Latest prototype PCBs arrived

Latest prototype PCBs arrived

Quick update, the latest prototype PCBs arrived a couple of days ago. Assembly is in progress. This revision reduces audio noise from the DAC. This was a problem with 1CHIP SNESes which introduce much more noise, presumably due to their much steeper signal edges on the bus. The noise disappears when using a “custom chip game” case with the additional grounding prongs. I didn’t want to rely on that though, hence the hardware update. ;)

Here they are. I hope this is the last hardware revision, all those prototype PCBs are getting expensive…

sd2snes Mk.II Rev. E, front

sd2snes Mk.II Rev.E back
sd2snes Mk.II Rev. E, back

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awesome – I hope it is finished after this prototype


nice Oo =) I hope you will sell it if it is finished… :/

Thanks a bunch for keeping us informed on your progress! It really looks amazing.


Looking good! All that hard work of yours is starting to pay off!


I can’t wait to get my hands on these fully loaded!


i hope that is the last proto :)

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