Apr 192012

KRIKzz has opened pre-orders for his production of sd2snes!
Pre-orders can be placed now at retrogate.com.
This also means they will appear at Stone Age Gamer shortly.
As far as I know, gp2x.de is planning to carry them as well, so stay tuned. :)

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    how’s it going with the second batch of the sd2snes?
    hope not to much work. ;-)


    I’m kind of new/oblivious to this whole thing, but I was wondering if someone could perhaps, in the simplest terms, tell me what this cart will do that other carts won’t. Game examples, performance comparisons, whatever.


    The sd2snes uses RAM instead of FlashROM for faster loading times (barely noticeable at all) and no lifetime limit, has support for some of the special chips by faithfully emulating those chips (DSPs, SETA chips, CX4), more are technically possible by updating the FPGA firmware. It supports huge SDXC-cards (> 64GB), has a nice menu. Saving during a game is like using a normal cartridge as saves are written directly onto the SD-card if possible.
    And the best thing, it’s currently the only cartridge to support MSU1, an extension by byuu that allows games to load data and play music from SD-card, see d4s’s “Super Road Blaster” for a good example what can be done with this.

    If anything is unclear, just ask.


    Any news about this, preordered at gp2x, but they’re always out of stock :/



    I’m replying really late, but since Tyler asked for “the simplest terms”…

    Games supported (that are not supported or even capable of being supported by any other current device):
    – Megaman X2/X3
    – F1 ROC II
    – Dai Kaiju Monogatari 2
    – Dungeon Master
    – SD Gundam GX
    – Top Gear 3000
    – dozens of games that were Satellaview exclusives in Japan
    – Road Blaster (homebrew – basically a CD-ROM game for SNES!)

    Games not yet supported but which MAY be supported in future firmware updates (completely impossible on other flashcarts):
    – Star Fox
    – Star Fox 2
    – Yoshi’s Island
    – Doom
    – Stunt Race FX
    – Dirt Trax FX
    – Street Fighter Alpha 2
    – MAYBE even Super Mario RPG, Kirby Super Star, and others

    Also, there are virtually no loadtimes, there is realtime saving for most games (if you save in the game, SD2SNES will automatically detect a change and will write the save to SD card, and even light up the LEDs to show you it saved), and files are sorted quickly and automatically.


    Thanks for the replies, gents. I kind of forgot I had made this post until it popped into my head tonight, so… yeah. Much appreciated. :)


    Very interested in this project, just curious if you know when more units will be available?

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