7 where they were introduced ;)


      Ah that makes perfect sense. Thanks ikari :)


      Get one, you will not regret it!


      Oh I fully intend to. I get paid in 2 weeks so my order will be getting placed then :D Can’t wait!!


      Oh! So you’re going to implement save /load states? :-O Great!! I’m so excited! I can’t wait!! :-)


      Just waiting on my recent order now… can’t wait!!! :D


    Hi Ikari, when will we see a new special cart like SA1?


    Ikari, I have programmed some verilog, and snes/gba emus for a while. What are the main drawbacks for SFX compatibility? Speed? Squishing Co processor Registers/BSRAM into sd2snes workram?


    Ikari, I am very happy to hear that you might be getting save states working someday. Oh, that would be so nice. Finally I can beat the games I want!


    Savestates would be nice for Radical Dreamers, which has no save system and therefore must be beaten oldschool, in one sitting. I just don’t have that kind of time anymore.


    Sorry if this has been asked before… But can the SD2SNES play SEGA, GB, GBA etc games? If there is a list where would I find that? Thanks!


      NES, GB, GBA and N64 will work providing the games don’t require special chips.

      Sega games use a different manufacturing ID so they won’t ever work on it, you’d need a SD2SEGA cart.


        This is, of course, incorrect ;) Only SNES games work on the sd2snes. There is a SLIM chance it might support GB games some day via Super Gameboy support. Do not place your bet on anything else. ;)

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