Firmware v0.1.7b released

Firmware v0.1.7b released

Firmware 0.1.7b is out with a number of fixes. Get it here!

  • BS-X boots correctly again after a soft reset.
  • OBC1 works again (accidentally was permanently disabled)
  • Fixed garbled time on initial clock setting (new unit or battery replacement)
  • fixed a firmware crash when saving after using the serial command line
  • sd2snes folder is always hidden again
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Love and respect Ikari. Thanks for the continued support!

sorry to ask
but is this also with in game reset?

Thanks man! You rock!

Great stuff. Thank you Ikari!

Thank you very much for this release, I’m going to give it a try in a few minutes! πŸ™‚

Hi Ikari – big fan of Sd2Snes!

I’ve noticed Super Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts level 3 boss and level 4 are not rendering correctly? Level 4 the whole background is black except character sprites. Is this a OBC1 issue? I thought the firmware would fix it, but no joy πŸ™

Many thanks,

LOL, yeah it’s a tough game!! – But one of my favourites!

I’ve tried disabling the in-game hooks but still no joy.

You could do the level select cheat for Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts, it’ll let you jump to level 4 and see the issue. Just hold down ‘Start’ and ‘L’ on controller two on the menu screen and then press ‘start’ on controller one when clicking on ‘exit’. It’ll be interesting to see if you are experiencing the same issue.

Many thanks Ikari – great work!!

Hi Ikari – I’m now starting to think it’s my console I’m using. I have a Super Retro Trio ( I do have a SNES as well).. mainly use it for convenience with my Mega Drive collection (best of both worlds). I’ve just watched this video: and it showed the same thing I’m experiencing.

Argh… is this a CIC chip issue then? If so, is there anyway round this?

Thanks again, sorry if I wasted your time! I know you’re super busy!

Hi! It seems I have an issue with MSU1 enhanced games with this 0.1.7b firmware: those games don’t save (SRM files are not created). No problems with non-MSU1 games.
Anyway, thanks for this release, the configuration menu is very convenient!

Remember, after saving an MSU-1 game, you need to do the “reset to SD2SNES menu” key combo, or hold the reset button down for a few seconds until the light flashes.

Oh I see. Thanks a lot for your answer! πŸ™‚

Hi, I tried to update to this version and this text (centered, white text over a black background) appears right after turning sd2snes on:


After ~20 seconds the regular menu appears… Since it’s something annoying to me, I tried to downgrade to an older version, but it still appears…

Also tried to do diagnostics, but it didn’t pass RTC (new time: FAILED)…

So what’s the deal? I’ve tried everything but with no success. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Good Morning! I had the same problem when updated to version 1.7b presented the the post “0000-0a4fa98f-17d9ce53-00-1” did downgrade to version 1.6 and works normal even using the summer 1.7b presenting the message when you turn it Normal wheel works without problem the games, which will be which can be bought on ebay my china version.

Well, indeed yes… I didn’t bought it directly from those sites but from a reseller, so I’m officially screwed.

Thank you

ikari my sd2snes does not work time, I believe it is the same problem that you had with the RTC, which components you change the card to make it work? my sd2snes is a rev E2

I have a glitch on Final Fantasy III (NA) on Item, Equip and Relic menus, even disabling all IRQ configs πŸ™

If you’re using a PAL SNES, try patching your FF3 ROM with this. πŸ˜‰

After try this new version finally I decided go back to 1.4a, because seems to be more compatibility with more games.
With v0.1.7b I have found this issues:
– Super Mario Kart don’t work, only show Nintendo logo and nothing more.
– Super Star Wars autopauses randomly, and is not possible pause the game

Thanks for all your work Ikari, I hope you can solve these issues in next updates

Exactly! the dsp files was deleted by accident, and the option for disable in-game hooks make the Star Wars fully playable.

Now I found that is not posible run games from other regions, I have tried to play Donkey Kong Country (E) in my Super Famicom but the screen region protection always appears, I have tried to enable and disable auto region patching but nothing. In the version 0.1.4a this protection was removed when I reset the game

Hello Ikari!

I just bought the SD2SNES and it certainly is pretty damn awesome! I just wanted to thank you for your continued support for the cart, keep up the good work! Btw, what does the SA-1 chip’s “to be determined” status mean exactly? Does that mean the FPGA might not be powerful enough to support the chip or that it would be too difficult to implement?

Hi Ikari,

I’m on a move to change my home, so my sd2snes and co are boxed, so i’ll cannot test your new release, but i wanted to thank you for your hard work.
Peace and health for you and your family, may the triforce be with you.


