ATTN: Anyone who received their FXPAK Pro just now

ATTN: Anyone who received their FXPAK Pro just now

It was brought to my attention that the newly shipped FXPAK Pro carts only come up with a black screen. This is due to the currently released firmware being incompatible with the new hardware. This is simply bad timing and an oversight on my part.

I was crunching to make USB work with the new Rev.D hardware in the past three weeks – at the same time failing to realize that the cartridges don’t ship with cards containing the firmware build I sent to krikzz for burn-in testing earlier. The new hardware, besides using a new microcontroller, also needs slightly adjusted FPGA core files due to differences in clocking so the existing ones are not compatible.

I was going to release the 1.11.0 firmware right about now anyway but I’m trying to tackle a savestates issue first, where it sometimes crashes after saving or loading a state in standalone savestate mode.
QUSB2SNES / SaveState2Snes appears to work fine though.
Here is the current build. I will publish a proper release within the next few days.

Note: This is for Rev.D owners only who have been currently left with a non-operating cartridge. Final release with support for all sd2snes/FXPAK Pro versions will follow up within the next few days.

Please let me know if this solves your immediate issues.

Again, I’m sorry for the inconvenience and hassle caused.

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Hot damn. Looking forward to the full release in a few days.

happy to see that after uptading to b2 everything work .
all the game i test run ok even with extra chip

Yes this solved the issue for me thanks

Well, menu is loading. But there’s only garbage on screen (menu is working, but nothing loads). Tried different sd cards, with and without roms. It always looks like that


Thanks for your answer! Working like a charm now

A new update, amazing! 🙂 Thank you very much!

Hello. I got my FXPAK PRO yesterday. I am not sure if I have Rev.D hardware or not.Is there way to check the hardware revision without opening the cartridge?

I have a Rev. D then. It works without any problems with this firmware. Thank you very much.

I’ve had my FXPAK Pro for a year and a half. Finally finished building my SNES to go with it. Just barely started playing and I love it. I’m glad new firmware is about to drop. Thank you for the hard work!

Holy crap, you’re alive.

Got mine working with this firmware. Althought it doesnt work as good as my old SD2SNES :(. Save states freezez often. Games are laggy and picture not as stable. It’s as if the firmware isnt stable with the changed frequency (slightly different). Really hopes this get fixed in upcoming updates.

I have a SuperNT so the problems might not be on a real Super Nintendo. I’ve also made sure that I run NTSC60 Hz. The problem is for instance in Zelda ALTTP when I go out from the castle right after you get the sword. It then feels like you go from stable 60fps to 20fps or something. In Aladdin have the same problem. Actually you can’t miss it. I thought the problem was with my SuperNT or TV but the problem wasn’t there with my old SD2SNES. When it comes to ustable picture that was a bad choice of… Read more »

Hi again! I run firmware 5.0 (no jailbreak- just stock) no DAC. Just SuperNT to HDMI. Tried 480p and 720p and those resolutions runs super fine – no stuttering or change of colors. 1080p seems to be the problem. Very strange because the problem wasnt there with my old SD2SNES. Are you running stock 5.0 firmware or jailbreak 5.0? What could be my problem? Super strange.

Tried some more now. I tried to turn off ”
scanlines” then the problems with colors are totally gone and like 95% of the stuttering problems is gone too. It’s like the SuperNT isnt enough powerful to use 1080p and scanlines with the flashcart.

I just got my Rev.D FXPak Pro, and messed around with savestates a bit… I didn’t have any *freeze*, but it does seem like they’re loading a corrupted state half the time I load one (the display is obviously corrupted [e.g. and the game doesn’t seem to respond, but I can reload the save state once or twice and it’ll load fine). That also seems to be an issue when I create a save state, though less frequently. Also using my Super NT, if that’s relevant here. Is this consistent with the savestate bugs you already know about, or… Read more »

In my case (SNES 1-CHIP) the game freezes with a black screen when I try to save the sate (START and LT). I tried this with different games (Super Mario Land and Super Gouls N Ghosts).Is there a workarround or do I need to wait for a fix?

Wow, so good to read news, even if they are a bit sad for people’s concern by this one.
Anyway, i’m waiting for the next release.

Thank you so much Ikari, and happy new year to you and your belongs !

Got a Rev D a few days ago, first I got a m3nu.bin not found msg because I had the sdcard formatted in exfat (My bad , using a 128gb card) After getting it formated on fat32(and putting back the sd2snes op files) black screen happened. Red your update, put the 1.11 firmware and cartridge works ok, tested regular roms and a heavily modified Star Ocean rom , everything ran fine. The only thing I notice is that it takes time to switch from 50hz to 60hz (its fast but is not always the same amount of seconds) I don’t… Read more »

Is the new microcontroller / FPGA controller better then previous gen carts? I bought mine about a year ago.

I just got the newest Model of the FXPAK Pro and also hadf the black screen issue. Can confirm that the v1.11.0b2-RevD firmware works fine for now with the games I have tried so far!


Can you share where you got the new menu files for the new firmware?


What is the hdmi adapter/cable you have the snes connected with the tv??

