Firmware v0.1.4 released

Firmware v0.1.4 released

Firmware v0.1.4 is out with these changes:

  • SPC Player (contributed by necronomfive/blargg)
  • System Information screen now shows CPU/PPU revision (contributed by necronomfive)
  • Satellaview: basic data transmission packet support (makes some more games boot, thanks to LuigiBlood for assistance and sample data packets)
  • Number of supported files increased to ~50000 per card / 16380 per directory
  • Slight speedup of menu text rendering
  • Reduce load time of menu
  • Adjust Cx4 timing to be closer to the original (Mega Man now defeats the boss in attract mode in Mega Man X2; test this against some emulators for fun. ;))
  • adapt ROM mirroring size to file size if header information is invalid (fixes Super Noah’s Ark 3D, possibly others)
  • MSU1 interface changes suggested by byuu:
    • Data offset 0 and audio track 0 are automatically requested on reset. This causes the busy flags to become 0 shortly after reset/startup.
    • $2000 bit 3 is now “audio error”, becomes valid after “audio busy” -> 0; set when an error occurred while preparing playback of the requested audio track
  • write LED stays on when SRAM content changes constantly
  • Fixes:
    • fix empty save files on FAT16 / incorrect free cluster count on FAT32
    • correct directory sorting (force parent directory at top of list)
    • fix text corruption when entering a directory with a scrollable name
    • fix files/dirs count in system information
    • make ‘sd2snes’ directory hiding case-insensitive
    • improve DAC I²S timing
    • fix occasional palette corruption in menu
    • fix SD clock glitch on ROM loading (occasional glitches/crashes)
    • fix memory write timing on ROM loading (occasional glitches/crashes)
    • fix SPI timing (ROMs not loading; System Information not working)
    • properly synchronize SNES control signals (occasional glitches/crashes)
    • fix floating IRQ output (occasional glitches/slowdowns)

    Download it here.

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Thanks Ikari for all the job you do ! You maybe do it for fun / for pleasure, but for us it’s a real pleasure to use and play your device !
Which you all the best, danke.

Outstanding work, thank you! Especially the SPC player is just what I needed! However, there seems to be some problems when loading Satellaview games.. For example “Satesupo DX Dai-4-Go” magazine won’t boot up unless the internal size is modified to fill 4 or 8 megabits and the checksum corrected accordingly. Originally it only uses the first 3 megabits (the internal size is 0x07). Couple other ROM images behave the same way, especially those which have more than one program and have their data banks shuffled around. In the other hand, many Satellaview programs are actually working, as-they-are, as perfectly as… Read more »

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