I just upgraded, and then I noticed I could no longer load my Super Metroid or Super Mario World saves. So I decided to roll back my changes, and suddenly I could load my save games. I thought the saves were located in the srm files created when saving? No? Just curious why this happens. Is the save actually somewhere else, or perhaps there is a reference that gets destroyed when replacing sd2snes’s contents with an update?

Thank you so much!

The next update is big? πŸ˜‰

I’m hoping the next update will have some SA-1 groundwork done…

The implementation of SA1 would be a amazing notice for the next update.
There are a lot of great games that use this processor.

SA-1 would be amazing, but it will also take an insane amount of time if it’s even doable. I suggest S-DD1, then FX, then maybe try to support SA-1. As much as I’m dying to have Super Mario RPG, Marvelous, and Jikkyo Oshaberi Parodius on my SD2SNES, any increase in compatibility is awesome, and S-DD1 seems like an obvious place to start to add a game, especially considering there have been hacks to use the SNES processor to decompress S-DD1 graphics. I’m not saying by any means that that would be a good solution, just that implementing S-DD1 would be… Read more »

@Eyedunno I respectfully disagree, at least about S-DD1 work. There are only two games that use it (Super Street Fighter 2 Alpha and Star Ocean), and Star Ocean already has a decrypt pack that allows it to work on the SD2SNES. The SuperFX would be nice, but there are only a few games worth having that use it, with StarFox 1 and 2 and Yoshi’s Island being far and away the standout titles. The SA-1, on the other hand, has more than its fair share of excellent titles, and several that are pretty good. Kirby Super Star and Mario RPG,… Read more »

@TheRetromancer You don’t disagree as much as you think you do. I agree, for instance, that SA-1 is the true holy grail of expansion chip support, allowing Super Mario RPG, Kirby Super Star, Marvelous, Jikkyo Oshaberi Parodius, and several other games I currently have to swap carts for. But it’s questionable whether the SA-1 can even be implemented on the SD2SNES’s FPGA. And having one more game due to implementation of a relatively easy expansion would still be an improvement. (As for Yoshi’s Island and Star Fox, they’re both really great games! Doom is less great, but still would be… Read more »

Hi Ikari! Thank-you for the great work on firmware 0.1.7b!

I know it’s not officially supported and I am not complaining at all – just making an observation that .1.7b does not work at all on the supaboy v2 and maybe not other clones either. The menu shows up but I cannot start games or would show corrupted text within the file names. I went back down to 1.6 and it worked again. My sd2snes is legit as I ordered from retrogate.

Anyway, I just wanted to provide my bug report πŸ™‚ Thank-you!


for some reason, 2 out of the 3 sd cards i have get stuck when measuring the sd card speed. when entering system information, the yellow light stays on for minutes and no speed is displayed. the one that works takes about 30 seconds to display its info. I ran the diagnostics tool on all 3 cards and everything is ok, games even work with these sd cards. I was just wondering what could cause this behaviour. Congrats on this amazing piece of technology!


I just discovered the function of playing spc files. I’ve been jamming to SNES tracks all week πŸ™‚

I don’t mean to seem like a jerk but what was the last solid, least buggy firmware?

I finally got around to updating to v1.7, and I have to say I’m really loving it. One of the big things for me is the MSU-1 volume boost. In my testing, the full +12dBFS setting is almost identical to higan. Is there any chance you could set that as the default? It would be really nice to try and push for consistency on that front so we don’t keep getting people releasing separate “emulator” and “sd2snes” versions of their MSU-1 hacks.

Hi i just bought the SD2SNES.
When i load it using the 1.7b firmware i see no games only a line of garbage no directories..
But when i downgrade to 1.7a everything works. Any ideas ? πŸ™‚
Thanks in advance

thank you for your help πŸ™‚ Good day

I know this is unrelated to the blog post, but could you point me in the right direction for that MSU-1 CD quality audio Super Mario World hack? I managed to get my hands on a ROM that was prepatched but it crashes or does really weird stuff at boot. I think the hack I’m looking for was just the SMW ROM with extra code to initialize the MSU subsystem. I’m looking for the complete package, as the version I got only had vague instructions on how to name the music files.

Greetings ikari!

I believe I ran into a sd2snes bug of some sorts. When running the French Canadian version of A Link to the Past, the game freezes right at the beginning, after “Nintendo prΓ©sente” and before the triforce even appears. I tested the ROM with higan v100 and other emulators with success. I have disabled in-game hooks, and others games run fine.

If I can help with the diagnosis in any way, please let me know! Thanks again for the wonderful sd2snes!

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