Server upgrade to Debian jessie

Server upgrade to Debian jessie

Going to upgrade the server to Debian jessie, better expect some downtime… ;)

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Ikari im just wondering about something. How long did you work on Sd2snes before you released it to the public? it seems like you got a lot done in that time.

Of course its always easier to work on something before its known because then nobody bugs you about it. ;)

I suppose i can see why updates are taking time now though. It just seems that way.

I look forward to the update or even another preview update.

good work ikari.

I am just wondering how Long the several Everdrives and the Sd2Snes will last.
How many times we can Flash them, before the die.

A list would be fine!

Or maybe they could last unlimited times?

I read the Everdrive GB would last about 100.000 times flashing?

Regarding the Everdrive series the only ones you have to worry are the flash memory based ones (GB, SMS, TurboED (v1 only), can;t remembner if SuperED and EDMD are still flash based [probably]). Most of the new EDs are RAM based, no flashing limits really, this includes ED64 9all), MegaED (all), TurboED (v2), EDN8/NES, likely all new developments ifcheap enough would be on RAM and not on flash. There still a limit on the number of times you may be able to “reflash” the loader in the FPGA/CPLD but that is so rare that it practically doesn’t matter. But I… Read more »

@phoenixdownita Thank you for answer.

Hi Ikari,
did you finish Preview 4 ?
Thx for your hard work

Hey, ikari, please don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s anything sd2snes-related I could possibly help you with. Would love to contribute to the project! :-)

Hello ikari ;) you finish the final version ? thank again and keep the good work ;) if you have the Preview 4 send me ;)

Hey, ikari, please don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s anything sd2snes-related I could possibly help you with. Would love to contribute to the project! :-)

Ikari, take your time :)
Life is short, we have a lot of snes games to play for now !

Like everyone i hope i can play some specifi games like starfox 2 or super mario rpg on my real hardware

but i can wait !

hope your enjoy your new home and your kid !

Ikari – is the Spc-7110 a very complicated chip? I dont see people mentioning it much. i know Theres only 3 games that ever used it and 2 of them are really good.

Will there be a developer-friendly version anytime soon? Thank you for a quick update. :)

No problem. ;-) I meant a version where the IRQ hook routines can be disabled.

Hello ikari :) no new about the new firmware release ? Thanks again mate

Hello Ikari,

Could you tell when will the new version of firmware and if it will bring improvements discussed above.


How Ikari you update the sd2snes 1.6 since april 2014 are you a problem ?

i hope you have no problem with the new firmware , thanks ikari

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