Firmware v0.1.7 released

Firmware v0.1.7 released

OK, so I decided to release v0.1.7 ๐Ÿ˜‰ There is one feature missing out from the milestone (interactive cheat menu) but I really didn’t want to delay the release EVEN longer. Grab it here!

Here’s what’s new since preview 4:

  • Configuration menu. All settings are now available through the menu. Changes take effect immediately after confirming a setting with the A button. It can use some polish but should work fine. Note that the Video Mode settings are only effective on SuperCIC modded consoles.
  • SRM files (save files) are now stored in sd2snes/saves/<romname>.srm – existing save files will be moved upon save, there is no batch migration.
  • Game fixes:
    • DMA de-initialization has been reintroduced and changed from $00 to $ff. This reflects a real SNES better and hopefully finally fixes sprite corruption with SGnG and SSF2, AND title screen glitches/crashes with Pocky&Rocky US.
    • APU RAM is initialized to $AA (same as specific model SNESes). This fixes stuttering drums due to bugs in sound programming in the intro of Soul Blader on some consoles (not just 1CHIP!)
    • Data written by the SNES CPU is sampled to obtain valid data on certain time points. This should fix Mario Kart track/driver glitches everywhere.
    • All faulty multicycle constraints from Cx4 have been removed. There should be no random “register file error” messages or similar anymore.
  • MSU1 enhancements:
    • MSU1 volume boost: In case MSU1 audio is too quiet you can now increase volume in several steps. Available via Configuration->Chip Options.
    • Interpolation filter to reduce aliasing, resulting in cleaner sound
    • Fixed a bug where volume calculation introduced DC offset to the waveform output. This eliminates clicking or humming on volume changes/fades.
    • Changed MSU1 audio playback rate to exactly 44100Hz to match bsnes/higan implementation. Sound that syncs on bsnes should now also sync properly on sd2snes.
    • MSU1 resume feature implemented (Thanks to Michaรซl Larouche!)
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Missing ROM files are automatically removed from the “Recent Games” list. (Thanks to borti4938!)
    • Background text is now properly greyed out in the SPC player
    • Ultra16 awareness (mostly thanks to borti4938!):
      • Ultra16 serial number and autoboot setting is displayed in the System Information screen.
      • Exiting from the SPC player doesn’t crash the menu anymore on Ultra16 consoles.
      • Soft reset is prolonged a bit on Ultra16 consoles so you have the opportunity to release the controller buttons, not entering the Ultra16 menu by accident.
      • Auto region patching is disabled on Ultra16 consoles so it doesn’t interfere with the Ultra16’s own facilities.
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Great work! Excited about the improvement and tweaks. Glad the save files are nice and sorted. Much appreciated update!

Hello ikari. Thank you for this long awaited firmware! Only problem I’ve found with any game is Super Punch-Out, which will crash when you reach the 2nd match (Bear Hugger) unless you turn off all In-game Settings in the Configuration menu. Otherwise, everything is working good.

disable hook, in sd2snes menu, or in game press L+R+Start+Y

Yeah, that’s what I did, but the disabling via button combo didn’t work, had to disable it in the sd2snes menu. It’s no big deal, but I thought it worth noting.

disable hook, worked fine for me.
I explain it better, but my English is bad, I speak Portuguese.

thx ikari,appreciate your hard work.

Nice work , Brazil loves you !
Us waiting for next realease for FX emulation special StarFox is best game ever on S.Nintendo .

Fast You have worked hard, we noticed that here and thank you for that !

GJ !!!

Nice! Thanks for this update!
I have a request os just an idea, if it’s possible, of course!
Now, we can increase the MSU1 volume and i really appreciate it!
If possible, can you add the possibility to decrease it more than original?
Or add the possibility to increase Sound effect volume, we can find the best sound match for each games!
I realize how hard it must be and i fully respect your job!

Thanks a lot for giving us the possibility to improve our games on snes console!

Thank you so much! ๐Ÿ˜€

Hi, I would also HIGHLY recommend the ability to reduce the volume of the MSU music as well. In the newer versions of the SD2SNES the music is FAR too loud now and makes the sound effects barely audible. We definitely need the ability to reduce the db of the music as well as boost it. I really hope this is implemented in the next firmware update as the difference in volume on most MSU games is now so bad that I can’t really enjoy them….

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x