The image looks very good

In case he doesn’t answer. It seems to be a RAD2X.

I received my FXPAK Pro in the mail today. Installed the firmware and it works, but I am getting rippling video noise throughout the picture. It looks like faint wavy diagonal pulsing lines. I tried the cartridge on my Super Famicom 1 Chip model and also on my American SNES and get the same issue on both. My regular SNES game cartridges do not have this problem. I am using high quality RGB SCART cables to a Sony Trinitron CRT. It has to be something with the FXPAK Pro cartridge. Can anyone help me?

Sounds like you should talk to krikzz instead of ikari about it — doesn’t sound like a firmware issue. Are you sure you have rev.D? This firmware is only for rev.D.

I received my FXPAK Pro in the mail today. Installed the firmware and it works, but I am getting rippling video noise throughout the picture. It looks like faint wavy diagonal pulsing lines. I tried the cartridge on my Super Famicom 1 Chip model and also on my American SNES and get the same issue on both. My regular SNES game cartridges do not have this problem. I am using high quality RGB SCART cables to a Sony Trinitron CRT. It has to be something with the FXPAK Pro cartridge. Can anyone help me?

Work great bow with most of tested games,dps 1 didnt work maybe indid somthing wrong

Thanks for the job

Oh my.. So This new revision is a benediction for all of us : we will get a new update !!
Well.. We are lucky …..

Just updated to this firmware and now it’s not showing any folders and just a screen with the logo.

Do you have the newest revision? It’s stated above that this is only for revision D carts

how can I tell what revision i have?

I’m using a SuperNT and the firmware seems to not load properly, any clues? I tried that last release REVD, with other earlier firmware i had a blackscreen


Had the same problem. Solved it by deleteting the old SD2SNES folder and the copied the new. Didnt work when I replaced the files. Probably a config file or something that was left when I replaced. Make sure to make a copy of your old SD2SNES folder first – just in case something there is valuable.

So glad I found this so quickly! I ordered my FXPakPro from Krikzz in early December 22 and had this exact issue. Simple copy and overwrite of the files in the sd2snes folder worked like a charm!

Thank you for sharing this file. I just received my FX Pak Pro this week and the firmware you shared works great for my SNES games, but not Super GameBoy 2. I tried my best to follow all of the instructions in the ReadMe file, but none of my .gb ROMs will load. It freezes as soon as “Loading…” appears on the bottom of the screen (the clock on the right stops counting, too, so I know it’s crashing). Some potential things I have considered to be contributing to the problem: 1. SGB2 support simply isn’t enabled in this specific… Read more »


When will the rest of us be able to try the new firmware with a working Save state feature?

When it’s released, duh.

I am wondering the same thing.

When it’s ready. Beggers can’t be Choosers. Be glad that people still dedicate their free-time to improve it.

I’m debating on either buying a new FXPAK Pro Mod D or using a different system to play Roms.

Same here, I’m mainly using the fx pak pro for the save state functionality. At the moment I’m getting a black (freezing) screen after saving the state.

Ikari can you respond? When will the new firmware be out for all customers?

Awesome Thank you for the update! 🙂

I hope far east of eden will finally be playable

Which game is it or is it all games? I had issues until I realized I had to also have ingame hooks enabled and using Start+R to save (someone on reddit said to use Start+L which is actually load, and that results in a black screen if you havent already made a save).

For saving it’s indeed START+R. In my case (tested with Super Mario World), it works once (save and load) but when I save it again the screen freezes after saving. Also I have to disable the save state slots in de settings otherwise it freezes immediate after a save.

I just now recieved my FXPak pro. With this posting, i am a little worried, as I believe, i got a REV.D. After taking a look at the contents of this download, I noticed, that this download doesnt contain the actual firmware.img file. Does this mean, I am not supposed to use any versions, that contain a firmware.img file? Would it be harmful towards my FXPak pro, if its a Rev.D?

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Is there a chance that the coming firmware might support 256GB SD cards? With all the MSU1 games out there 128GB isn’t enough anymore 😉

Hmm, strange. I tried with a brand new SanDisk SDXC card (256GB, Ultra, 150MB/s) FAT32 and it is not stable for me. Some times the config is not recognised (the memorial screen comes again), some times after a reset the menu content shows errors and the “reset to menu” seems to result more often in a black screen. I had even more problems after writing to the card from macOS. I have a US SNES with SuperCIC and my old cards (32GB & 128GB) work like a charm.

Thanks for looking into this. I have a sd2snes from around 2012 I guess (bought from dragonbox then). I upgraded it to revision H a while back.
Forgot to mention: During my tests also the speed test in the status menu did not finish some times.

Sorry for the late response and thanks for buying the card for tests. I really appreciate this! I have exactly the same kind of card you bought. Product name, Rev. and even the Mfd are the same. Only difference is that mine shows much higher values at the max SD acc. time. System information shows mostly around 6.5ms, once 7.6 and 9ms and sometimes does not finish the measuring. Mine fits good into the slot, so I can rule the write protect out. It’s much more stable if I have only a few games on the card, but even then… Read more »

Gladly. I’ll send you mine with my full set on it and let’s see what it does for you. At the moment I only get a black screen here.

