Firmware v0.1.7c released

Firmware v0.1.7c released

Firmware 0.1.7c is out. Get it here!

What’s new:

  • major overhaul of the in-game hook code, with more help from the FPGA, to significantly reduce CPU footprint. This improves hook compatibility with a variety of games.
  • in-game hook: avoid disruption of manual controller reads (fixes controls in Super Star Wars games)
  • new option: “Hide file extensions” (effective after next directory change)
  • do not silently fail to load saved games when the sd2snes/saves folder does not exist (create the folder instead)
  • do not silently fail to load/save cheat files when the sd2snes/cheats folder does not exist (create the folder instead)
  • Cx4 core now runs at exactly 20MHz
  • fixes:
    • MSU1: avoid missed control register status changes on rapid rewrites (fixes FF3 Dancing Mad, Zelda FMV missing audio)
    • fix auto region patch timing (hopefully)
    • fix DSP1 header detection (fixes Ballz 3D JPN)
    • add reset hook to boot games on start of frame only (fixes Boogerman PAL)
    • clear entire SPC700 RAM (do not spare IPL area) – fixes echo artifacts in many games
  • minor cosmetic changes:
    • resize SPC player loading window
    • prevent flickering letters on System Information screen

The in-game hook compatibility chart will be updated shortly.

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ikari you are a legend! Thank you for your continued work. I can’t wait to get home and try the new firmware out.

Gonna try out some of the problematic hook games to see how they run. Maybe we can also update the in game hook compatibility chart after this release!

Thank you so much Ikari, I love my SD2Snes a bit more every day!

thx ikari,great job as always.

Ty for continue Work , Nice work .

Great, thanks :)

Any news on tge missing chips to support SMRPG or SO?

I constantly recommend the SD2SNES to people as *the* flashcart to get for the SNES. Mostly because of the MSU1 and because of your incredible work, ikari. Thanks as always. You are a genius.

Thanks for this new release, I can’t wait to try it! Have a nice day!

, thank you, as always! :D

I hope you won’t hate me for this, but I can’t help noticing that I get blackscreens every once in a while when pressing L+R+Select+Start with in-game hooks/buttons enabled. This can’t be the intended behavior, can it? (Didn’t want to open a Github issue right away as it could very well be my own mistake …)

Tried it only with Super Mario Allstars (blackscreen) and my own game, where I have dedicated software IRQ handlers and which indicated a BRK interrupt, so your assumption is probably correct. :)

When I soft reboot with L+R+X+Select or holding the reset button in the DKC2 MSU1 hack, the cart stops working and will not work with that SD card unless I delete the lastgame.cfg or whatever that file is named

I tested turning the console off and on and the same issue occurred. At this point, resetting via reset button does nothing, turning off does nothing, but taking SD card out gives “No SD Card found!” message. Deleting lastgame.cfg allows boot to occur. This issue does not occur with 1.7b, and soft resetting works normal during that game using that firmware.

Here is the lastgame.cfg which is apparently associated to the crash:

After looking at the lastgame.cfg I figured it had something to do with the file path. One of those directories is extraneous so I removed it and tested again and it works fine.

Thanks for all your hard work and for supporting this wonderful little device!

Thank you for this release! I’m going to try it right now! :-)

Ikari, thanks again for this update, enjoy your family for the rest of the holiday, maybe you don’t have holidays ? :)

Well, this largely fixes FFVI’s ‘equip’ screen bug. Not entirely, though – the crazy flickering is gone, but the screen does flicker slightly every 60 frames (or at the very least, exactly once every second) on the menu screen. Not sure if other errata are fixed, but I will check.

I haven’t noticed any sort of flickering in FF3 with 1.7c. All menus including equipment work as they should.

What about a ON / OFF switch for in game hooks? Or is that already present?

Yes, there’s an option for that in the configuration menu.

Once again I thank you on your continued work of such a great thing.

Cheers to you, keep it up.

Thank you for the release. This fixed the pause issue with the star wars games and the graphical issue with the yu yu hakusho fighting game for me. One thing I notice is that 8bitdo wireless controllers now accidentally bring up the favorites menu when scrolling up rapidly. I did not have that issue before.

Seria bom se fizessem a fx do sistema pra funcionar os cartuchos q nessecitam de fx ai o sd2 snes roda todos os jogos do super nintendo ficaria completo show de bola

Great release! The only issue I’ve had so far is weird echoing of the battle menu sound effects in Chrono Trigger. However, it is only in certain areas of the game where it does it (like the Lab 32 area), but in those areas it always happens. Very strange. Keep up the great work!

I have blank screen for this release… Previous one works well.

I did “clean” install. It didn’t help. I use unmoded european (PAL) version.

I just want to let you know that Earthbound doesn’t work on this sd2snes. Im really pissed off that i got halfway through the game to realise that the 4th wave of copy protections was present the whole time (more enemies spawning than usual). How frustrating!!!

Hi Ikari,

just checked the MD5 checksum… some plonker uploaded a noncracked rom… :/

just downloaded the right ROM and its running better. that being said earthbound runs a bit off compared to an official cart… can send more info if needed :)
nothing big, plays fine. loving the sd2snes so far. also, its a sfc with the super CIC. weirdly when booting with the autoregion switch, it stays in 50hz..? it doesnt switch to 60 so ive left it on the 60hz permanently mode on


Hey ikari, I wanted to let you know that Worms has some game-breaking (in the sense that it makes it un-playable) graphical issues. When you start up the game there are 5 options on the title screen. Whichever option you’re on is highlighted in blue. However, when you move to the bottom three options, they don’t become highlighted (they stay white). This happens in the actual game in the bottom of the screen where you select items, etc.You can’t see what item is selected. It makes it very confusing as to what you’re clicking on where your cursor even is.… Read more »

My apologies, you’re correct ikari. I forgot that PAL only games were sometimes programmed with the 50Hz mode in mind.

Thanks again, ikari. Now, that you have gotten a big portion of the complete list done for the ingame hook and cheat engine… etc.

What do you plan for you 1.18 update? Not much left to do at this point I think, right?

Hopefully, either SA-1 or GSU-1/2 get added next. I’m honestly hoping for SA-1 – GSU-1/2 only have a few standout titles worth a damn, namely the StarFoxes and Yoshi’s Island. SA-1 has a couple excellent Kirbys, Mario RPG, Super Bomberman, Hyper Dimension…

Here’s what ikari posted over at krikzz’s forum. Not sure if the plans have changed since then: “v0.1.8 will contain the finished cheat menu where you can at least enable+disable cheats from your YML files, and also add and remove cheats. Also some compatibility improvements from reports I got from v0.1.7. Notably I got the ingame hook to work without distorting the equip menu in Final Fantasy 6, and I figured out why the controls go haywire in The Empire Strikes Back. I still want to squeeze out some more CPU cycles though to hopefully fix Star Ocean music. ;)… Read more »

I follow this blog constantly and one thing that comes up very often is people wanting and asking for GSU and SA-1 implementation. I’m sure this must drive ikari nuts, I know it would to me. He will get to it when he feels confident to do so. There is a lot of SD2SNES owners out there, I’m sure there are several with the knowledge and skills that if they were to take a crack at implementing features for SD2SNES they could. How aboot you pester them to do so if your so impatient and to those who do know,… Read more »

Something weird :

I’ve got MUS videos (Akira’s trailer, and gangnam style clip) and on both, no sound at all.

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