Apr 162016

Obligatory service announcement! A bug snuck into the firmware where the ROM file could get overwritten with your save data when saving or resetting. On the bright side you’d never lose your save data… ;)
I just replaced the download with the fixed version. If you already downloaded v0.1.7, please re-download and replace it on your card. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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    Is this payback for everyone pestering you for SuperFX and SA-1? ;)


    That’s some super fast bugfix, doubt anyone got the bugged archive in the meantime, thanks!


    Please apply SA-1 on next update!

    I want to play my SD Gundam Gnext Hack on sd2snes !


      Super Mario RPG, Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension, Kirby 3,


      Guys, settle down, SA-1 is not easy to implement (if it can be done at all on the hardware). I would love it too (for Mario RPG, Kirby Super Star, and Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodius especially), but don’t get your hopes too high.

      I do think it would be trivial by comparison to implement S-DD1. True S-DD1 emulation would be cool, but even if we had to use graphics packs for a while (as in some older ZSNES versions), it would increase the library of playable games by 1 (Star Ocean is already playable via the neviksti hack, but damn I’d love to have Street Fighter Alpha 2/Zero 2 on my SD2SNES as well). :P

      I am curious about Super FX implementation progress (if any) as well though. :P


    Thanks! You rock!


    I keep checking this once in a while. Glad “once in a while” turned out to be the day after a new release. Keep up the good work, ikari! SD2SNES continues to usually be the only thing in my Super Famicom, though I keep my SA-1 and SuperFX games (and Street Fighter Zero 2) somewhat close at hand.


    Getting an odd bug with A Link to the Past.
    (Keep in mind I have all config/in-game settings option turned off)

    Load up Zelda III, game runs like normal. OK
    Hold reset, back to sd2snes menu, select another game and it loads as well. so far so good.
    NOW, try to load Zelda III again, game won’t load initially…(black screen)
    hit reset, game loads fine…hmmm?
    Hold in reset to get back to sd2snes menu? No go. Nothing. Have to power cycle.

    Not sure if this is just an anomaly with Zelda III or maybe it works when switching back and forth between other games.

    What I’d like is someone else to test this so its not just something on my end. Remember, keep all in-game settings to OFF (I’m aware that keeping these settings to ON may not work with all games, but I wanted to test with these options off first)

    I’ll report back any other indifferences and will note that I’ll continue testing periodically with all in-game settings to OFF.


    Hrm, guess my other comment didn’t go through due to not having javascript enabled. Well, I wanted to say I have been checking this page occasionally, so I was pretty thrilled to see a one-day-old update. Keep up the good work, ikari–SD2SNES is usually the only thing in my Super Famicom (though I keep my SA-1 and S-DD1 games close at hand as well, along with Street Fighter Zero 2).

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