Firmware v1.10.2 released

Firmware v1.10.2 released

Firmware 1.10.2 is out with a round of fixes.

Download here!

What’s new:

  • Fixes:
    • [Pro] fix wrong data ROM size on uPD96050 core -> F1 ROC II track is shown properly.
    • [Pro] fix S-DD1 address mirroring -> Star Ocean works
    • [Pro] correct Cx4 core speed from 96MHz to 80MHz
    • [All] apply volume boost after FPGA reconfiguration (fixes MSU1 volume boost on Cx4, OBC1, SuperFX, SA-1, S-DD1)
    • [All] fix S-DD1 writes going to the wrong address on concurrent MCU accesses (saving occasionally not working in Star Ocean)
    • [All] avoid potential data corruption on MCU writes (e.g. SPC loading)
    • [All] Workaround for Super Nt not booting when CIC enters pair mode successfully
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Kirby Super Star is not working here on my sd2snes max,mario rpg is working fine.
Also bsx still not working,error.

Once again, thank you ikari for the hard work you do so well. It is much appreciated! <3

Just to let people know, there’s a bug in this release which affect chip games, mainly in sd2snes non pro.
Ikari is already working on a fix and recommend people to stick to 1.10.1, for now.

Just received my Pro like last week! I updated to this and reporting no problems with the big one the GSU titles although I never had the real thing to compare framerate >.<

All hail Ikari redguy Krikzz!!!

Thanks Ikari! Any news about the Earthworm Jim 2’s buggy sound?

Ikari? The European rom has the same issue 🙁

On Original SD2SNES, Kirby US don’t work, Starfox 2 black screen and Star Ocean with… Many glitches !!!
I stay on 1.10.1 for now.

Hi 🙂 Thanks for update, gonna test Mario RPG because someone stated that it is working! Are you developing the Cheat menu? – i’d like to have it on SD2SNES.
Thanks 🙂

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