Firmware v0.1.7 preview 3

Firmware v0.1.7 preview 3

A minor update, mainly in the name of stability, grab it here: v0.1.7 preview 3
This hopefully eliminates glitches unrelated to the in-game buttons on some consoles, e.g. Seiken Densetsu 3 rebooting intermittently or graphical glitches in DKC 2+3, that had been introduced with v0.1.7 preview 1.

  • Reintroduce more aggressive filtering for control and address lines from the SNES, previously removed after v0.1.6
  • Unify and centralize signal edge detection for all sub-units (e.g. S-RTC, MSU1, BSX, DSP etc.) instead of each unit having its own (slightly different) edge detection.
  • In-game controller scan has become slightly more time effective under certain circumstances (Auto Joypad Read enabled but no NMIs).
  • In-game hooks are now disabled for 10 seconds after loading or resetting a game to help certain games get past their boot screens. This will be configurable in the final.
  • Reconfigure the FPGA only when necessary on warm reset, speeding up “reset to sd2snes menu” by a couple hundred milliseconds.
  • Fix an MMIO access priority bug for DSPx.
  • Fix BS-X ROM detection for games with 2 startups left.
  • Fix directory browsing being broken after setting the clock.

Also some preparations have happened under the hood for configuration+cheat menus.

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Once again, you are the man Ikari !
Did your child wake up you on this morning ?

Thanks for these updates!!! It’s great you are working on this, much appreciated =) Do you know if anyone is still looking at Super FX support for the SD2SNES at all?

on Firmware v0.1.7 preview 3
1. raiden trad loads ultra slow.. then gets stuck.
2. super mario odyssey will not work

Will test this build on my SNES and report any bugs.

I hope this fixes the issues you had been having, let us know how it goes.

Thanks for the update Ikari 😉


Thank you! 🙂


Thx for the update.


Thank you for the update. You’re doing awesome!

hello 🙂 i have a SD2SNES in firmware 1.1.6 on my Super Famicom Japan , just a question , If i upgarde to 1.1.7 prewieiw 3 , if the 1.1.7 not work correctly its possible to downgrade to 1.1.6 ? explain please 🙂


I have the SD2SNES in 1.1.6 , and i have a proper set SNES PAL and JAP and US , and when i launch super mario kart and pilotwing i see the logo nintendo but the game not appear ? its normal ? non because SD2SNES support DS1 aka pilotwing and super mario kart , i not understand all other game work but DSP1 not working with pilotwing and super mario kart not appear ? the SD2SNES support DSP 1 ?

first question : on megaman x2and X3 i have this message : register file error ! press butom for exit , and when i push button for exit the game appear and launch and work i have the game and i play , its normal this message ? and how to make for save in megaman x2 and x3 second question : there are buttons combination for control joystick function in the games ? (combination control pad paddle (joystick super nes ) ) for firmware 0.1.6 is SD2SNES ? Thanks for explain me , and have a good day and… Read more »

when i put the firmware beta prewiev 3 0.1.7 not message i play directly the game no message ? but on 0.1.6 i have this message ?

I get is on my US and PAL SNES’s the CX4 regsiter file error on 1.6 and earlier. 1.7 fixes it. Rev.F SD2SNES board from retro towers in the UK so I doubt anything other than a slight defect. I’m debating weather to send it back?

Back to the issue anyone been able to recreate the issue I had with Super punch out? It didn’t seem to matter if it was the euro version or NTSC US version. PAL or NTSC SNES with firmware 1.1.7 preview 3

and on 0.1.7 nightmare buster E ! not work black screen and working on 0.1.6 , i ahve not idea why this message rockman x2 and x3 on the 0.1.6 ?

otherwise megaman x2 and x3 is playable with this message on 0.1.6 i hope ?

i buy a SD2SNES and its 0.1.6 is not compatible to my super famicom not cool , i not change my console SNES for another SNES for this error ? and i return on my xbox1 and 360 in emulation all work fine , sorry but it is expensive SD2SNES , for change each time the console SNES , when i put the 0.1.7 error not come but nightmare buster not work ,

same error megaman to 0.1.5 and 0.1.2 ? strange

Open up your SNES and tell us what version yours is, maybe someone else with the same version can try and recreate the error your having. I have used my SD2SNES with several different versions of the SNES and not had any issues that were not documented already.
Do you clean your roms using SNES Purify? I do with every ROM before putting onto the SDcard.

Hey, ikari. Glad to see you’re still plugging away at this. I’ve been messing about with MSU-1 (specifically, ALttP), and I’ve noticed something. When playing an audio file, the screen flickers black for what looks to be one frame. This only happens when initializing a song, as it doesn’t happen when the song loops. According to Conn from, “…The flicking is a sd2snes specific Problem (you don’t have it in bsnes). This is due to the Hardware having to be made ready. This is also the reason why I didn’t succeed with sd2snes compatibility with you: there’s a code… Read more »

Asterix and obelix glicth in game and nightmare buster not work black screen , otherwise megaman x2 and x3 on this 0.1.7 have not error file , only error file on the 0.1.6

Just to clarify if this can help to, but if you reset the snes , the game logo appears for nightmare buster but after black screen , just for help ikari

Very interesting, thanks for posting this, ikari. 🙂 Always wondered why the beta ROM rarely ever boots up right on the first try. I wouldn’t call this behavior a form of copy protection though, as all you have to do to make the game boot is tap the Reset button. 😉 Also, I noticed that the game fails to boot thanks to that useless DMA even when put on an EPROM cart (i.e., without having software running on the SNES beforehand). N.B. This issue only applies to the beta ROM, not the “official” one. Super Fighter Team’s release has an… Read more »

Question: Why is automatic saving with MSU-1 enhanced-games disabled? It makes things very tiresome, especially when I’m testing for bugs on hacks.