Could you send me a mail with your details or how do we proceed from here? 😉

Wheres the ‘firmware.img’ file?
Only have ‘firmware.stm’ file, is this right?

My screen is freaking out when I use this new firmware and older ones just give me a black screen.

Video of it happening:

I think my comment was deleted but I just got mine today and installed this firmware because other ones wouldnt work. All this has been doing is flashing what looks like japanese at me and not doing anything.

How can I fix this?


Are you going to add exFAT support?

Hi Ikari thank you for you’re hard work. I was wondering if it’s it’s even possible to add a feature that would allow centering the SNES image? Basically looking for an option that doesn’t require messing with CRT service menus.

Not really asking for this feature but more wondering if it’s even feasible.

If you have a new Rev D cart be sure to download a stable release first as there are some files missing from this zip that the cart needs THEN copy over and replace the files from this zip. Spent an hour between reformatting and swapping files to figure it out. Oh also format ONLY in FAT32 not exFAT as before.

hi, I received my chirismas edition Fxpak pro package yesterday(bought on but I met the black screen issue. I tried each of the firmware include of ““, but it still show black screen. and never show any of message in the screen, no matter if I insert a sd card what I tried : 1. A Japan (NTSC) console. 2. A 64GB Samsung EVO SD CARD. 3. A 256GB Sandisk Ultra SD card. 4. A 32GB NoName SD Card. The sd cards mentioned above are all work fine in my MEGA EVERDRIVE PRO. also format to FAT32 by the tool named “guiformat.exe“… Read more »

Try a kingston card

Hi, took me so much time to find this. Checked only the Download Site and then the SD2SNES Diagnostics and with different SD Cards and so on 😀 Then i randomly klicked on Ikaris name and landed apparently also on the Front page of this site and now my issue is solved – haha

I get cart today. Black screen also for me and red/yellow leds blinking simultaneously. I tried with v1.10.3 or v1.11.0b2-RevD

once per second

I use 16GB SanDisk SDHC Card with FAT32

without card yellow blinks like once per second and red 3 or 2 times per second

Red transparent snowflakes version and from EU, but my SNES is NTSC. Actually I didn’t noticed left green led at all earlier because it is more dimmer through case and also because it blinks always same time as yellow led except when I put power on, green blinks once alone before green and yellow start blinking together. Haven’t use Twitter, but I made account @jvjsipila.

…so correction for earlier explanation for error code is when card is on:
one green blink and after that all 3 leds blink together 1/sec.
…and when card is off:
one green blink and after that green&yellow blink together 1/sec and red 3x/sec.
I didn’t notice green led earlier.

I dig up old 1081 crt, but reset rapidly didn’t bring any kind ghost image, only black screen. However original game give very crisp image from that old crt. I checked fxpak copper contacts and each of them have marks on both side which indicate contact with Snes’s cart slot. Slot pins seems normal. I don’t have pal cart or right tool to open Snes and check if previous owner have made any mods. I used microscope to look inside fxpak’s sd-card slot but all those 8 pins seems to be straight and order. I don’t see anything broken or… Read more »

It doesn’t look same. In your video it looks like wrong tuned tv channel, but in my case it seems like small degauss. Similar visible reaction if cart is on or not. I ordered snes opener tool but it might arrive next week. Can not see any color change or any visible reaction when I press reset. I’m noob with Twitter, I did follow 2 of your profiles, but I can’t send message to you. I don’t know why. Can you sen message to me?

no message screen what ever I do, simultaneously blinking once per second when card is on place.

Black screen when Cart + (2 different sd brands) fat32, leds blinking simultaneously once/second with (v1.10.3 or v1.11.0b2-RevD or combined all files or diagnostic firmware)
Black screen without Cart, yellow led blinks once/second and red blinks 3times/second

i have the sd2snes version. any eta on when the next firmware will be released? sounds like it should be soon?

Thanks a lot!

Hello. I get the black screen when trying to load certain games. I have FXPAK PRO Mk. III Rev. D. Firmware version 1.11.0. I got a Kingston SDCS/128GB micro sd card formated in FAT32. I copy dsp1.bin, dsp1b.bin up to dsp4.bin in the sd2snes folder on the sd card. I’m running this on a SNSP-CPU-02 (Super Nintendo PAL 2chip). The games i’m trying to play are europe version because of 50hz refresh rate. A few exemples of games working: Flashback, Super Bomberman, F Zero, Lost Vikings. A few exemples of games not working: Mega Man X, Super Mario Kart, R-Type… Read more »

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Yes, this is exactly what I did, I copied m3nu.bin from a previous version from Stone Age Gamer.
This solved it! Everything is perfect now! Thank you!

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Just received my FXPAK Pro today and keep getting the message /sd2snes/m3nu.bin not found every time I turn on my snes. I tried using the updated firmware here and still get the same message. I tried other fixes i found and still the same message. Not happy. Please help.

This needs to be more visible. I spent the last couple days trying to figure out why my cart wasn’t working and was about down to it either being bad caps after trying a few different SD cards and replacing the AC Adapter ‍♂️ Glad I found this and it’s working now, though 😀

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