Prototype – assembled

Prototype – assembled

I had the Rev.E proto assembled by the end of August – but never got around to showing it off. 😉
Well, here it is.

Rev.E front, assembled
Rev.E front, assembled

The fat 4MBit SRAM at the top isn’t used yet. Its purpose is to retain save data in case of power failure (before it’s written to SD card), to serve as custom chip work RAM, and probably to store some other status information. Save data is currently stored in PSRAM along with the ROM, and monitored/saved to card from there.
Rev.E back, assembled
Rev.E back, assembled

Though the Zeroplus Logic Cube is rather low-end, it’s still a 200MHz, 128kSamples LA that has proven invaluable for all sorts of debugging. The JTAG/UART adapter (not shown) is a run-of-the-mill FT2232 DIP adapter board which plays nicely with OpenOCD. This one I got cheap from Akihabara (thanks to Tobias Diedrich!).
Rev.E in operation, wired up
Rev.E in operation, wired up

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Very nice. I am looking forward to seeing the finished project.

Commercialization of the cartridge sd2snes is it still planned? If so when do you think it will be available for sale?

In terms of hardware, you still see there some thing? The MSU is completely written by Byuu running on your cartridge?

great 🙂

looks great 🙂

i ca,t wait untill i got my hands on it, cuzz if it will be releaseed that means that we can even play supermario rpg on a pal console since this thing will also replicate the sa1 chip etc,,,(unless a hack must be done to let that game also accept pal consoles!!??) this may be the all in one solution with all the luxery we should had to have it back in the day,but now we have that chance to taste for what the snes was/is really capable off along with it,s enhanced chipsets,sure it,s 20 years too late but… Read more »

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