Holy crap. So because Byuu didn’t bother to allocate special privileges for MSU-1-enhanced games with regards to how data is accessed and written, the SD2SNES can’t handle saving in those games without the possibility of overwriting critical game data with what’s in the SRAM buffer? That’s…I’m sorry, I just have a hard time picturing byuu letting something like that go. It’s mind-boggling!

Great to see regular updates. 🙂

I don’t care if they are big or small. Every update is 1 update closer to cheats support! 🙂

ok ikari if i understand nightmare buster is fixed in the next release ? thanks thank

Equinox PAL intro demo freeze for me , but when i relaunch the rom and when i directly press start , the game work , verified because i do not know if it was a bug in my case ^^

thank for your work ikari you are a good guy , i appreciate it

Lion king europe and USA version freeze on the title screen also , i tried to reset and put OFF and ON the SNES and freeze at title screen

Ok solved with the new menu.bin the rom nightmare buster E work! i confirm , but i tried with the new menu.bin and Lion King freeze at the screen “start” same with old menu.bin i have tried both menu.bin

Hi Ikari, Thanks for your work.

The control problem in hagane with the in game functions enabled has been fixed, however the glitching in the hud isnt and the background when in battle in earthbound still glitches with the in game functions enabled.

After I updated, it went kind of crazy and would open up the “recent games” menu on its own and then open up the most recent game every time I powered on. After reformatting a couple times and going temporarily back to an old firmware, I was able to then re-load 0.1.7 v3 and things seem good to go again.

Jurassic park 2 , freeze on logo OCEAN , pal and us rom clean

yes ikari no problem , keep the good work , i appreciate your work

Adam familly value E and US clean rom , not working , freeze on logo ocean or reboot at the title screen when i press start

Also jurassic park 1 , some glicth

thank Ikari for your work

blackhawk not work ! black screen after press start , I see that many games are missed on this 0.1.7 , thanks for your work and fix this issue Ikari ^^

Blacktone US version is also affected same to the pal Blackhawk

i think if all issue is fixed , this 0.1.7 is very great , thaks Ikari and good day have fun

What a spammer. What about getting some English lessons first? If all of that stuff is too difficult for you, just buy the real carts, and stop spamming this tread. And also, please stop complaining so much. You must be a French girl. Keep up the good job Ikari.

Lay off the guy, he did find some glitches that Ikari didn’t know about. How about Ikari just convert the board to German and see how well you do…

Great thing seeing the sd2snes slowly getting better and better 🙂
I have a problem with the preview 3 that actually is a reason for me to go back to the old firmware:
super mario kart is impossible to play anymore… I keep glitching around. Sometimes I just spin without a reason or being warped outside of the track.

Is it happening on all levels or specific ones? I just played through the mushroom cup and did not encounter any of the glitches you mentioned.

@tuff gong
Got it on all the courses I tried. Namely mushroom and star cup. Also tried different Roms but it didnt changed a bit.

Thats good to hear!

What kind of battery is needed if I need to replace the internal battery of my sd2snes?

@UNRAST – i have the same problem with Mario kart ONLY on my 1 chip snes with Firmware v0.1.7 preview 3. I also noticed that E.V.O freeze after saving. “TAZ-MANIA” and
“Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems” show graphical problems.
THX for your hard work Ikari!

+1 to ikaris post 🙂

Great updates and nice to see the progress going on 🙂

Just a question to this line:

Does it mean what I think what it means? 😀 I really really looking forward to that feature to test 😉

Great work, as always!

I do however experience slowdowns in some games, particularly during games with heavy scrolling.

Easiest example is clean rom Super Mario World (USA):
1) Get to Donut plains 1.
2) Get feather cape.
3) Fly up in the sky and experience stuttering.
Another one is by getting the star on Donut plains 2 and running on the falling platform. Gets a few stutters every time.

Reverting to v0.1.6 remedied this.

It seems to me that you are the only person here having problems with X2 and X3 experienced over so many firmware version. Just as a question: Could it be that you have a chinese clone sd2snes???

yes bortie4938 i confirm its a clone or defect sd2snes , i tried a other SD2SNES and work fine on all my hardware SNES and without error in megaman x2 and x3 ,

Hi ikari thank for your work , if understand when in game stuff are enabled some game have a glicthes ok , but when the option in game stuff are disabled it work fine the 0.1.7 same stability to the 0.1.6 ?

i hope this option in game stuff are configurable ( disabled / enabled ) in final 0.1.7 , thanks ikari

He has stated that in the full release it will be configurable.

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