Firmware v0.1.5 released

Firmware v0.1.5 released

Firmware v0.1.5 is out with these changes:

  • Menu: Files are now sorted by their entire file name instead of the first 20 characters only
  • Menu: Ignore input from non-standard controllers (Super Scope, Mouse etc.)
  • SPC player: fix soft fade-in (first note cut off) on S-APU consoles (1CHIP / some Jr.)
  • More accurate BS-X memory map
  • Correctly map SRAM larger than 8192 bytes (HiROM) / 32768 bytes (LoROM), fixes Dezaemon, Ongaku Tsukuuru – Kanadeeru
  • minor memory access timing tweaks (should help with occasional glitches on some systems)

Download it here.

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Thank you dude :)


Keep up the good work!


Thank you!


I can’t say I ran into any of the problems fixed by this update, but thank you! :D


Did something change on 0.1.5 between 18.11. and 20.11. ? I redownloaded it today and realized a different last change date on some files.


Thanks Ikari !


Many thanks !! keep it up man !!


Just wanted to say thanks for your hard work. I just recently ordered my SD2SNES as an upgrade to my old Super Powerpak (which I can’t say was terrible, it served me well for the past 3 years, but it was obvious that something better had come along). Since I’m a new buyer, this is the only version I’ve used so far. Still, it seems to work good. I’ve been playing Dungeon Master, Megaman X2 and X3, F1 ROC II, etc. and all the special chips implemented seem to work great. The other night though, I made an amazing discovery… Read more »


Danke für all die Arbeit, die Du in das Projekt steckst!
Ich bin total begeistert, vorallem von der technischen Seite :-)
Wenn solche Projekte an Schulen durchgeführt würden, könnte man bestimmt viele junge Bastler heranziehen :-D

Beste Grüße und weiterhin ganz viel Erfolg!



is there a eta for the next firmware release?
or do you consider it as finished?



Hello. Sorry to be a bother, any progress on the update yet ? Thank you very much.

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