Tiny status update

Tiny status update

So I’ve been getting a lot of questions pertaining to current progress, understandably. ;)
SuperFX is still crawling along, I’ve gotten a basic CPU core control unit and partial instruction decoder to work which can run test code in simulation fine, albeit limited. But it doesn’t deal with the different memory delays, stalling and parallelism yet; also the SNES interface, plot logic and other supplementary stuff are still missing.
The SuperFX uses pipelining which is a thing I haven’t fully understood yet, so that’s going to take some brain work and likely multiple complete rewrites of the CPU core. I’d rather not give an estimated time of completion for that at the moment… ;) Implementing pipelining properly is important because game code is laid out to take advantage of it and will not run correctly otherwise.

Besides the SuperFX, kogami has discovered a BS memory mapping bug, a regression that snuck into firmware 0.1.5 where I rewrote the BS memory mapping based on my own RE efforts. Also some graphical corruption has been found when using the “Run previous game” feature (Start button). I expect to make a bug fix / minor release addressing these issues (possibly others) in a couple of weeks.

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Thanks for the update!
Take however long you need with superFX; the fact that you’re trying to implement it in the first place is pretty amazing as-is. Glad to know where you’re at, however.
Looking forward to test the next release.

Good to see things a still comming along. was almost affraid the SuperFX had been abandoned.

On another note. Aren’t we getting close to the 1 year anniversary of the SD2SNES?

Thanks for the news Ikari, happy to see that sd2snes is still on dev, i’d like to thank you again for your amazing work :)

I can wait…

Big up from Belgium :-)

Take your time! :D

great you are still alive! :)

Cheers !
Keep going and take your time. Your work is simply amazing !!!

Thanks for keeping us updated!

Awesome! Is this going to come in a firmware update when you’re done with it?
I’ll be buying one as soon as the next batch comes out, and I’m curious to know if I’m going to be able to play games such as Star Fox, Mario RPG, and stuff.
Take your time man! Your work is great! I wish you all the best!

There’s a link to a compatibility chart under Status at the top of the page. :D Star Fox is SuperFX, so when this next major update comes out, it should be supported. SMRPG is SA-1, which as I understand it is even more complex than SuperFX, so I expect it to be a while before it’s implemented, if ever.

Thats great news!
Do you think a cheat engine will be implemented anytime soon?

I designed a simple implementation of Action Replay + Game Genie codes for my own cart (which was much less advanced and used embedded memory) which should be portable to this project (currently they can be manually entered, much as it would be using the actual add-on carts or pre-loaded in a text file). A reasonably small plaintext database containing known/existing codes could be accessed from the SD card (Action Replay + Game Genie are just encoded versions of hex edits so it should be very possible but no promises until I see how the code is currently executed =).

Hey, like-minded coder here (well artist by trade, coding for fun and pocket change =). I actually started out writing in asm for 8-bit PIC microcontrollers about 12 years ago. In more recent years I have gotten into FPGAs (Xilinx Spartan series for the most part, although I broke my teeth on Altera and Digilent development boards). I prefer Verilog, not just because I live in the US (I was forced to learn/use VHDL when working with a mixed US/German/Russian team on MSX hardware-on-chip emulation) but I prototype faster with Verilog in most cases (it’s slightly less forgiving but makes… Read more »

A quarter year no update. :o

lytron wrote:

[quote]A quarter year no update.[/quote]

Or how about10 months, one “tiny” update.

Ikari, please throw us a bone. If not news about SuperFX, what about the bug fix release you mentioned in the May 6 update??

Developer Ramsis has made a couple menu screen replacements for our beloved SD2SNES!
They can be found here: http://forum.snesfreaks.com/viewtopic.php?t=12088

Is there an estimated ETA for that bugfix update? 0.15 freezes all the time in my snes (in the GUI), and the 0.14a won’t let me play Super Mario Kart.(just hangs on the Nintendo logo)

Today I recieved the sd2snes in the mail and it’s a fantastic product in my opinion.
Super Mario Kart won’t start for me either though. Neither downloaded versions or the dump of my own copy get past the Nintendo screen.
Still, it is a world of postive difference when compared to the ol’ Profighter X, which I still love to death. Great work.

: thank you (again). The boot up was no problem after your suggested solution. The game did reboot mid-race but it could have been a fluke. I’m really impressed by your work on this cart and will definitely recommend it to my friends.

any update??? the project is dead?

I think Ikari1 ran out of continues. Or maybe he is spending the rest of his days in a warp zone.


Ikari is likely make changes, there were some movements in his github repo last week


I’ve contacted Ikari on his twitter and he is still working on sd2snes. He has a child coming next weeks. The project is open source, and he said everyone can make commits to it.

A small enhancement idea: a feature for SD2SNES to automatically play a .SPC at boot.
For exemple if “menu.spc” is present in the sd2snes folder on SDcard, it would be played automatically when the system is powered-on (and of course stopped auto if it hasn’t finished playing by the time a game is launched).

That would indeed be a nice feature :)

Hello Ikari,

What compiler should i use to compil your last github source ? Do u have a user guide for that ?

Best regards,

Thanks to everyone just telling ikari to take his time *smashes head into monitor*

I believe ikari_01 is about to / has just become a father. He definitely doesn’t have much time for sd2snes development, but thankfully he made it open source, so anyone can actually work on it.

Making it open source only helps if someone actually jumps in and does something. So far, I haven’t seen anything happening on the github or anywhere else to indicate that’s happening. When I bought the sd2snes, which was considerably more expensive than the other options, I wasn’t just investing in the hardware – I was also investing in ikari01’s expertise in developing software solutions to enable capabilities that the competing carts could not touch. That’s the sd2snes’s selling point – that’s why I paid a lot more. As a father of three kids I’m plenty understanding that having a child… Read more »

If you weren’t ready to accept the risk of future plans for the SD2SNES not being fulfilled, then you should have just bought a different cartridge. I’d rather see SA1 support since there were far more games that used it instead of SuperFX, but I’m fine with what I already got with the SD2SNES and feel that I got my money’s worth since it’s current features are better than the Super EverDrive and UFO Pro8 are. SuperFX and SA1 support is just icing on the cake at this point, even though I would be very grateful if/when ikari gets one… Read more »

Se que trabajar en la emulacion del chip Super FX es muy dificil pero no crees que deberias centrarte en actualizaciones mas pequeñas mientras terminas tu gran obra. Esperamos que no abandones porque mucha gente incluso yo tiene puestas sus esperanzas en la SD2SNES aunque te demores varios años.

Is to work on the Super FX chip emulation is very difficult but not you think you should focus on smaller updates while you finish your great work. We hope that many people do not give up because even has pinned its hopes on the SD2SNES but hurry back several years.

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