Firmware v1.10.0 released

Firmware v1.10.0 released

Firmware 1.10.0 is out. Download here!

What’s new:

  • S-DD1 support by Magno! Big thanks to Magno who implemented it and RedGuy who helped integrate the core with the main firmware 🙂
  • Support for sd2snes Mk.III (a.k.a. SD2SNES Pro). This works by adding a new set of support files for the new hardware so the firmware package actually contains two firmwares. This also makes it possible to swap the same card between old and new sd2sneses freely.
  • Fixes:
    • Fix memory corruption on BS-X loading. (Hopefully – I could not identify a cause and suspect bitstream file corruption. Please let me know if it works again – it does for me)
    • S-RTC register state is REALLY reset when the console is reset, and also when loading a game.
  • Known issues:
    • Firmware seems to ignore Cx4 speed setting (at least since v1.9.0)
    • sd2snes Pro menu still has the old design
    • Mk.III specific source code changes currently aren’t contained in the GitHub repository. Please bear with me while I figure out a way to integrate them. 😉

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Thanks, Ikari! 😀

Awesome!! Thanks a lot for the incredible work that RedGuy, Magno and you are doing lately! Keep it up!!

I wonder if the future SGB core could be tweaked to support GBC.. and maybe be used as a base to implement other systems if they’ll fit on the Mk.III, NES perhaps?

This is the best flash cart that I own. If an equivalent, stable, fully-featured flash cart for the NES would come out with your backing, I’d be a day one buyer.

will this new firmware work with the Rev J cart?


okay, thanks.

Awesome work everyone! Thanks so much!

Awesome, thanks!

Hi Ikari, thanks for the update, but I’m having issues with Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension which is broken in both 1.9.0 and 1.10.0 for my REV.F SD2SNES. I have used a patched 1.9.0 version which I found in a thread but none of the official firmwares work for me when it comes to playing this game. It just freezes at the beginning of the fight. Here is the source of the working firmware, please take a look at the thread I’ve created about this.

1.10.0 broke MSU-1 video playback for me. Zelda ALTTP MSU-1 intro video is all garbled now. When reverting to 1.9.0 on same SD card video works again.

Nevermind. Working now.

OMG increible!!

Thank you guys so much for the Update, now every Game i care about works on the SD2SNES. 🙂

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