Firmware v0.1.6 released

Firmware v0.1.6 released

It’s been a while~ Firmware v0.1.6 is out with these changes:

  • OBC1 support (yeah, did it anyway :)). Metal Combat: Falcon’s Revenge now works.
  • Menu: Start button now brings up the 10 most recently played games instead of only one
  • Menu: File browser now ignores files with the “hidden” and “system” attributes
  • Partial-size BS-X games should now load correctly
  • Fixed a PSRAM mapping bug in BS-X support that caused sprite corruption or worse on some games (notably Treasure Conflix)
  • Map SRAM to the whole bank instead of just the lower half on LoROM games <=16Mbits. Fixes saving in some games, at least Ys III - Wanderers from Ys.

Grab it here.

Next up will be cheat support and possibly advanced SuperCIC utilization.

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YAY! So glad to see you’re still at it ikari! Finding that balance between hobby and family is tough – thanks for being awesome.

thank you!

Thanks for the update, so excited to hear cheat support is next!

Thanks for all your hard work! Very excited to see more and more progress!

I am sooooo looking forward to cheats! Keep up the hard work!

Great, thanks! :)


I honestly thank you for your work.

It may be a weird / unnecessary feature, but it would be great to be able to change the background picture of the menu, of course it is a SNES native code program, but there should be a way to save graphics in such format so we can customize the menu look.

I really would like a simple Super Nintendro brand logo.

Thank you.

Hi VTom,

you may download an alternative menu design here:

Simply download the “menu_WIP06b.bin” (the blue link), rename the file to menu.bin and put it to the system-folder on your sd-card! This should do the work ;)

As far as I know changeable backgrounds are on the ToDo-List but with low priority. (I’m sorry if I’m wrong!)


@VTom @borti4938

The custom menu designs I provided are based on firmware v0.1.5 and thus incompatible with v0.1.6. So use them only if you don’t care about upgrades and stick with v0.1.5 anyway. ;)

Hey Ramsis,

thank you for the information. I didn’t know about that incompatibility…


That was fast! Thank you so much indeed! :)

Great Job! Thx

Awesome! Thank you again for your great work.

Thanks ikari, Great to see you back

Thanks for the update.

Some time ago, I was working in a gameboy core vhdl specificarion. Would it be possible to add SGB support to the sd2snes firmware?

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!! ^_^

I hope you’l get to S-DD1 and spc7110 soon.
It’s just 3 worthy games (5 total) but they rock: Star Ocean (unhacked), Street Fighter Zero 2, Far East of Eden Zero

Maybe they are not as hard as SuperFX ;-)

I suppose this is a silly question to ask, but could there be a way to hack the other games the way Star Ocean was?

Thank you man!!!

Yay! One more custom chip down, only a few more to go!

Awesome! I’m glad to see that you’re still working on this!

thank you for your hard work

Thanks for the additions. Much appreciate the expansion of the last played list to 10.

Two weird requests:
1) An option to hide file extensions. The game list would look cleaner without a bunch of “.sfc” or “.smc” running down the line.
2) If possible, a list of games that apply to this: “near-time saving is switched to periodic saving when a game is found to use the SRAM as work RAM.”

Your excellence is only exceeded by your greatness! Thank you.

Would be nice if the board could emulates the Super GameBoy.

Thanks Ikari ! Great news, gonna test it tonight when my young kid will be asleep ;)
Peace for you and your family

Ikari, thank you again… I talked to you via twitter and it is very nice to see that you are improving sd2snes experience… Thank you very much… much happiness for you and your family….

Awesome ! You are god.

You are the best :)

I just got my sd2snes in the mail today, and I was excited to see a new update since I ordered. Thanks for continuing to support your product. We genuinely appreciate it!

2) If possible, a list of games that apply to this: “near-time saving is switched to periodic saving when a game is found to use the SRAM as work RAM.”

this is seconded. it would be nice to know in which games i should press reset for save.

Apologies for being late to seeing this update. I will add it to my sd2snes soon. May I ask if someday you’d be willing to allow manually setting the clock for Satelaview titles? As I’ve mentioned quite a few times before, many times the games will boot at the default :07 time only to be too early or too late. I’m not sure if I got around to reporting this to you yet, but every now and then I also ran into a glitch where the Satellaivew clock wouldn’t be initialized, and in the case of BS Tantei Club it… Read more »

What if instead of coding for Super FX support you were to take an actual super FX chip, mount it to a PCB and plug that into the USB port of the SD2SNES. There is a game called Winter Gold / FX Skiing that used the Super FX GSU-2 and its very inexpensive that could be harvested for SFX2 chips. You could sell it as a ad on :)

Unfortunately Super FX doesn’t work that way. The DSP series is the only set of coprocessors you pull that kind of stunt with.

EDIT: the only set of coprocessors you *CAN* pull that kind of stunt with.

Hi there,
Since I’ve installed this new firmware, I have a lot of glitches with some games.
For example, some sprites in Blackthorne are sometime not displayed properly (mostly in the menu screen):

Ikari, take a look at :

A few graphic glitches are reported

Is it possible to add a fonction to scroll games page by page using L and R buttons?
It might be usefull when you have too much roms ;-)

Thanks for the work, this tool is amazing.

My bad, i didn’t even notice that.

Anyway, i’m stunned by how well this thing works.

So much J-RPG i could’nt play then are now available in english. Thanks to the fan translation scene and thanks to you.

Maybe the possibility to change the background picture can be fun.

I had Chrono Trigger crash 2 or 3 time since the new update. One time during the introduction, and 2 time during the lavos battle after about 15 min of gameplay.

Is there any possibility of another hardware revision to address the difficultly in sourcing the PSRAM? I would like to build a few boards but that IC is now very difficult to find…

The SNES multitap does not work very well with the firmware 0.1.5. It often freezes during the game.
I have not tried yet this new firmware. Does the multitap work properly with the firmware 0.1.6?
Does any old firmware allow to use the multitap?

In any case, thank you for your work. I am fully satisfied of my sd2snes.

Thank you for your answer.
Actually, I thought multitap was a part of “non-standard controllers” ignored since v0.1.5.
In this case, I will do some tests and see if the power is involved. Indeed, I did not see in the faq that “The sd2snes draws more power than a normal game cartridge”.

Okay, thank you for that clarification.

In case anyone is interested, here are two new customized v0.1.6 menu.bin files. :)

I reworked my theme to feature a nice Super Famicom Joypad extending into the file selector using sprites, similar to ikari’s original design. Here’s a screenshot.

Here’s to you, Shadow Runner. :D This one features the Stone Age Gamer design. Screenshot

To use, simply rename any one of the BIN files to menu.bin and replace the one on your SD card with it.

Have fun! :)

Thanks again Ramsis, very appreciated! ;)

Thanks Ramsis! I just got my SD2SNES yesterday from Stone Age Gamer, so I love the Menu with the Stone Age Gamer Design as it matches the sticker they sent to put on the cart I made. Really cool!

Thanks for the update! I actually really like falcon’s revenge but haven’t played it on hardware. Keep up the good work!

usually, i use the spc player and i have a plasma screen…
can you add a screen saver ? :)

thanks by advance :)

Hi there! I just got an SD2SNES – a great project you have here! I wanted to bring up an issue that I was having while on 0.1.6 – a lot of games were freezing for me (Donkey Kong Country at title screen, Contra 3 when the first level was loading, Secret of Mana at random points – to name a few) I downgraded to 0.1.3 and now all games I’m playing seem to work without any problems! Just thought you might want to know :D Keep up the good work – glad to see this is an on going… Read more »

Any news on being able to change the menu background? Is that a possibility?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x

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