Firmware v1.10.3 is back up

Firmware v1.10.3 is back up

Firmware v1.10.3 is up again! The cause of the error was a silly copy&paste bug in a single place which could be fixed and retested easily. Only SuperFX was affected.

Download here!

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Thank you :)

Great !


Sa-1 games not working for me, sd2snes Mk2.


Let me get this straight. There are 3 different versions of v1.10.3? I don’t think you understand how software versioning works or the purpose of it.


DevLaTron? Is it you?



SA-1 games working fine except Kirby’s Dream Land 3 US version little video glitching loading map.

@Ikari Thanks for the update :-)


Hello, everything works fine with this version at the moment.
I have only a problem with the game Maerchen Adventure Cotton 100% (Japan).sfc but it was the same on old firmwares. The first time i load the game i get a black screen, but after resetting a couple of times (or more) it works.
My system is PAL with SuperCic.


I am having a problem with this and older firmwares on my, just arrived from krikzz store, Sd2snes Pro. My SNES is a PAL 1chip-02 with Supercic. I previously had the Sd2snes rev. H and in this regard it was working all right. Well the problem is that when I enable supercic pairing in configuration menu, the screen loses sync and the refresh rate goes crazy. I have an ossc and the screen shows the refresh rate and resolution quickly jumping to different random values. The only way to see something on screen again is to blindly revert supercic pairing… Read more »


Io ho un super famicom con flashcart sd2snes e mi da lo stesso problema



If you can, update the superCIC in your console with the last version of the lock file you find here :

It will fix your problem :)


SA-1 games looks to work again on my MKII now… But Super Mario Kart freezes on boot now :(

AlexUnder Base

Thank you ikari !

AlexUnder Base

Sir,i can can confirm there are problems with Super Mario Kart ! Different types of freezes during the Mushroom Cup first stage.

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