Firmware v0.1.7a released – important bugfix

Firmware v0.1.7a released – important bugfix

Another maintenance release, yay! Get it here.
This fixes a critical bug and two minor bugs reported yesterday:

  • Firmware locked up when loading Zelda 3 after soft-reset. I am surprised that it actually worked so well with all other games.
  • Auto Region Patch setting wasn’t saved properly.
  • Satellaview custom time had a garbled default value (year 1035). The default has now been fixed. If you’d like to apply it you can delete your config.yml or just the “BSXTime” entry from it to load the new default.
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This is awesome!!! Well done getting this update out! I’ve tested about 40 or so games – all seem to be working. This release fixed sprite corruptions on R-Type for me, and in fact I cannot find any problems with any of the games I’ve tested. Must be close to perfect now! Keep up the totally awesome work!

Thanks for the fix! Keep up the great work!

Thanks Ikari

Thank’s a lot ikari!!!!

Now I have a slight delay when entering my roms folder. A message appears as loading of 1 second or less. It is normal?. In version 1.6 it was instantaneous.

That’s normal, the way folders are accessed was changed. Now it doesn’t rebuild a database when you update your ROMs on there, it now reads them on entry into the folder.

I noticed the same thing. I wonder if maybe adding a split second delay to the “loading” message popup would prevent it from flashing onscreen during otherwise instantaneous folder navigation. That way it would only show up when there is a meaningful delay.

Nice one TTT, agreed. Maybe only showing it after “1 second”, if needed, would be cleaner.

Either that or make the status bar at the bottom change to “Loading…” instead of a separate popup. Same effect, less intrusive.

Thanks so much! This is great!

Hey Ikari,

I noticed that the RUSHING BEAT (aka RIVAL TURF) games are still glitching with this release. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it but the screen border glitches out in the top right and the entire screen will ‘bounce’ up and down once you start punching/kicking. Firmware 0.1.6 does not have this issue.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Did you disable the in-game hooks? I tested and saw what you did, but then I disabled them and didn’t see that glitching.

It’s like Christmas in April. Thanks for the great new firmware!

Ikari, you are the best
Thank you so much for your job
Enjoy your family, please 🙂

Excellent update. I jumped all the way from 1.5 so this is a massive improvement. On a different note from the usual topics of conversation: “This is compiled as an incompatibility list. Any ROM should work (headered and non-headered, non-interleaved), except the following: – Carts with BS memory pack slots, other than BS-X BIOS (e.g. Derby Stallion 96, any Tsukuuru). They may run but cannot use memory pack related features. -Sufami Turbo games” I was thinking about the Satellaview recently and it got me thinking–would these two problems be solved if users could mount images to certain roms? Like, for… Read more »

This firmware version won’t load any saved games, and it glitches on the second opponent in Super Punch Out.

I am reverting to 1.6 for now.

I don’t know about the first part (it seemed okay with mine on 1.7a), but the in-game hooks are probably the issue in Super Punch-Out!! Try disabling them through the configuration menu and see if that helps.

The save game zapping may have been unrelated. I haven’t tried disabling the hooks yet, and honestly I _really_ liked having them! The in-game reset was just awesome.

For now though I’m going to hold on 1.6 and see if other bugs are found, I’m a little bit shaken.

I gave it another try and honestly I think the save game thing was something I must have done by switching firmware, it seems fine.

I can confirm that disabling the hooks does fix the super punch out problem.

I wish there were some kind of safer hook!

The recent roms list won’t work for me.

Finally got a chance to try this new firmware out, thank you.

Final Fantasy VI “Equip Screen Bug” is still present. Some really good fixes and improvements, though. Still waiting on SA-1 and SuperFX.

Are you running on a PAL SNES? If so, it’s a game bug and nothing to do with the sd2snes:

Excellent work Ikari! The MSU1 will always be my favorite feature no matter what else may be implemented 🙂

Really appreciate all of the hard work. What’s the next phase we can expect from 1.8?

Just a thought….
Once game is selected then a window pops up that has the options to disable hooks, add cheat codes etc… you make your selections or press A to continue without.

I like your idea,

I’d be for pressing Y to get this menu. The less button presses it takes to get from the menu to the game the better in my opinion. Pressing A should always just launch the game.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x