Firmware v1.10.3 is back up

Firmware v1.10.3 is back up

Firmware v1.10.3 is up again! The cause of the error was a silly copy&paste bug in a single place which could be fixed and retested easily. Only SuperFX was affected.

Download here!

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Thank you :)

Great !


Sa-1 games not working for me, sd2snes Mk2.


Let me get this straight. There are 3 different versions of v1.10.3? I don’t think you understand how software versioning works or the purpose of it.


DevLaTron? Is it you?



SA-1 games working fine except Kirby’s Dream Land 3 US version little video glitching loading map.

@Ikari Thanks for the update :-)


Hello, everything works fine with this version at the moment.
I have only a problem with the game Maerchen Adventure Cotton 100% (Japan).sfc but it was the same on old firmwares. The first time i load the game i get a black screen, but after resetting a couple of times (or more) it works.
My system is PAL with SuperCic.


I am having a problem with this and older firmwares on my, just arrived from krikzz store, Sd2snes Pro. My SNES is a PAL 1chip-02 with Supercic. I previously had the Sd2snes rev. H and in this regard it was working all right. Well the problem is that when I enable supercic pairing in configuration menu, the screen loses sync and the refresh rate goes crazy. I have an ossc and the screen shows the refresh rate and resolution quickly jumping to different random values. The only way to see something on screen again is to blindly revert supercic pairing… Read more »


Io ho un super famicom con flashcart sd2snes e mi da lo stesso problema



If you can, update the superCIC in your console with the last version of the lock file you find here :

It will fix your problem :)


SA-1 games looks to work again on my MKII now… But Super Mario Kart freezes on boot now :(

I was having the same issue until I replaced my DSP ROMs with fresh copies from the page in the FAQ. AFAIK it used to work on previous firmware versions so not sure why it suddenly stopped.


My mario kart freezes as well on boot on my sd2snes..


I just tested it. Latest firmware. Mario Kart runs fine. It’s on your guys end.


Hay the cart didnt come with the dsp files but it came with sa1 and the others. Weird..but i got it.

AlexUnder Base

Thank you ikari !

AlexUnder Base

Sir,i can can confirm there are problems with Super Mario Kart ! Different types of freezes during the Mushroom Cup first stage.


the game “super famicom wars” freeze after you enter in the battle animation mode, this error doesnt happend in the previous versions!

Thank you so much ikari, and keep up the good work! :D

Here’s a link to my custom menu.bin in case anyone’s interested:

John R

Hi Ikari, I’ve picked up a new SD2SNES cartridge and loaded the firmware on it. It all seems to work but the games aren’t saving. I’ve read the FAQ and don’t think that anything applies to me. I’ve tried a soft reset and also made sure that I leave a few seconds for the save too. Either way, once I go back to the menu it and restart the game (SMW and Sim City for tests) there is no save game. I can’t see a save game file on the SD card either. I’ve added a saves directory to the… Read more »

Jaap Daniels

SD2snes doesn’t have RTS, wich means it need you to go back to the menu before shutting down in order to save.
SD2snes pro has RTS function wich means it’ll save right away.
this still will not work for 100% of all games but should work for most games, games storing saves the common way.
i don’t think you really read everything though since it was in the paperwork when i last checked.


Jaap Daniels, this is absolutely incorrect. Save function is the same in sd2snes vanilla (mk2) or sd2snes pro (mk3). On both, only MSU-1 games need a soft reset to write a .srm. Besides that, it’s recommend you wait 2 to 3 seconds after saving, before shutting down SNES. More info and edge cases available on FAQ section.


John R, have you tried checking if your sdcard isn’t write protected? If you’re using a full size sd card (or a micro sd with an adapter) on sd2snes mk2 up to revision H, you need to set the switch on the card/adapter accordingly. Sd2snes saves automatically for most games, and you don’t even need to create a directory. If your sd2snes has a microsd slot, I can only recommend you try a different sdcard, with just a simple ROM, like SMW.


Great work! I didn’t buy an SD2SNES for its potential, because it was already the best at what it did back then, but as of late it has seen some massive improvements. Looking forward to seeing what else is coming (even though it basically already does everything for my purposes).

Jordon Moss

I’m currently having a strange issue with my SD2SNES. I’ve been playing the MSU-1 enhanced A Link to the Past, and the intro video sometimes spirals into corruption that gradually gets worse the longer it plays, and the sound starts to crackle until the screen goes black. The SNES still functions, if I hit start, it goes into the game as if nothing was wrong, and everything looks fine. The only other thing I’ve been having, is some 1-pixel tall lines of corruption on the edge of some of Kirby’s sprites in Kirby Super Star. Aside from those two things,… Read more »


You could try downloading the MSU file again. And make sure you get it from the original source, which would have been

In fact, 99% of all MSU1 hacks originate at Zeldix.

Jordon Moss

Looks like it was actually a problem with the SD card I was using. The access times were too long (was nearly 9ms), so I picked up an ultra high-speed SD from Sandisk, which has less than 1ms access time, and it worked out fine ever since.

Still have the weird sprite garbage in Kirby Super Star, but not sure what might be triggering that.

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